Narcisse MEUNIER
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Belgian Civil War soldiers in Indiana 


Narcisse MEUNIER
Comp. G, 93rd Indiana Volunteers Infantry



28 Aug. 1862 at Cannelton by Capt. Spillman
Sergeant on 30 Sept. 1862 at New Albany by Capt. Miller
8 May 1863 as second Lt
13 Dec. 1863 as 1st Lt. (2 May 64)


Discharged to date 8 May 1863 for promotion to 2nd Lieut. same Co & Regiment. Discharged 15 May 1865


5 feet 6 inches








Belgium Chiny in 1839


17th August 1867 by rev. J. L. Brassard to Mary .......... (born 25 January 1850 at Leopold, Perry County, died 28 March 1925).
Note : Mary remarried Emil Pauporte on 7 June 1883 (Emil died 3 Oct. 1917)


3 March 1876 at Cannelton, Indiana from internal cancer of the stomach, caused by …… contracted in Rebel Prison in the year 1864


Edward J;, born 23 Nov. 1869
Mary Adeline, born 21 March 1872
Arthur Joseph, born 18 Jan. 1874
(Jean Baptiste) Narcisse Joseph Adrien, born 2 July 1876

Biography :

Captured at Gun Town on the 10st day of June 1864. Was taken first to Mobile Alabama, was also in Rebel prison at Charleston South Carolina, and Macon Georgia and send in rebel Prison at Andersonville in the State of Georgia.

About the 19th day of March 65, Narcissus came home to Leopold on furlough. He was in very poor health . He was then afflicted with scurvy on his legs and bronchitis. Reported to (hospital or Camp Chase, Ohio,?) to be mustered out, and was back 20 May 1865.

He left Leopold after some time to attend school, and after to teach school. He was frequently back to his father but he never recovered his health.

Narcissus have been afflicted more or less since his confinement in Prison. In January 76, the disease increased After his marriage went to Minnesota, but returned to Perry County before dying.

He was engaged in teaching in Cannelton at the time of his last illness. At times remained with his parents for some weeks at a time when he was not able to study or teach. His father was also a teacher.

Following his death, his widow re-married. Upon the death of her second husband, she applied for a pension based upon her first husband’s service. She was nursed by Celine PAUPORTE nee(?) GOFFINET the last years of her life. This may be the same person Celestine GOFFINET who took care of Isadore Naviaux.

Sources :

Pension file of Narcisse MEUNIER at the NATIONAL ARCHIVES

Minors: application # 313930 certificate # 207753
Widows: application # 237954 certificate # 188914

Affidavits were supplied by Henry Devillez and Frederick Meunier.