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Ontario Birth Registrations

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014267-95 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Ada Myrtle, f, 14 Sept 1895, James H. HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Jane WOOLEY, infm James H. HUGHSON, Harwich

003218-75 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Alva Borland, f, 22 Aug 1875, William L. HUGHSON, farmer & Sarah KNAPP, infm W. L. HUGHSON, Colchester

901724-03 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Alice Victoria Elizabeth, f, 8 Sept 1903, Seth HUGHSON, farmer & Elizabeth RANSIER, infm Mrs. Louise Rachel KERR, Storrington     I am the 2nd oldest sister by 15 years her senior, father and mother dead.       That the parents of the said person are dead. That I am the second older sister of the said person and that I am 15 years her senior in age and have recollection of said birth and I know she was born at Storrington. I also hold in my possession the family bible entered at about time of birth and _____ marks Alice Victoria Elizabeth Hughson born 8 Sept 1903

023387-09 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Anna Leslie, f, 5 May 1909, William J. HUGHSON, farmer & Lizze M. PEARSON, infm Mrs. William HUGHSON, Dresden

008324-74 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Annie Bertha, f, 21 March 1874, John L. HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Ann NORTHCOTT, infm John L. HUGHSON, Camden

001040-07 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Annie Bessie, f, 6 May 1907, Cornelius Watson HUGHSON & Mary Jane ALLISON, infm Mrs. Mary A. HUNTER, Kingston

031463-80 (Simcoe Co) HUGHSON, Arthur Bagnell, m, 30 Dec 1879, Alexander HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Jane BAGNELL, infm Alexander HUGHSON, Mono

02 (Victoria Co) HUGHSON, Audrey Grace, f, 9 May 1902, L. S. HUGHSON & Bertha E. WILSON

016614-85 (Hamilton Co) HUGHSON, Aurelia Curry, f, 26 May 1885, Ward Campbell HUGHSON, lumber merchant & Aurelia McBANE, infm Aurelia HUGHSON, Sarnia

003639-05 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Bernard N., m, 19 Sept 1905, Isaac HUGHSON, farmer & Margaret J. LAWSON, infm Isaac HUGHSON, Mono

014665-08 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Brunie Delorise, f, 28 Oct 1905, Ida May HUGHSON, housekeeper, infm Ida May HUGHSON, Mono

005035-99 (Manitoulin Dist) HUGHSON, Charles Abram, m, b. Nov. 14, 1899, father Leonard HUGHSON, farmer, mother Bertha M. PECK, infm A. Hughson, Assiginack Twp

901779-02 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Charles Oliver, m, 18 May 1902, Harold E. HUGHSON, signwriter & Maude, infm H. E. HUGHSON, Merlin

99 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Cornelius David, m, 11 July 1899, Cornelius HUGHSON & Mary Ann ALLISON

009343-86 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, David J., m, 31 Jan 1886, Seth HUGHSON, farmer & Elizabeth RANSIER, infm Seth HUGHSON, Storrington

901695-95 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Earl Lonsbury, m, 24 Nov 1895, John LONSBURY Hughson, gardener & Mary Ann NORTHCOTT, infm John LONSBURY Hughson, Camden

013565-72 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Edgar Reverdy, m, 15 Jan 1872, Richard HUGHSON, farmer & Maria BLACKBURN, infm Richard HUGHSON, Harwich

008359-82 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Edward David, m, 22 Oct 1882, C. Wesley HUGHSON, farmer & Sarah Frances GIBSON, infm C. Wesley HUGHSON, Lake Opinicon

001012-87 (Manitoulin Dist) HUGHSON, Edward Norman, m, 20 Nov 1877, Abraham HUGHSON & not given, Abraham HUGHSON, Sheguiandah

009218-93 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Elias Everett, m, 15 Feb 1893, Seth HUGHSON, laborer & Elizabeth RANCIER, infm Seth HUGHSON, Lake Opinicon

009400-89 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Emily A., f, 29 Sept 1889, Seth HUGHSON, farmer & Elizabeth RANCIER, infm Seth HUGHSON, Storrington

#019319-06 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Emmeline Rebecca, f, b. 27 Nov. 1906, father Ernest HUGHSON, piano maker of 26 Pine St; mother Bertha GRANT, infm Dr. Ross, Kingston

007040-80 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Ernest, m, 22 June 1880, James L. HUGHSON, farmer & Catherine R. LYON, infm James L. HUGHSON, Storrington

97 (Wentworth Co) HUGHSON, Ernest Henwood, m, 27 Sept 1897, James HUGHSON & Lucy DECLUTE

019237-08 (Grey Co) HUGHSON, Eulalah (Emaline), f, 13 Nov 1908, George HUGHSON, laborer & Alice BELL, infm A. H. MCFADDEN, Singhampton

03 (Simcoe Co) HUGHSON, Eva Blanche, f, 8 Jan 1903, George HUGHSON & Alice BELL

019528-91 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Florence Georgiana, f, 1 Feb 1891, James H. HUGHSON, farmer & Mary J. WILLEY, infm James H. HUGHSON, Harwich

005064-81 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Florence Mabel, f, 29 July 1881, William James HUGHSON, merchant & Emma Gretta McWHINESRY, infm William James HUGHSON, Orangeville

016402-89 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Frederick Abraham Samuel, m, 31 March 1889, James HUGHSON, farmer & Margaret SPARKS, infm James HUGHSON, Dresden

901419-80 (Halton Co) HUGHSON, Frederick Walker, m, 15 Dec 1880, James HUGHSON, salesman & Lucy DECLUTE, infm Mrs. James HUGHSON, Georgetown

005615-84 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Garlet, m, 3 Feb 1884, James HUGHSON, farmer & Mary J. CURRY, infm Mary J. HUGHSON, Amaranth

005029-72 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, George Forrest, m, 27 July 1872, William Loudsbury HUGHSON, farmer & Sarah Livinia KNAPP, infm W. L. HUGHSON, Colchester

010416-79 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, George Herbert Alex, m, 20 May 1879, Alex HUGHSON, merchant & Rebecca HOLLAND, infm Alex HUGHSON, Bothwell

049418-05 (Wentworth Co) HUGHSON, George Nathaniel, m, 14 Feb 1905, Thomas R. HUGHSON, machinist & Winnifred DOOHER, infm Dr. RYKERT, Dundas

006646-80 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Gordon Howell, m, 1 Dec 1880, William HUGHSON, farmer & Sarah KNAPP, infm William HUGHSON, Colchester South

016504-08 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Gordon Murry, m, 7 Nov 1908, Gordon HUGHSON, farmer & Ethel DUNCAN, infm Gordon HUGHSON, Harrow

02 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Gilbert Orlan, m, 10 Nov 1902, James HUGHSON & Elizabeth Ann MILLER

025115-90 (Oxford Co)  HUGHSON, George Randolph, m, b. 28 Dec 1889, father Ezra John HUGHSON, mother Nancy JOY, infm Ezra John Huggins, Blenheim Twp

01 (Simcoe Co) HUGHSON, George Russell, m, 18 March 1901, George HUGHSON & Alice BELL

018171-94 (Middlesex Co) HUGHSON, Gladys Marie, f, 6 Aug 1894, Benson HUGHSON, farmer & Jennie THOMPSON, infm B. HUGHSON, Delaware

00178?-80 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Grace Mildred, f, 16 June 1880, Samuel HUGHSON, farmer & Margaret Susan McCORMICK, infm Grace M. WRIGHT, Oxley

005007-72 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Harrold Edroy, m, 7 Jan 1872, Nathaniel B. HUGHSON, farmer & Martha Gasford PIKE, infm N. B. HUGHSON, Colchester

017530-06 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Helen Blanche, f, 26 May 1906, James HUGHSON, farmer & Elizabeth MILLER, infm Dr. Charles A. RAGE, Kingsville

023371-09 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Helen Louisa, f, 2 March 1909, George Alfred HUGHSON, farmer & Beatrice Blanche YOUNG, infm George Alfred HUGHSON, Dresden

03 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Helen Maud, f, 9 Feb 1903, C. W. HUGHSON & Mary Jane ALLISON

010083-79 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Henry Benson, m, 3 Jan 1879, Hezekiah HUGHSON, farmer & Mary ASKEW, infm Hezekiah HUGHSON, Raleigh

025531-72 (Wentworth Co) HUGHSON, Herbert, m, 9 June 1872, Frederick Ashbaugh HUGHSON, shoemaker & Julia Ann KENNEY, infm F. A. HUGHSON, Hamilton

97 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Iona (Iva) Irene, f, 10 Mar 1897, Charles HUGHSON & Maria Theresa LAWSON,

012149-02 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Isaac John Herbert, m, b. Feb. 22, 1902, father- Isaac HOUSTON, laborer, mother- Mary BOYLE, infm- Mary Houston, Lot 11 Conc 2, Mulmur

017585-09 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, James Albert, m, 1 July 1909, Ernest HUGHSON, piano maker & Bertha Ann GRANT, infm Ernest HUGHSON, Kingston

002121-83 (Bruce Co) HUGHSON, James Henry, m, 28 Dec 1882, James HUGHSON, agent & Lucy DECLUIT, infm James HUGHSON, Walkerton

001596-71 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, James Miller, m, 10 Dec 1871, Levi HUGHSON, farmer & Catherina R. LYON, infm Levi HUGHSON, Storrington

014443-90 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, John Albert, m, 24 Sept 1890, John L. HUGHSON, Farmer & Mary Ann NORTHCOTT, infm J. L. HUGHSON, Camden

005767-76 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, John Robert, m, 16 June 1876, Levi HUGHSON, farmer & Catharine R. LYON, infm Levi HUGHSON, Storrington

00 (Wentworth Co) HUGHSON, John Walker, m, 15 March 1900, Fred HUGHSON & Mary TULFORD

015411-87 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Joshua Hamlett, m, 2 Feb 1887, James HUGHSON, farmer & Maggie SPARKS, infm James HUGHSON, Camden

007723-07 (Manitoulan Dist) HUGHSON, Lawrence H., m, b. 2 Jun. 1907, father George L. HUGHSON, farmer; mother -  Dortha (sic) HOLMAN, infm Geo. Hughson, Manitouwaning, Assiginack

009997-88 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Levina Rachel, f, 1 Jan 1888, Seth HUGHSON, farmer & Elizabeth RANCIER, infm Seth HUGHSON, Storrington

003708-05 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Lillian Jane, f, 18 Aug 1905, William A. HUGHSON, mason & Mary Elizabeth LAWSON, infm William HUGHSON, Mulmur

01 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Lillie May, f, 26 Feb 1901, C. W. HUGHSON & Mary Jane ALLISON

004177-72 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Lily Esther, f, 15 Sept 1872, Levi HUGHSON, farmer & Rebecca LYON, infm Levi HUGHSON, Storrington

022226-06 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Lorne Samuel, m, 17 Nov 1906, George A. HUGHSON, farmer & B, infm George A. HUGHSON, Dresden

008603-72 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Lucinda Cordelia, f, 4 Dec 1872, Hezekiah HUGHSON, farmer & Mary ASKEW, infm Hezekiah HUGHSON, Raleigh

012042-77 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Luella Victoria, f, 15 Oct 1877, Alexander HUGHSON, merchant & Rebecca HOLLAND, infm Alexander HUGHSON, Blenheim

902063-07 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Mabel Rose, f, 12 Sept 1907, William Andrew HUGHSON, farm laborer & Mary Eliza LAWSON, infm W. A. HUGHSON, Mulmur

008365-85 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Maggie Edna, f, 6 Dec 1884, William HUGHSON, farmer & Sarah KNAPP, infm William HUGHSON, Colchester

97 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Margaret Rebecca, f, 28 Dec 1897, Cornelius HUGHSON & Mary Jane ALLISON

07 (Grey Co) HUGHSON, Marion Minerva, f, 8 April 1907, George HUGHSON & Alice BELL

024236-71 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Martha Elizabeth, f, b 9 Feb.1871 father - Thomas W. HUGHSON, Farmer, mother - Elizabeth HINDS, infm - Thomas W. Hughson, Raleigh Twp

010011-96 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Mary Almetta, f, 11 Sept 1896, C. Watson HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Jane ALLISON, infm C. Watson HUGHSON, Storrington

03 (Grey Co) HUGHSON, Mary Anne Pearl, f, 14 Sept 1903, Elmer Burton HUGHSON & Pheobe Jane MASTIN

015982-09 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Mary Belle, f, 22 Feb 1909, Thomas Orlan HUGHSON, farmer & Lula May BUCHANAN, infm Thomas O. HUGHSON, Kingsville

011814-76 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Mary Effa, f, 10 March 1876, John HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Ann NORTHCOTT, infm John HUGHSON, Camden

4313-69 (Wentworth Co) HUGHSON, Matthew, m, b. Dec. 11, 1869, father Frederick A. HUGHSON, shoe maker, mother Julia Ann KENNEY  infm Frederick Hughson, Rae St. Hamilton

002176-01 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Maurice Everard, m, 19 Nov 1901, Charles Gillespie HUGHSON & Maria Theresa LAWSON, infm Maurice E. HUGHSON, East Garafraxa

021758-73 (Victoria Co) HUGHSON, Mecta? Alberta, f, b. June 14, 1873, father William HUGHSON, farmer, mother Susanah GUESS, infm W. Hughson, Mariposa Tp

04 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Millard Grant, m, 20 Nov 1904, Ernest HUGHSON & Bertha Ann GRANT

002526-04 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Muriel Alice, f, 4 July 1904, Charles Gillespie HUGHSON & Maria Theresa LAWSON, infm Muriel BRETT, East Garafraxa

017837-09 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Myrtle Cornelia, f, 2 Dec 1909, Cornelius Watson HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Jane ALLISON, infm Cornelius W. HUGHSON, Kingston

006653-82 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Nina Lorena, f, 10 Oct 1882, William L. HUGHSON, farmer & Sarah KNAPP, infm William L. HUGHSON, Colchester South

034118-09 (Ontario Co) HUGHSON, Norman Lloyd, m, 15 Sept 1909, Norman E. HUGHSON, farmer & Maud BRENT, infm Norman HUGHOSN, Myrtle Station

01 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Olive May, f, 26 Oct 1901, Isaac Nelson HUGHSON & Margaret J. LAWSON

022233-07 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Orval John, m, 3 May 1907, William J. HUGHSON, farmer & Lizzie PEARSON, infm DR. J. P. F. WILLIAMS, Dresden

005836-92 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSON, Percy Lorce, m, 16 Feb 1892, George HUGHSON, farmer & Jane E. GOLDEN, infm George HUGHSON, Amaranth

24212-92 (Oxford Co) HUGHSON, Rachel Eliza, f, b. June 4 1892, father - John E. HUGHSON, farmer, mother - Nancy JOICE, infm - John E. Hughson, Blenheim Twp

00 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Roy, m, 21 Feb 1900, John L. HUGHSON & Mary Ann NORTHCOTT

016568-05 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Sadie Jane, f, 28 April 1905, Cornelius W. HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Jane ALLISON, infm C.W.HUGHSON, Storrington 

012037-76 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Sarah Louisa, f, 20 April 1876, Hezekiah HUGHSON, farmer & Mary ASKEW, infm Hezekiah HUGHSON, Raleigh

007910-74 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Sylvester James, m, 6 Oct 1874, Hezekiah HUGHSON, farmer & Mary ASKEW, infm Hezekiah HUGHSON, Raleigh

018133-09 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Thelma, f, 25 June 1909, Melvin H. HUGHSON, farmer & Irene SMITH, infm Melvin HUGHSON, Opinicon

036729-98 (Wentworth Co) HUGHSON, Thomas Roderick, m, 11 Dec 1898, James HUGHSON, fireman & Lucy CLUTE, infm J.HUGHSON, Hamilton

98 (Simcoe Co) HUGHSON, Vera Maud, f, 24 April 1898, George HUGHSON & Alice BELL

021653-05 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Victor Wilbur, m, 17 Aug 1905, A. T. HUGHSON, painter & O.M. REDDICK, infm A. T. HUGHSON, Chatham

 006189-78 (Frontenac Co) HUGHSON, Walter, m, 6 March 1878, James L.HUGHSON, farmer & Catherine R. LYON, infm James L. HUGHSON, Storrington

 014720-92 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Walter Devernet, m, 30 Aug 1892, James Henry HUGHSON, farmer & Mary Jane WILLEY, infm James Henry HUGHSON, Harwich

014543-92 (Kent Co) HUGHSON, Walter Stanley, m, 3 July 1892, Richard HUGHSON, farmer & Frances Elizabeth NORTHCOTT, infm Richard HUGHSON, Camden

004912-05 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, William Duncan, m, 17 Nov 1905, Gordon HUGHSON, farmer & Ethel DUNCAN, infm G. A. HASSARD, Colchester South

037524-96 (Victoria Co) HUGHSON, William Stanley, m, 7 May 1896, Lyman S. HUGHSON, clergyman & Bertha L. WILSON, infm L. S. HUGHSON, Lindsay

01 (Essex Co) HUGHSON, Willie, m, 2 Oct 1901, James HUGHSON & Lizzie MILLER

01 (Dufferin Co) HUGHSTON, Cora Viola, f, 3 Nov 1901, Thomas J. HUGHSTON & Esther Ellen HUGHSTON



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