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January 2020:  Renewed interest in Y-DNA sparked a re-look at Ray W. Andrews DNA results.  A 2017 search showed a very close match to Douglas(s).  A recent comparison, using the Douglas DNA Project showed a match of 32 markers out of 33, a 97% result.  The immigrant Douglas was William, b. 1610 in Scotland, coming to New England, Boston area, ca 1640.  Then to New London Colony in Connecticut in 1660.

 Looking at family tree data, we found A. J. Douglass married Maila Andrews in 1849 in Franklin County, Ohio.  Turns out AJ’s parents, Archibald and Rachel Fisher also had Sophia Chase Douglas, born about 1826/27, about one year after Ray W. A. was born about 1825/26, if we believe their ages in a US Census: 1860 for Ray and 1850 for Sophia.  Were Ray and Sophia twins?  Maybe and maybe not.

 Maila’s parents are George H. Andrews and his third wife, Maria Fisher.  Turns out, Maria Fisher is a first cousin of Rachel:  their fathers were brothers. 

 The closeness of the Andrews and the Douglas9s) was also physical.  Both lived in Sharon Township in Franklin County, where Worthington is the major village.

  Why did Ray end up being an Andrews?   We don’t know the answer to that question.

 The pedigree chart from Ray W. Andrews/Douglass 1825 goes via Archibald 1781 NJ to Aaron 1753 NJ to Joshua 1708 CT, to William 1666 CT to Robert 1639 England to William 1610 Scotland.

 Source/book: “A collection of family records: with biographical sketches, and other memoranda of various families and individuals bearing the name Douglas”... Don't know where in Scotland. Page 47 starts the New London, CT Douglas clan.  Via:[Copy the title between the quotes to paste into the search box.]

 Read the story behind these headlines.

View Archibald's and Rachel's Family Group Report.

View the pedigree charts:  aka Ray W. Andrews to Joshua Douglass and Joshua Douglass to William Douglass 1610.

October, 2017: Additional DNA (590604) added to chart.  Made a change to marker 449's average.

March, 2017: DNA from Ray W. Andrews descendents didn't match that of Wm. Andrews of 1640 New Haven.  Conclusion: George H Andrews raised Ray from baby to manhood, but he wasn't the biological father.  Expect DNA from George's other two sons will match the 1640 New Haven Wm. Andrews. View 1640 New Haven Andrew's Y-DNA

 April, 2012: Benjamin Andrews (the father of George H. A.) is believed to be a descendent of the Wallingford, Conn. Andrews, who, born in Wallingford, moved to Litchfield Co., Conn. in the ~1740's, became involved with the Congregational Church in Canaan, Conn. in the 1750's, and in the 1760's moved to what is now Saratoga Co., New York, where we find Benjamin and his relatives in the 1790 Census.  Click to view WallingfordAndrews.xls.  Use your Ctrl key and mouse scroll wheel to adjust print size, etc.

The ascendance: Benjamin, b. 1746, was a son of the second marriage of John, b. 1693, who was a son of Samuel, b. 1663, who was the son of Samuel, b. ca 1632-35 in England, who was the son of WILLIAM ANDREWS, born in Hampsworth, England, who shipped on the James of London, most likely from the port of Southampton,  England, on about 6 April 1635, arriving in Boston. William was a carpenter.  Click to view Timeline for emigrant, William.

A review of several Wm. Andrews', born ca 1600, who immigrated to New England in the 1630's, 1640's, from many listed sources.

Now we need male Andrews, with a lineage to Wallingford, to join our Y-DNA Project.  DNA will help verify the above lineage.

Andrews Lineage Research:

This project still has an earlier objective:  To prove that the three sons of George H. Andrews were
1. William C. Andrews, b. 1812 in Essex Co., New York,
2. George T. Andrews, b. ca 1807 in Essex Co., New York, and
3. Ray W. Andrews, b. ca 1825/26 in Franklin Co., Ohio by finding male descendants and comparing their DNA.
Click to see more details on the sons' DNA lineages!
Click to see George H. Andrews' family timeline spreadsheet.
Click for Benjamin Andrews' likely family, Saratoga and Essex Cos.
Click for Benjamin Andrews' Family Group Sheet: 16 June 2019
Click for Index of Andrews' and allied families info transcribed from FHL Micro-Film # 0533505, Saratoga Church, 1752 - 1900's


The purpose of this Andrew DNA Project website is two fold. First: To share the results of DNA testing on persons named Andrews, that have matching haplogroup results.
Second:  To hopefully extend the ancestries of this lineage of Andrews in the USA back to, probably, England.

The man who thought of this website has put his pedigree file into the World Connect Project on Roots Web.  The file name is Andrews62.  The key Andrews is George H. Andrews, believed to have been born about 1783 in what is now Westport, Essex Co., N.Y.  [Mar 2012 update: born in Saratoga Co.] His father is believed to be Benjamin Andrews.  On Roots Web, click on Advanced Search, then input Andrews into the Surname box and input George into the Given Name box.  Then click Search.

The earliest ancestor is Clodius II (Clodie) King of The West Franks.  Find him by selecting "F" and then click on FRANKS.  Charlemagne is found by selecting "H" and then click on HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.  From Charlemagne's descendancy chart,
click on Ermengard, Countess of ANJOU, generation 10,
click on her descendancy,
click on Joan PLANTAGENET, generation 10,
click on Joan's descendancy,
click on Elizabeth GRAY, generation 10,
click on Elizabeth's descendancy, and you finally come to Colonel C. (Charles) ANDREWS marrying Mary (Hattie) CURNETT.

The same pedigree file, but with pictures, has been submitted to, to their Family Tree section.  But to view this tree, a viewer has to be a member of, which has a monetary cost.  The tree name is "A_Andrews".  Also, the tree has been uploaded to in 2016.  And the tree is also on, using submission #MMQF-Q88, but this file has not been updated since 2011.

DNA testing has been accomplished using DNA Heritage.  It was completed 4 August 2009.  2012: now we use FamilyTreeDNA, because DNA Heritage was purchased by FamilyTreeDNA.

All men named Andrews, and its variations, are encouraged to get their DNA tested for genealogical purposes.  Be sure to select a test with the number of markers in the 37 to 43 range, in order to have a meaningful result for comparisons.   Be sure to post the results on  the Ysearch database.  Then perhaps all of us will be able to extend our knowledge of our ancestors.

From the book: Surnames from Father's Name, pg 66/7

Andrew “man,” the first of the disciples called by Jesus, had a name much revered by the Church in medieval times. St. Andrew is the patron saint of both Scotland and Russia. Anderson is the ninth most common surname in America. It owes its position to the regard for Andrew in England, Scotland, and the Scandinavian countries. Andres is also frequently observed, especially as a Spanish form. Norway and Denmark often spelled the ending –sen, but many changed to –son in the United States. Andrews is from Scotland and McAndrew is from both Scotland and Ireland. The pet form is the aphaeretic Drew, which as a surname is also from Old German drogo “carrier.” Forms of the surname from Norway are Andresen, Anders, and Enders. The Swedes eliminate the extra s in America to become Anderson. The French form is Andre, which often appears as Andre’; the accent outside of France is sometimes an affectation. The Italian form is D’Andrea, the Polish is Andrzejewski, the Czechoslovakian, Ondrus, and the Ukrainian, Andrijenko.


Last updated 4 Mar 2020

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Andrews Y-DNA Projects:

Andrews males, especially with a lineage to Wallingford, Conn., are encouraged to join our Y-DNA project. Please contact us ! Here's a link to Steven Perkins' New Haven founders DNA project.

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Andrews Spelling Variations

Anders, Andress, Andrew, Andrewes, Andrews, Andros, Androuse, Andrus, Andruss

Relationship to President Grover Cleveland

Andrew62 is related, via an adoption, to Gertrude Andrews, as a first cousin,twice removed. And via her marriage to George Cleveland, who is a fifth cousin, once removed, to President Grover Cleveland.

Relationship to Charlemagne

Andrew62 is the 35th great grandson of Charlemagne E. O. HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE-890.  This was determined using , select Search, then selecting the Pedigree Resource File and using the Submission Number 5345092- 1124108105139. 

Charlemagne is believed to be related to Alexander the Great by 41 generations and about 1100 years.  We are working on it.  Meanwhile, check out this website for both guys.

YouTube video: Are you genetic....

Relationship Chart

Several Relationship Charts are available on the internet.  Here is a link to one.  Use any search engine with the words "relationship chart and genealogy" and take your pick.

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