This is an ongoing project involving the research and talents of many people. The project began as most similar projects do with the simple curiousity as to who the people were that were listed on the Birth-Marriage-Death pages in the two Bibles we had. Some of the names we recognized since they were still living but others were from our past and unknown to us. We obtained additional information from family members. It has now evolved into the major hobby for one of us. At the same time we have developed a desire to pass on the information we have been fortunate to acquire to our descendants, some of whom are now starting to express an interest in their heritage. As our expertise in searching out the data increased we also thought to create a means to consolidate and present all the data we have and are accumulating.  This is the result.

Much of this work has been obtained from the publications of other researchers. We are unable to visit many of the locations represented by the various families in the database. But through the Internet and local library resoures we have been able to add many relatives to our family tree. We will never meet most of the people who did the original research on these families and to them we express our deepest appreciation for their efforts to not only obtain the data but to take the time to make it public. We have been especially concientious in giving as complete a reference or source for the data in these database files. Unfortunately when we started we were not as diligent in the sourcing and so some of the data we obtained years ago is not sourced. For that we deeply apologize.

Thanks go to Ancestry.Com and through them to RootsWeb for the opportunity to put this data on the Internet for accessibility by other researchers. We would also like to thank Bob Velke and the staff at Wholly Genes Software for developing The Master Genealogist, the software with which we maintain these databases. And a very special thank you goes to John Cardinal whose selfless dedication to the genealogical community has led to the development of Second Site. This software is the basis for the web page constructions presenting the database. Thanks are also in order for Terry Reigel who has published on-line many tips and techniques to make the Second Site project(s) sparkle. And we also include Lee Hoffman who has many tips, techniques, and links related to using TMG. And thanks to the many individuals who regularly contribute tips, help, and advice to the Internet forums sponsored by both of these companies.

We have tried to be extremely diligent regarding the accuracy of the data. However as all amatuer and professional genealogists will attest, the difficulty of reading old handwritten documents, using unproven data from other researchers, and simple typographical mistakes compound the problem of accurate reporting. And so we make no guarantees. We have done the best we can in proofing and verifying the data presented here.

You will find many estimated dates within the database. We have used what we think are reasonable guidelines for estimating a date. Such things as wives are generally three years younger than their husbands. Most marriages occur at the age of 21 for men and 18 for women. Most children are two years apart. We have given comments to explain each of the estimated dates. Of course this system is far from perfect but we feel it is better to present two Sarah Jane Huffenpuffs where neither birth date is known with some indication as to the general era they lived in. So please accept the estimated dates as just that, estimations and guesses.

Please beware of all dates before around 1700, even those given as accurate. The passage of time, especially 300 years clouds all data. And the further back in time we go, the more prone it is for errors to accumulate. So we recommend that you look at the more ancient data with a bit of scepticism. As one other commentator said, if it is not documented adequately, correctly, and with the utmost reliability, it is mythology. And so we repeat, 'caveat emptor'.

The contents of these data files are freely available for your personal use but please be careful and check everything as you use it. Since we have the copyright on this material we grant the use of it for non-commercial purposes.

This is a work in progress. As more data is inserted into the database we will upload the revisions to RootsWeb.

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, detailed explanations of conventions and icons are given below.

And to demonstrate the fun and pleasure we have had in constructing this database: