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Colônia Santo Ângelo

Wilhelm Albert Gustav Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 17 Feb 1874. He married Marie Killian on 3 Mar 1899.

Marie Killian [Parents] was born on 14 Nov 1879 in Rincão - Agudo - Brasil. She married Wilhelm Albert Gustav Wiedenhöft on 3 Mar 1899.

Salvador Herkert [Parents].Salvador married Ida Wiedenhöft on 30 Jun 1905.

Ida Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 19 Dec 1882. She married Salvador Herkert on 30 Jun 1905.

Friedrich Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 23 Mar 1895. He married Frieda Marie Böck on 18 Jun 1915.

Frieda Marie Böck [Parents] was born on 2 Sep 1892. She married Friedrich Wiedenhöft on 18 Jun 1915.

Marie Böck.

She had the following children:

  F i Frieda Marie Böck was born on 2 Sep 1892.

Alwin Schott [Parents] was born on 14 Oct 1899. He married Elisa Wiedenhöft.

Elisa Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 20 Mar 1897. She married Alwin Schott.

Otto Steyding [Parents] was born on 27 Jul 1897. He married Laura Wiedenhöft on 17 Sep 1920.

Laura Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 13 Nov 1897. She married Otto Steyding on 17 Sep 1920.

Emil Schott [Parents] was born on 13 Jun 1897. He married Adele Wiedenhöft.

Adele Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 8 Dec 1899. She married Emil Schott.

Emil Herkert.Emil married Johanna Wiedenhöft on 25 Jun 1920.

Johanna Wiedenhöft [Parents].Johanna married Emil Herkert on 25 Jun 1920.

Carl Hermann Marotzke [Parents] was born on 11 Aug 1900. He married Frida Wiedenhöft.

Frida Wiedenhöft [Parents] was born on 5 Dec 1906. She married Carl Hermann Marotzke.

Carl Marotzke.Carl married Emilie Bülow.

Emilie Bülow.Emilie married Carl Marotzke.

They had the following children:

  M i Carl Hermann Marotzke was born on 11 Aug 1900.
  F ii Bertha Emilie Auguste Marotzke (ou Marotz) was born on 9 Feb 1883. She died in 1915.
  M iii Paul Reinhold Robert Marotz was born on 24 Jan 1890.

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