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  1. This index include the arrival of Belgian emigrants between the years 1820/1830 ( depending of the availability of the sources ) to the year 1870.
  2. It give alphabetically sorted the names of emigrants their surname the port of arrival the ship name and the date of their arrival. The two main ports of arrival are NY(New York) and NO (New Orleans). Other sea ports also received a few emigrants : Baltimore Philadelphia Norfolk Edgartown Mobile Galveston and also Quebec for a special case.
  3. The last date of those arrivals is limited to the end of May 1870 corresponding to the 1870 census that census being limited to the people living in the USA to date June 1 1870.
  4. When you find something interesting for you note the reference this index is not linked with the transcribed pages.
  5. With the reference you found you have to follow the hyperlink icon. Click on the year you are searching to see a list of the ships arrived that year; and on the ship name you are searching to see the list of passengers. 
  6. There is (not yet) a Picosearch tool linked with this index. It will only give the web pages within this index.