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Members' Surname Register

The Members’ Surname Register is a list of members’ interests, giving names, places and dates of people researched. The information is provided in two parts: (1) the list of names being researched, arranged in alphabetical order, together with locations, events, and dates, with the BIFHS–USA membership number of the researcher in the last column; and (2) a list of submitters' membership numbers with the names of the members and their contact information.

Surnames:   A  B  C  D  E F  G  H  I J K  L  |  Ma-Mc  |  Me-My  |  N O  P  Q R  S  T  U V W X Y Z   |   (submitter information is being updated and is temporarily unavailable)

How to Submit Surnames

Society members who wish to submit names (or update previous submissions) may do so by completing a Surname Registration Form, which is available in both Word/RTF (Rich Text Format) and PDF (Portable Data Format) versions. To open the PDF file Adobe Acrobat Reader is required (available for download at no charge from the Adobe website). When completing the Surname Registration Form be sure to include your membership number and to answer YES to at least one way to publish your surnames and one means of contact. Your submission will not be accepted without this information.

Either version of the form may be printed for completion by hand and submitted to:

Attn: Surname Registration
9854 National Blvd. #304
Los Angeles, CA 90034-2713

The Word/RTF version may be opened in a word processing program for completion, then saved and submitted as an attachment via email to the Surname Registration Coordinator.


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