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Andrews62 is a retired firefighter / EMT and a Vietnam Veteran.  He is presently on an overland tour of 66 countries; from New Zealand to Iceland, visiting World Heritage Sites;  then across northern Africa to the Mount of Olives.  Contact with him can only be made by "Iridium Satellite Phone".

So contact will be limited.  Persons with DNA interest are encouraged to get tested and put the results into Y Base and Y Search.  Then Andrews62 will find them.

Travel Map Andy's dream: Traveling.
China Rail Map Hong Kong High Speed Train Running Map.
Japan to Australia Map A map of the truck ferry route from Japan to Australia.
Brisbane-New Zealand-China Map A map of the truck ferry route from Brisbane to New Zealand to China and back, 48 days.
Australia Train Map A map of the train routes in Australia. The Man in Seat 61...
London to Iceland to Greenland Map A map of the truck ferry route from London to Iceland to Greenland.
Greenland Towns The towns of Greenland.
14 Day Iceland Road Map Showing a 14 day trip around Iceland.
Iceland Road Map The towns around Iceland.
Faroe Road Map The Faroe Islands roads.
New Zealand Map Destination: New Zealand. Visit
New Zealand to Antartica Destination: Ross Island, Antartica. Visit
Bhutan Travel Map Bhutan Travel Map.
India Travel Map India Travel Map.
Africa Hwy Map Map of Trans-African Highways.
Diesel Fuel Sullphur Levels Map of Diesel Fuel Sulphur Levels, as of June 2015.
World Heritage Sites in Africa Map Map of World Heritage Sites in Africa.
AEV Prospector camper The Aero Continental AEV Prospector camper. Alternative: Box on a truck.
Aero Continental Prospector Aero Continental Prospector Camper: Front, left side view.
Aero Continental Prospector Aero Continental Prospector Camper: Side view.
Aero Continental Prospector Aero Continental Prospector Camper aft, right side view.
2011 Truck for camper 2011 Dodge Ram 4500 Truck for camper, side view.

Dodge Off Road Ram 4500
AS35: 2008 - 2011 DODGE 4500 & 5500 PICKUPS - RedHead Steering Gears | Rebuild & Remanufacturer
New Roof Rack 2011 Dodge Ram 4500 Truck with new Garvin roof rake, with tire and Ridged Industries 50 in. light bar.
YouTube Video of a Host Mammoth Industries Truck Camper on a Dodge Ram 4500 Truck.
Toll Snap Shot Modern day toll road cameras deliver really sharp pictures of moving vehicles.
Torsion Free Sub Frame Showing a camper frame built on top of a torsion free sub frame.
Website of, giving details of Torsion Free Sub Frame.
ATS Aurora Turbo The ATS Aurora 3000 VFR Variable Factory Replacement Turbo.
The Dark Threat Winch The Dark Threat Fabrication's Winch mount for the Sherpa.
Hornet Deer Avoidance The Hornet electronic deer avoidance system, model V-135.
Winch Line Master Pull's 9/16 in. Classic Winch Line, 100 feet, 36,500 lbs and G100 Cobra Sling Hook.
Pull Pal Anchor Pull pal anchor 16,000 winch "buddy".
Snatch Block 4 Wheel Parts, 33,000 lbs. Snatch Block.
Firematic Kit
Custom Wheels Stockton Custom Wheels.
Refrigerator Sun Star 24v, 10.6 Cubit Foot Refrigerator-Freezer.
Propane Tanks Dual propane tanks for range.
Four Burner Range The Force 10 Four-Burner Gourmet Galley Gimbaled Propane Range.
Fresh Water Tank RV Showing a 100 gallon RV fresh water tank, Lavanture Products, FDA approved polyethylene material.  81"x26"x11", via RV Parts Nation.
RV Kitchen Sink Three compartments RV kitchen sink.
Hot Water Tank Raritan 20 gal. hot water heater w/ heat exchanger-4500W/240V.
Maytag Washer/Dryer Stack Maytag MLE21PNAGW Washer/Dryer Stack, 220-240 V.
Espar Heaters Espar heaters for the interior of an RV, Hydronic M-II.
Battery Powered A/C A Cruise N Comfort USA Truck Series Battery Powered A/C, HD series, 12 or 24 volts.
Sony 40in TV Sony 40 inch LED TV.  Will need aerial antenna.
Solar Panels Renogy 300 Watt 24 volt monocrystalline solar panel.
Solar Controller Rover 60 amp Solar Charge Controller, 24v/36v/48v.
Inverter/Charger 24 v Xantrex Freedom SW2024 2000W Inverter/Charger.
Lithium Battery Tucks' travels in a truck: Lithium leisure battery- Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFEPO4.
Pulsar Diesel Gen Pulsar 5000 Watts Diesel Powered Electrical Generator. Showing PG7000D via
Travel case Pelican Air 1615 Case with Foam, color orange. Inside dimensions: 29"x15"x9".
Escape Hatch Heng's escape hatch, 68631-C2, 26"x26".
ComCenter ASE Com Center II, Outdoor, ASE-MC05, for Satellite phones.
Tyrepliers Stazworks Extreme Offroad Tyrepliers. The perfect tool for un-mounting internal beadlocks..
Flashlight SureFire UDR Dominator 2400 Lumens Rechargeable LED Flashlight..
3M Respirator 3M 8293 P100 Disposable Particulate Cup Respirator with Cool Flow Eshalation Valve, Standard...
LED Light Bar LED Light Bar, installed April, 2014.
CJC 50 inches LED Light Bar CJC Off Road 2010+ Dodge Ram 50" LED Light Bar Mounting Brackets via
Infrared LED Lights Infrared LED Military Driving Lights - High/Low Beams - 9-42VDC-Covert IR Headlights..
Fog Light Bar PIAA RF Series 18" LED Light Bar Yellow Beam Kit.
Infrared light Infrared E-Series 10 inch Combo Light Bar. YouTube video
Pusher Air Intakes Pusher Air Intakes

EGR ByPass Pusher Lo-Pro Plus EGR Bypass for 2007-2012 Dodge 6.7
You Tube video.

EGR/DPF Power Package EGR/DPF Power Package

Light Force 240 XGT HID 50 W
Light Force 240 XGT HID 50 W

FASS fuel pump FASS (fuel air separation system) fuel pump # 05-12 Cummins 150 GPH HD Series.  Click for video location.

Glacier CCV Breather Kit Glacier Diesel Power CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation) Open Breather Kit

Installed Breather Kit Installed Glacier Diesel Power CCV Open Breather Kit

 Brunton 5010GEO Compass

Water Filter Katadyn Expedition Water Filter

Water Purification Brownchurch Water Purification System: Filter/Shower.

Hema GPS Hema 6 GPS System

National Luna Fridge National Luna 125 Liter Fridge Freezer, Stainless Steel

Excelsior Block Heater Excelsior Block Heater

Block Heater Installed
Block Heater Installed on bumper.

Battery Blanket Mopar P/N 82300778 Battery Blanket, 80 Watt heater via electricity.

Heat Reduction Hood AEV Conversions: Ram Heat Reduction Hood, $1400, PN 10308401ABU, out of stock.

Diesel Heads Up Kit Sinister Diesel Heads Up Kit w/ ARP Heads for 6.7L Dodge Cummins.

Alum radiator Dodge 6.7L Cummins Aluminum Radiator, 2010-2012, by Mishimoto.

Hose Kit Dodge 6.7L Cummins Silicone Coolant Hose Kit, 2010-2012, by Mishimoto.

UnderWaterAirIntake Snorkel intake for deep water traveling.

Precleaner Enginaire Aluminum Precleaner with Stainless Steel Rotor.

Shocking Device High Powered Vehicle Shocking Device, via

Alternator      270 amp XP High Output Alternator.

Rear Sway Bars Maxx Link heavy duty rear sway bars.

Roof Rack Custom made roof rack.

Air Tank A. P. F. 12 Gallon Air Tank, 8 Ports Aluminum, ~$206.

Front Leveler Revtek front end leveling system.

Adjustable Front Lift Progressive adjustable front lift leveling kit.

Front Springs Super Front Coil Springs, SKU: SSC-24.

Deaver Springs Stronger Rear Leaf Springs by Deaver Spring Inc.

Grid Heater Grid Heater.

manifold Steed-Speed Performance T6 Manifold for Cummings diesel engine.

Head Light LED Projection Head Lights for Dodge Ram 4500 trucks.

Rev-X Engine Oil Treatment Rev-X Engine Oil Treatment Kit.

Intercooler Dodge 6-71 Cummings Intercooler Kit.  Link to engineering report.

Pipes and Boots Dodge 6-71 Cummings Intercooler Pipes and Boots Kit.

Trans-Cool-G56  Trans-Cool-G56 Transmission from Geno's Garage.
Manual Transmission  Manual Transmission, G56, 2005.5 + Dodge 4wd.
Tool Kit  NAPA Hand Tools: 137 pc. Diesel Tool Set.
Wrist Watch  MTM Special Operations Watch, Grey. YouTube video
Night Vision Goggles  Armasight Nyx7 Pro Gen 3 Alpha MG Night Vision Goggles $3,715 via

Truck Gauges  Cab truck gauges via World Nomad: The Turtle V - Expedition Portal
SpareTireBBQ  Front Runner Spare Tire BBQ Grate.
BBQ Lake Side  Lake side cooking with the BBQ grate.
Air Raid Siren  Heavy duty, loud 145 decibels, 110 volt electric air raid siren #VES-188.

Fireman's Axe  John Neeman Tools: Fireman's Axe, 6.6 lbs.
Fire Axe  Zico: 4065 8 lb Pick Head Axe.
Satellite Phone  Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone by Blue Cosmo.
sand-laddersAluminum Sand Ladders.
Gel BatteryTrojan 31-GEL Deep Cycle Gel Battery.
Condenser GuardGeno's Garage Condenser Guard.
Cab fresh air filter Geno's Garage under-hood cab fresh air filter kit.
Harmonic Damper Geno's Garage crankshaft harmonic damper by Fluidampr: $518.00.
Anti TheftRavelco Anti Theft Device.
Air CompressorHorn Blasters XD4000 Air Compressor..

February 22, 2011: Dodge Ram 4500 Specifications.  Then expect on May 1, 2011 the arrival of CM Truck Beds' TM Model.

Updated 13 Nov 2020 1990 pic of Andrews62

Andrews62 in 1990

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