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C.W. Soldiers

Belgian Civil War soldiers


Medals of honor Staff and special Units Regulars Navy old soldier's home DRaft

Eastern Branch, in Togus Maine (1866)
Northwestern Branch, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1867)
Central Branch, in Dayton, Ohio (1867)
Southern Branch, in Hampton, Virginia (1870)
Western Branch, in Leavenworth, Kansas (1885)
Pacific Branch, in Santa Monica (LA), California (1888)
Marion Branch, in Marion, Indiana (1888)
Danville Branch, in Danville, Illinois (1898)
Mountain Branch, in Johnson City, Tennessee (1901)
Battle Mountain Sanatorium, in Hot Springs, South Dakota (1902)
Bath Branch (formerly the New York State Soldier & Sailor Home),in Bath, New York (1929)
Roseburg Branch, Roseburg, Oregon

the old soldier's homes: Roseburg 

Belgians soldiers in the Soldier's Home, from the censuses:



 Belgians soldiers in the Soldier's Home, from the Soldiers' Home Registers