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Colônia Santo Ângelo

Curt Max Drescher [Parents] was born on 5 Sep 1877 in Oberhohendorf - Saxonia. He married Clara MInna Schüller.

Clara MInna Schüller [Parents] was born on 1 Aug 1881 in Oberhohendorf - Saxonia. She married Curt Max Drescher.

They had the following children:

  F i Olga Drescher was born on 23 Feb 1893.

Gottlieb Ferdinand Karsburg was born in 1817 in Lubow - Pommern - Preussen. He married Charlotte Vogt.


Charlotte Vogt was born in 1820 in Preussen. She married Gottlieb Ferdinand Karsburg.

They had the following children:

  M i Carl Karsburg was born about 1856.
  F ii Emilie Henriette Karsburg was born in 1846.
  F iii Ottilie Karsburg was born in 1848.
  F iv Willhelmine Johanna Karsburg was born on 2 Jun 1851.
  M v Augusto Eduardo Karsburg was born in 1849 in Lubow - Pommern - Preussen.
  F vi Auguste Louise Karsburg was born on 3 Aug 1857.
  M vii Friederich Willhelm Karsburg was born on 16 Oct 1861.
  F viii Albertine Caroline Karsburg was born on 13 Jun 1853. She died on 22 Apr 1937.

Alwin Drescher [Parents] was born on 1 Sep 1872 in Oberhohendorf - Saxonia. He married Bertha Emilie Dumke.

Bertha Emilie Dumke.Bertha married Alwin Drescher.

They had the following children:

  M i Emil Otto Drescher was born on 23 Jul 1893.

Fritz Drescher [Parents] was born on 29 Jun 1880. He married Agnes Honnef.

Agnes Honnef.Agnes married Fritz Drescher.

Julius Wilhelm Honnef.Julius married Frieda Drescher.

Frieda Drescher [Parents] was born on 20 Nov 1882. She married Julius Wilhelm Honnef.

Paul Drescher [Parents] was born on 9 Sep 1884. He married Anna Belling.

Anna Belling [Parents] was born on 7 Oct 1886 in Pommern - Preussen. She married Paul Drescher.

Carl Ernest Drescher [Parents] was born on 19 Sep 1886. He married Emilie Augusta Walter.

Emilie Augusta Walter.Emilie married Carl Ernest Drescher.

August Emil Drescher [Parents] was born 1 on 5 Mar 1889 in Colonia Santo Angelo - RS - Brasil. He married Sophia Bendlin.

Sophia Bendlin.Sophia married August Emil Drescher.

Carl Müller.Carl married Lina Drescher.

Lina Drescher [Parents] was born on 24 Jan 1891. She married Carl Müller.

Emil Dumke.Emil married Alma Drescher.

Alma Drescher [Parents] was born on 4 Mar 1893. She married Emil Dumke.

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