Lambert ROGIER
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Lambert ROGIER
Comp. G, 93rd Indiana Volunteers Infantry




28 Aug. 1862 at Cannelton for 3 years by Capt. Jerome Spilman. Mustered 30 sept.


Memphis, Tennessee, 10 Aug. 1865


5 feet 9 inches








In Les Bulles, Belgium, 13 July 1835


To Mary Harbaville ( born 28 March 1843 at Florenville, Belgium, died 10 November 1928 at Bandon Indiana, buried Leopold, Indiana ). On 25 Oct. 1865 at Leopold, Indiana by Rev. J. P. Dion


4 March 1901, at the age of 65 years 7 months and 22 days, from grippe in Troy Township


Seven, two of whom are death in 1901
Pauline, born 12 Sept. 1867
Rose M. J., born 18 June 1869
Eugene, born 11 Nov. 1872
Edward, born 19 Sept. 1875
Julie, born 28 June 1881

Biography :

Came in the States when 18 years of age(1853). Was a farmer before enrolment.

Isidore Naviaux and Lambert Rogier knew each other about 12 years before their enlistment and were neighbors and worked together all they young days splitting rails and clearing land. Just before their enlistment, they worked together, digging a cellar for Mrs Lambert. They went in the same company until Lambert Rogier was detailed to the Pionner Company, seven months later. They were in the same Army Corps and when they had occasion, they went to visit each other. Henry Devillez was also acquainted with claimant nearly all his life and worked with him many times before the war.

Early in 1863, Lambert Rogier was token sick at Haricur Creek, near Oxford, for the measles, was sent off to an hospital and returned to duty around 1st April 63 at Memphis, Tenn. When he returned, he appeared to be in good health again. Was soon sent, with another member of his company : John Watson, in detached service in "Pioneer Corps". (Pioneer Company, 3e Div. 15e Army Corps subsequently known as General A. J. Smith’s pioneers of 16th Army Corps from April 16, 1863 to June 30, 1865. It comported about one hundred white men and about one hundred Africans )

The said Lambert Rogier began to be sick in rear of Vicksburg in August 63. His legs were hurting him so bad he could not walk. He had been in the Pionner Corps 10 or 12 months when he was again taken sick.

Surgeon Treated claimant in hospital at LaGrange Tenn. for chill and intermittent fever for about 10 months, from Feb. 1864 through May 1864 at LaGrange, Tennessee. When in Memphis, the surgeon (the surgeon questioned cannot remember that) offered Rogier a furlough but he refused, because he wanted to finish his 3 years and feared to lost his pay, knowing a man having lost sixty $ in accepting one.

In June 64, the camp of the 93rd Indiana was at La Grange, Tennessee and his friend Isidore Naviaux of comp. G, saw him with chill and fever and complaining of rheumatism. Lambert Rogier was allowed to remain with his French comrades in the company (93rd Ind.) for as much as six or eight weeks, but still belonging to the pioneer Co.

After he got well, he was again with the pioneer co.

Prosper Guillaume(Williams) went on purpose to see him in the Pionner Corps. It was sometime around August 64 back of Vicksburg. The Pionners were in camp within 340 yards of the 93rd Indiana. It was in the fall of 1864. He heard he was sick after a march to Tupelo (5 - 21 July 1864) and found him in a tent. He was for some time in bed, sick with chill and fever.

Isidore Naviaux went out on picket line one day and got a chicken for him. Lambert Rogier couldn’t eat the chicken. If he had been cooked well, maybe could he eat it. As it was, he couldn’t. He also brought him a little bunch of potatoes. Lambert Rogier was just lying on his blanket, and had cannot went up because of rheumatism.

Isidore know they sent him back to the company with some kind of fever. He was then very sick and it was after his visit. He only stay a day Isidore think. They wanted him to go to the hospital then and he wouldn’t go. It was at a bivouac near Memphis Tenn.

It was the last time Isidore saw him before the muster out.


Oct. 1864 contracted rheumatism in arms and frozen feet at Chattanooga. Lambert Rogier tell himself : it was in the winter of 64, it was cold and we had build chimneys to our tents, we were at work outside, some, had to build bridges and other work, we got wet and the nights were cold and I got my toes frozen. My chills and fever was my first troubles. Right away it came in my feet and legs too. I thought it was rheumatism. I worked much in the water, building bridge cold day. They said while I was shaking with the ague, put me in ambulance, and in the morning they would let me go again. I did not go in any hospital. They tried to put me in the hospital but I had sooner die along the road. I can't remember the month I first got chill and rheumatism at Chattanooga Tenn. in the winter of 1864.

At the time he refused to go to hospital the pioneer corps was on expedition to the Red River.

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The Perry County web site for the photograh of Lambert Rogier