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  Thomas Ocsar    Rachel (Barkey)

 HELLO, we are still searching for information on Thomas Oscar and Rachel Brickell, mainly in the area of Clearfield, Indiana, and Canoe Counties, Pennsylvania  about 1830 to 1880. However we now are moving west first to Iowa, then Kansas. We know one son William was born in Iowa in 1877, but where is kind of cloudy. 1878 records show Thomas Oscar and Rachel homesteading outside of Bull City (Alton) and as time passes the family branches out with :
         1) Son William T. moving to  Stockton , Kansas to raise his family and then in his later years moved in with his daughter at Canyon City, Colorado.
        2) Daugther Ximena married ( Endsley ) then moved to Omaha, Nebraska, living California in her latter years.
        3) Harry Barclay remained in Alton, I have little information on his later years other he was a very proument firgure in Alton.
        4) Archibald Magree would evetually move up to the Fairbury, Nebraska area, and remained there.
        5) My great-great Grandfather James Newton moved first to Woodston, Kansas, then the Eastern Colorado, Wyoming area.

I'm curious about Harry and William's families, but would like any further information on the others.

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