Aimable James
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Belgian Civil War soldiers in Indiana 


Aimable JAMES
Comp. G, 93rd Indiana Volunteers Infantry



28 Aug 1862, Cannelton, IN. Mustered-in on 30 Sept 1862 in New Albany, IN.


Died 8 Nov 1864, Confederate Prison, Florence, S.C.


 5 feet, 5 inches








 Laiche, Belgium (according to National Archives). 
 Menil - Chassepierre on 7 Dec 1844 according to Civil Registers of Chassepierre, Luxembourg


 Louis Joseph Jacques and Anne Marie Bissot (Civl Register)


 No record of marriage


 Died of disease at Florence S.C. Confederate Prison as a Prisoner of War after being captured at the Battle of Brice's Cross Roads, Mississippi, 10 June 1864.


 No record of children



Biography :

Born in Menil, Chassepierre, Luxembourg on 7 Dec 1844 as Louis Amable Jacques. He was the fifth of seven children of Louis Joseph Jacques and Anne Marie Bissot. 
Immigrated to the US in 1854 with parents and siblings. Enlisted 28 Aug 1862 into Capt. Spilman's Company at Cannelton,IN. Spilman's Company was later organized as Company G, 93rd Indiana. On 14 May 1863, approximately one week before the Union Army assault on Vicksburg (Mississippi), Amable received a leg wound in the vicinity of Vicksburg. On 10 June 1864, the 93rd Indiana was involved in a disastrous battle at Brice's Cross Roads (or Tishamingo Creek near Guntown, Mississippi) where the Union infantry was routed by the Confederate cavalry.
Thirteen were killed, 56 wounded, and 184 taken prisoner from the 93rd. General Sturgis was in command of the Union Army. A transcript of military hearings into the battle describe in detail the disaster to the Union Army. Amable was one of the prisoners of war from this battle. 
He ended up in the Confederate Prison at Florence, S.C. Florence was the site of the "Florence Stockade", prisoner camp. This camp was operated from Sept 1864 to Feb 1865. Amable died at Florence on 8 Nov 1864 - one of over 2,800 Union soldier prisoners who died at Florence during its short operating period.
Most of the prisoners who died at Florence are buried in the Florence National Cemetery as unknown soldiers.

Sources :

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This page was written by Don Lautner a descent of the family of August, Amable and John Joseph James of the 35th and 93rd Indiana, and also of Jean (John) Joseph Houlmont drafted in the 13th Louisiana Infantry. All those men being Belgian settlers of the Leopold area.