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11/28/08 Steve Tsonev is the new volunteer coordinator...Thank you!

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Despite a turbulent history, Bulgaria is the oldest surviving state in Europe to have kept its original name (since AD681), and most of the population are descendents of the Bulgar invasion of the south Danube at that time. On two occasions during the medieval period the Bulgarians managed to establish empires which existed in a state of armed conflict with Byzantium. The history of the Balkans is exceedingly complex, due not least to successive waves of invasions, partitions, sporadic anarchy and internal turmoil. By the 20th century, Bulgaria was ruled by a monarchy which chose to side with the Axis powers in 1939. In 1944, shortly after the death of King Boris, the Soviet-backed Fatherland Front seized power. The monarchy was abolished and a republic declared.

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