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BELGIANS IN AMERICA:    Canadian Censuses  1851 / 1861 / 1871


American Censuses
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 Distribution according
to the State of settlement
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The settlers

The Catholic Missions

Canadian Censuses


Canadian Index

# Name Occupation Birth Place Religion Age Sex Status
Petite Nation, Ottawa County, Canada East (Quebec)
15 Jos Sterckendries Reverend Pere missionaire de St André Belgique Catholic 40 m  
Lachûte, Deux Montagnes County, Canada East (Quebec)
41 Theopholis Mitchel weaver Scotland Presbyterian 63 m  
42 Elizabeth Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 45 f m
43 Emily Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 27 f s
44 Marg Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 25 f s
45 Archibald Mitchel laborer Belgium Presbyterian 22 m s
46 Euphemia Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 20 f s
47 Sidney Mitchel laborer Belgium Presbyterian 18 m s
48 Francis Mitchel laborer Belgium Presbyterian 15 m s
49 Elizabeth Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 13 f s
50 Jane Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 10 f s
51 Caroline Mitchel   Belgium Presbyterian 8   s
52 Benedict Mitchel   Canada Presbyterian 4   s
Québec City, Québec County, Canada East (Quebec)
1 S. H. Levallee accountant Quebec Protestant 26 m m
2 M. Levallee lady Belgium Protestant 25 f m
3 C. A. Levallee lady Quebec Protestant 4 f s
4 H Levallee lady Quebec Protestant 2 f s
5 P. Levallee gentleman Quebec Protestant 22 m s
6 M. Baenett lady Montreal Protestant 68 f s
7 H Patonic servant Quebec Catholic 21 m s
8 C McGlen servant Lesoiniest? Catholic 25 f s
1 L I Lisens rentier Belgium Catholic 64 m m
2 Marie F. Lisens   Canada Catholic 72 f m
3 Catherine Cohé servant Canada Catholic 40 f  
  J B Faleur prêtre Belgium Catholic 34 m