Andrews/Douglass DNA Project

Purpose: To share DNA results ...


The next logical step, after testing a male's Y-DNA and Mitochondrial (mtDNA) DNA, is to test your genes for the various illnesses that have been passed down to you from your parents.  This is where a person's pedigree chart comes in handy.  It provides a visual aid to help understand if our ancestors illnesses will affect you.   Simple English Wikipedia gives an introduction to this subject. 

Genetic testing is often done as part of a genetic consultation and as of mid-2008 there were more than 1,200 clinically applicable genetic tests available.  Once a person decides to proceed with genetic testing, a medical geneticist, genetic counselor, primary care doctor, or specialist can order the test after obtaining informed consent.   Click here for the reference.

Andrews62 has selected Pathway Genomics to test his saliva for his genes.  They are at       Their website states that they test for 70+ diseases.  Thus go to their website for the full details.

The results are back for Andrews62 and he wants to share the results.  The PDF file is some 87 pages long, so don't bother to print the entire file.


Andrews62's Ancestors:

Andrews62's ancestors can be found on, in the World Connect Project.  His file is andrews62.

MRT Food Sensitivity:

Cover page; Test results: Page 1  and Page 2;  Food Intro Schedule: Phases 1-5 and Phase 6.  Low Iron page 1 and page 2.


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