Bieber History and Genealogy


Photo Irvin M Beaver
Rev Irvin M Beaver

The classic work on genealogy of the American Bieber / Beaver family is "History and Genealogy of the Bieber-Beaver Family" by Rev Irvin M Beaver, published in 1939. The book is almost 1,000 pages long. It names appoximately 20,000 members of the Bieber family born over a period of 4 centuries.

Back in 1939, the subscription price for Rev Beaver's book was $5.25, postpaid. Today, copies can occasionally be found in antique shops and used bookstores. At the time of writing (1998), photocopied versions of Rev Beaver's book can be purchased for approximately $130 from Higginson Books or from Blair's Books.

In addition, Bill Bieber has converted the book to a word processor file using scanning and OCR technology. For details, including how to request a copy by e-mail, see Phase I of ``The Bieber Project.''

Copies of the book can also be found at numerous genealogical libraries. It has been microfilmed by the LDS church [?] and can be viewed (after ordering the microfilm) at any of the church's Family History Centers.