Auguste DUPONT
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Sommaire Auguste DUPONT Biography
Indiana Comp. G, 93rd Indiana Volunteers Infantry Sources


Enlisted 28 Aug. 1862 by Jerome Spillman
Discharged Indianapolis, 10th Aug. 1865
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Complexion Dark
Hairs Black
Eyes Blues
Born 1839
Married Elisa Rhodes (1839-1907)
Death 1907

Biography :

At or near College Hill, Tenn., on the 15th of December 1862 contracted a disease of the eyes, which resulted after the war in the entire lost of the sight of the right eye, and heart disease from exposure and cold. Was treated first in December 62 at LaGrange, Tenn. and at Memphis Tenn. Henry Devillez,(before being captured at Gun Town in 1864), helped August to put medecine in his eyes more specialy the right eye by direction of the Regimental surgeon; the claimant had to lay on his back so the liquid would run in its eyes. August had to keep his right eye wrapped and did not get any relief from medical treatments.

Entered Jefferson Genl Hosp. Memphis 24 February 1863 with chronic diarrhea till 17 March 1863. At the Main Street Hospital from April 1863 to about September 1863. In January 1864 was sent for variola at the Small Pox Hospital in same place, for about two months.

Treated for intermittent fever late May and deserted at Memphis in June 1864.

Returned from desertion 24 Jan. 1865. Restored to duty with loss of all pay and allowances from June 64 to January 65.

On 29 January treated for fract. ex. table skull. Returned to duty 17 Feb. 65.

Transferred to Comp. K in July 1865.
Deserted at Gainesville Ala. 20 Oct. 1865.
Mustered out Gainesville 10 Nov. 1865.

Devillez says Auguste Dupont was blind of the right eye when he see him anew in late 1865. Resided afterward in Oil T., Perry County

Sources :

- Pension file of Auguste DUPONT at the NATIONAL ARCHIVES
Invalid: application # 617589, application rejected.

Affidavits were provided by Isidore Naviaux, Lambert Rogier, Prosper Williams, and Henry Devillez