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This site is dedicated to the family and descendents of 
Patrick Henry & Bridget Burke Brown

Allegany County, Maryland and 
Mineral County, West Virginia


Patrick and Bridget Brown and Children

I am neither a genealogist nor an authority on Patrick Henry 'P.H.' and Bridget 'Biddy' Burke Brown. I am simply a great grandson who in the last several years has become increasingly interested in the family history.

My purpose in this endeavor is to create an opportunity for the many descendents of my great grandparents to meet electronically and perhaps share what they know about the rich history of this splendid family. Ursula Burke Brown Davis (1895–1967), the youngest daughter of Patrick and Bridget, was my grandmother. She became the executrix of Bridget’s estate in 1936 and fortunately saved all of the family business papers, correspondence, and pictures.

Most of the material in this narrative is the work of two Brown granddaughters who knew their grandparents. They collected the family history and have collaborated for more than thirty years. Some of the material comes from my grandmother’s family papers, information received from 'cousins', and my research.

One of the enjoyable results of my research is meeting many terrific Brown relatives. I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with many more in the future.

I apologize for any errors, and welcome additions and corrections. Your information will either be added to this project or held for the private use of Brown descendents. The names of living family members are not used for privacy and security reasons.

Joseph P. "Pat" Warner
Silver Spring, Maryland

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