Theodore DIDIDER
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Theodore DIDIER
Comp. G, 93rd Indiana Volunteers Infantry



enlisted at Cannelton by Capt Spilman 28 Aug. 1862. Mustered New Albany 30 Sept. for 3 years.


died in hospital, Camp Emerson, Oct. 24, 1862


5 feet 5 inches








18 years


Febr. 18, 1840 mariage de :
- Jean Nicolas DIDIERJEAN ( fils de Jean Baptiste DIDIERJEAN et de Marie ??? )
- Marie Anne ANSEL ( fille de Jean Baptiste ANSEL et de Marguerite .... )
tous domiciliés à ORBEY ( en Alsace près de Strasburg , France)


- Mary A. C. born 18 May 1849
- John B E born 2 August 1851
- John B J born 23 April 1856
- Auguste C born 23 January 1860


Oct. 24, 1862



Biography :

Theodore was the oldest of the children of the DIDIER family. His father Joseph was totaly blind and another of the children also. His mother had also scrofulous sore eyes.

In 1861, Theodore was employed in carrying the mail and the balance of his time helped on the farm.

At Muster on, Theodore received twenty-five $ for muster and sent 20 $, giving them to John James for his parents.

Soon after, Henri Devillez, Prosper William, Theodore Didier and others of company G were given a furlough of ten days to return to Leopold to visit friends : the Ohio river at that time was very low, so that they could not get passage on a boat and walked home, a distance of about 50 miles.

When they time was near out so that they have to return, a part of them did get passage on a steamboat, but Theodore Didier with several others walked back to the regiment in Jefferson, because the Ohio river was still low and boats were incertain.! Joseph Duparque and E. Devillez went walking back to Jeffersonville with T. Didier. There, they met with those who went by boat, among them Henri Devillez.

At Jeffersonville, they took a boat for Camp Emerson. But, by the time they reached New Albany, T. Didier became sick and complained of his bowels hurting him. Joseph Duparque state that T. Didier was not guilty of any imprudence during the walk.

After returning, the regiment was ordered to Madison Indiana. T. Didier did not appeared to be in very good health after returning to the regiment but he went on to Madison. Soon after arrived at Camp. T. Didier began also to complain of his head and face hurting him and continued to get worse. He was put in Camp Hospital at Madison (Ind.) when he died about the 22nd day of October.

Henri Devillez brough him home to Leopold for burial.

At the dead of Théodore DIDIER, his father aged 45 years was blind for several years, two of the remaining sons were blind or nearly blind. The only child to have some help on the farm in 1862 was only eleven year old, he was occupied in assisting his father in cultivating his small farm wich consisted of less than 20 acres of very poor land.

In 1863 Joseph sold and conveyed his farm to Andrew Peter, but lived on it until his death 11 May 1871

After his death, his wife was sent to the poor house at Cannelton, where she was supported by the County. The two blind brother where sent to the asylum for the blind. Mary became insane and in 1878, a guardian, John J. Patrick, was designed.

The application for a pension was rejected in 1883, the last letter in the pension file is dated july 1884.



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