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Mitochondrial (mtDNA) Discussion:

The Mitochondrial (mtDNA) is the maternal lineage DNA "tracer", following along the bottom line of a Pedigree Chart of the tested individual.  It is passed from mothers to daughters and sons, but sons do not pass it on.  mtDNA is especially useful if  1. a person has a rare mtDNA haplotype and/or if  2. you are attempting to solve a specific genealogical question or problem. 

An old video titled "DNA Stories: Were They Sisters?" told how a researcher used mtDNA from a male relative and a female relative to determine if two ancestors were sister.  These and other DNA stories are available on Megan Smolenyak's website, Honoring Our Ancestors.  Click on the LIBRARY tab and select DNA/Genic Genealogy.

The mtDNA test for genealogical purposes is based on three (3) hyper-variable control regions: HVR1, HVR2 and HVR3 within the non-coding D-loop.  (See the Wikipedia website for background info.)  The HVR1 marker locations are from 16024 to 16366.  The HVR2 marker locations are from 00073 to 00340.  The HVR3 marker locations are from 00438 to 00574.

Test results are given only if a particular marker location differs from the Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS), an established standard taken from European populations.  The results are either A, C, G, or T: A= Adenine, C= Cytosine, G= Guanine and T= Thymine.  A test of a Caucasian individual will differ, on average, at eight (8) locations.

A MtDNA testing comparison chart is available from

mtDNA Results Discussion:

Per Wikipedia, Haplogroup H of mtDNA originated in SW Asia / Middle East some 30,000 years ago.  It is a common haplogroup in Europe, with about 50% being of this group.

Interestingly, the Cambridge Reference Sequence belongs to haplogroup H.  This per Wikipedia.  So it is not surprising that Andrews62 mtDNA has no deviations in regions HVR1 and HVR3.  And just three (3) deviations in region HVR2.

Last updated 25 Oct 2018

Andrews62's Maternal Ancestors:

Andrews62's oldest known maternal ancestor is Maria Heneritta JOHANNSEN, born May, 1870 in Germany, and died 7 July 1939 in Rock Island, Illinois. 

Her daughter, Arlain Marian BRUHN, was born 24 July 1906 in Rock Island, Illinois and died 28 February 1970 in Tucson, Arizona.  She is the mother of Andrews62.

 mtDNA Results:

HVR1:  no deviations from revised Cambridge Reference Sequence.

HVR2:  263=G, 309.1=C, 315.1=C

HVR3:  no deviations.

Haplogroup is H.

These results have been entered into the database, hosted by Family Tree DNA, at  The data set name is 949PV, the same as Andrews62's Y-DNA data set on  Contact for database.

Bryan Sykes, geneticist: 

1.  Book Review:  "DNA USA".
2.  Radio discussion.