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BELGIANS IN AMERICA:    Canadian Censuses  1851 / 1861 / 1871


American Censuses
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 Distribution according
to the State of settlement
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The settlers

The Catholic Missions

Canadian Censuses


Canadian Index

# Name Occupation Birth Place Religion Age Sex Status
Sandwich, Essex County, Canada West (Ontario)
6 Eugene Borel clerk Belgium C of England 31 m s
Canboro, Haldimand County, Canada West (Ontario)
44 Philip Rabaush tailor Belgium Ebenezers inspired 24 m s
Bathurst, Lanark County, Canada West (Ontario)
8 Jacob Suisley farmer Belgium Catholic 63 m m
9 Eliza Suisley   Ireland Catholic 54 f m
10 Rebecca Suisley   U. Canada Catholic 20 f s
11 John Suisley   U. Canada Catholic 19 m s
Chinguacousy, Peel County, Canada West (Ontario)
15 James Alexander cooper Belgium E Church 61 m w
16 James Alexander cooper Canada E Church 18 m  
Peterborough, Peterborough County, Canada West (Ontario)
31 A S Fraser half pay officer Scotland E 56 m m
32 Charlotte Fraser   Belgium C 44 f m
Wilmot, Waterloo County, Canada West (Ontario)
25 Nicol Bartholome Cooper Belgium Catholic 32 m m
26 Rosine Bartholome   W. Canada Catholic 20 f m
27 Edward Bartholome   W. Canada Catholic 6 m s
28 Catherine Bartholome   W. Canada Catholic 4 f s
29 Marie Bartholome   W. Canada Catholic 2 f s
Pelham, Welland County, Canada West (Ontario)
11 Thomas Hoyle farmer Belgium W. methodist 34 m m
12 Ann Hoyle   Canada W. methodist 25 f m
St Andrew, Hamilton City, Canada West (Ontario)
1 George H. Armstrong magistrate England English C 54 m m
2 Anna. Armstrong   England English C 42 f m
3 Anne Armstrong   Belgium English C 20 f  
4 Mary Armstrong   Belgium English C 18 f  
5 Georgianna. Armstrong   England English C 17 f