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C.W. Soldiers

Belgian Civil War soldiers in Illinois 


Comp. D, 89th Illinois Volunteers Infantry



14 Aug.1862, and mustered in 25 Aug.


Accidentally killed Nov. 14, 1862, at Louisville, Kentucky










Father : Antoine Joseph Fronville born in Boneffe(22 August 1807), residing in Taviers, under age, son of Antoine Joseph Fronville and Marie Anne Radelet
Mother : Marie Catherine Thiry, of age, born(in 1805) and residing in Jandrenouille, daughter of Jean Joseph Thiry and Marie Catherine Jeunehomme

Married the 30 December 1829 at Jandrain Jandrenouille, arrondissement de Nivelles, province de Brabant, Belgium


Marie Francine, born 19 Sept. 1835 (deceased)
Marie Albertine, married to Eugène Collart
Florent Joseph, born 12 April 1838
Jean Louis, born 18 Dec. 1840
Marie Thérèse, born 11 Aug. 1844


14 Nov. 1862

Biography :

Joseph Fronville, father of Louis Fronville, and his family emigrated to the United States in 1856. They came in the States with the ship "Mathilda" by way of New York, landed 15 May 1856 with their children Florent, 18 years old, Louis 15 years old and Marie Thérèse 11 years old and settled around Clifton, Iroquois County, Illinois.

The wife of Joseph Fronville died the subsequent year, to say September 9, 1857, and Joseph contacted such sickness as intermittent, remittent, bilious fever and dysentery as rendered him afterward unfit to do any heavy work. Fronville, till 1862 lived in a place most exposed to malaria at the immediate junction of a river and a creek of stagnant water both overrun with weeds. (Louis was listed with household #1520 Chebanse township)

In 1862, to survive, Joseph had only the labor or wages of his son Louis and a few dollar additional from a younger(?) son, and, since 1859, he was not able to do any more than part of small chores, being disabled by old age, ague and accident. The death on his son Louis reduced Joseph to poverty.

Georges I. Robinson, Captain of Co. D, 89th Illinois recollect the circumstances of the death of Louis Fronville at Louisville, Kentucky : I was well acquainted with Louis Fronville, who was a private in my company. The said Louis Fronville was suffering from Diarrhea or dysentery and obeying the wants of nature was going towards the common privy for soldiers, a small distance outside the lines, when in going there, the intensity of his disease forced him to stop and he stooped. He was noticed by the guard who tried to make him get up. The man Fronville could not understand the English language or could not get up and the guard shot him in the basin and femoral region from which shot he died in the Louisville hospital; that said Louis Fronville was a very brave and honorable fellow who always behaved himself as a true soldier in the service of the United States.

Pension file  
date of filing class



Filed in
1870 Jan 27 Father 183731 192074  

Sources :

- Pension file of Joseph FRONVILLE at the NATIONAL ARCHIVES :

The testimonies in his father pension file where from François Joseph Ducat who emigrated together with Fronville; Eugène Petit and John Debroux neighbors; another Belgian H. P. Gauthier; a physician and A. A. surgeon U.S. Army Francis J. Thomas; Antoine Clement; Henry R. Kinson; J. Norbert Frooninck

Listed from the roles of company : Nicholas R. Marshall, H. Steward, G.F. Robinson and Octave Durand.
Also a Louis Henrotin  (there is an Henrotin family, belgian emigrants in 1858), Notary public, registered testimonies.

There is also in the papers a certificate on birth, 22 December 1839 in Jauche, for Leon Joseph Loraint, legitimate son of Gery and of Mary Thérèse Jancot.