Unknown origins for Weisel spelling variations:
Wisel, Wysel, Weitzel, Weizel, Wiesel, Wissel, Wiseley, Wizel

This page contains family tree information for Weisel and similiar surnames. In the early years of immigration to the US, surnames were often spelled phonetically, thus introducing many varient spellings. There are a number of German surnames that aappear similiar to Weisel, but are pronounced differently. Example is the German surname Wiesel. Wiesel is the German spelling for the animal in the US called "weasel".

These many spelling variations seemed similar to non German speaking citizens. But in each case in the table below, the immigrants place of origin is unknown. Without the German church records for the immigrant, his ancestors, and his family, it is not possible to be certain of a "correct" form of spelling. Neither is it possible to connect these families to related branches in other countries and to descendants of the original populations living in Germany today.

It's now possible to identify possible kinship, a common ancestor, with Y-DNA testing. The Weisel surname project was created at familytreedna.com in 2014. As of 2020, two Weisel branches have been genetically identified.

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Wiezel/Weizel/Weisel family of California Notes on the family of John Wiezel, an 1850s immigrant to California.
Valentine Weisel From Bavaria to Ohio before 1850
Missing Link - Frederick Weisel/Wiseley Searching for the marriage record Updated: 1/16/2000
Christian Weisel family of California Notes on the family of Christian Weisel, originally from Germany, who arrived in California about 1854. New: 3/22/2002
Weasel/Weisel/Wesel Family of Illinois Johann "John" WIESEL was born somewhere around 1820 in Baden-Baden, Germany, and died about 1869 near St. Louis, MO. New: 9/8/2002

Wiezel/Weizel/Weisel family of California

John Wiezel arrived in California about 1856 and settled in Sacramento 
shortly thereafter.  

The 1860 CA census shows John "Wetzel" with wife Caroline (nee Herrold) 
and 3 children: John (4 yrs), Pauline (2 yrs), and William (1 yr).  
In this census father John was a blacksmith, 31 yrs old, born in Baden.  
His wife Caroline was 29 yrs old and born in France.  All children were 
reported to be born in CA.  

In the 1870 CA census, John Wiezel and wife Caroline had 8 children: 
John, Emma, Albert, Louisa, Annie, Frank, Fany?, Joseph.  

In the 1880 census John "Wezel" and wife "Cathern" were listed with 10 
children: John, Emma, Albert, Lizee, Ann, Frank, Fany, Joseph, Allice, Minnie.  
There were at least 2 other children born to John and Caroline: 
Caroline and Charles (twin of Joseph) who both died very young.  
Possibly Henry G. "Weisel" and George H. "Weizel", both of whom died 
very early in life, were also sons.  

John Wiezel (father) died on July 15, 1902 in Sacramento; his wife Caroline 
died in Sacramento on October 19, 1912.  Both are buried in the Old Sacramento 
Cemetery, along with Albert (spelled "Weisel" on the tombstone) who died 
August 17, 1928. Son John Wiezel died in 1917 and his wife Catherine 
(Kate) died in 1938 - both are also buried in the Old Sacramento Cemetery.  

In the 1910 CA census, son John H. Wiezel (age 54) was listed with his wife 
Catherine (nee Connor, age 51) together with their son John E. Wiezel (age 23).  
Also in the 1910 CA census, Joseph H. "Weezel" was listed with his wife Ruby F. 
(nee Sparks) and daughter Winifred R (age 14).  From the CA Death Records, 
the listing for Joseph Wiezel shows his mother's maiden name to be "Herrold", 
and John E. Wiezel's mother's maiden name to be "Connor".  The obituary for 
father John Wiezel says: "John Weizel, Sr., husband of Catherine Weizel, 
father of John Jr., Albert, Frank, Joe and Alice Weizel, Mrs. F. W. Day, 
Mrs. George Kuchler, Mrs. Annie Greenlaw, Mrs. W. F. Nagele and Mrs. Josephine Bauman, 
a native of Germany, aged 75 years, 1 month and 10 days".  Annie Wiezel married 
William Greenlaw and lived/died in Sacramento.  Oral history indicates John and 
Caroline Wiezel came to the U.S. from Alsace Lorraine (date unknown), arriving 
by ship (name unknown), in NY (date unknown) and traveling by wagon to California.  
Probate records for son John H. Wiezel have a note "also sometimes known as John Weizel".  
Voter registration of Aug 1, 1867 in Sacramento shows father John "Wetzel" 
(39 yrs old at the time of registration) was naturalized Nov 2, 1860 in the 
Sacramento District Court; his country of birth was "Germany".
Submitted by William H. Thielbahr, August 2001.  
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Valentine Weisel (From Bavaria to Ohio before 1850)

Valentine Weisel b before 1830 in BAV died after 1857 married unknown, 
known children were Gilbert Albert Weisel (1) and Valentine Weisel (2).

1. Gilbert Albert Weisel b January 1850 in Ohio married to Elizabeth 
Besser on May 14, 1878 Camp Washington United Church of Christ, died July 31,
1941 at Soldier Home, Dayton, OH, buried in Cincinnati , Hamilton Co., Ohio. 
Elizabeth Besser b feb 1860 in Ohio died April 30,1931 in Cincinnati, 
Hamilton co., Ohio. Children were Edward A. Weisel b 1878 d May 22, 1905, 
William Val b Aug 11, 1880 d June 17,1953 m Kathryn Farrell, Harry H.  
b Aug 1882 d May 28, 1952 m Laura Mc Kenzie, Jacob b June 1885 d Dec 23, 
1897, and John b Oct. 15, 1889 d Sept 18,1912. Gilbert Albert also spelled 
his name Weissel and mostly went by the name Albert.

William Val Weisel married Kathryn Farrell on Dec 01, 1901 at Methodist 
Episcopal ,NY, NY. Kathryn T. Farrell born 1880  d Feb. 20, 1964 in NJ 
Memorial Home, Vineland, NJ.  Children from the marriage Edward Albert 
b Sept 15, 1902 at NY, NY m Helen Marie Dowd, Joseph Christian b Feb 20, 1904 
Detroit, Michigan d Jan. 04, 1975 m 1930 to Florence Irene Lapp.
Children and grandchildren from the marriage of Joseph Christian and 
Florence Irene Lapp still living. William Val Weisel served in the
Spanish American War.  Joseph Christian Weisel served as a Captain 
in the AF during WWII.

2.  Valentine Weisel b Oct. 1857 in Indiana m May 24, 1883 at St Matthaeus 
Evangelical Church, Hamilton Co., Ohio d after 1885. Wife Louisa Lohr 
b Dec 21, 1856 in Ohio d after 1885. Children Val  b April 28, 1884 d July
1977 married Louisa, Emma b Dec. 1885 d unknown.  One known living child
in OH from the marriage of Val b 1884 and Louisa.
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Christian Weisel family of California

I am researching Christian Weisel, born abt 1834 in Germany (Prussia on 
1860 census), died 1899 in Sacramento, California.(have obit)  He married 
Wilhamina 'Minnie' Jergens in 1860. (I have their marriage license) who 
died before 1899.  They had 5 children:  Theodore (my grandfather), Martha, 
Minnie, Daisey, and Christian jr.. [all found on the 1880 census] . 
Wilhamina is noted on 1880 census as- birthplace: England, but I also have 
her coming from Heligoland a small island in the North Sea.  England could 
of been in possession of the island, so it could all be true.  I also have 
read that Christian first came to St. Louis in 1852, then came to 
California in 1854 or 1858.  He was a butcher/pork packer.   Any 
confirmation of my facts or added hints or facts would be appreciated i.e.: 
Christian's home town, birthplace etc. ;  Wilhamina's father/mother, home 
town/county, day of death, etc.  Also, did they have any brother's or 
sisters, parents, etc.  and where they could be?
Submitted by Pearl Berti on March 22, 2002.    
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The Weasel/Weisel/Wesel Family of Illinois

The First Generation 

Johann "John" WIESEL was born somewhere around 1820 in Baden-Baden, 
Germany, and died about 1869 near St. Louis, MO.  He married MARGRET 
(BOLDEL?) BOEDEL in Germany before coming to the U.S.  Later he married 
MARGARETHA GEISSLER October 14, 1858 in Monroe Co., IL. 

The following information came from a letter written by Laura Redfern 
Roberts, Johann's granddaughter: 

"Grandfather Wesel [sic] was a hero in my way of thinking he gave his 
life to serve and provide for neighbors in the terrible black small pox 
epedimic [sic] that killed so many he was convalescing from small Pox 
help was needed to take the dead to wagons so that is the end to my story" 

"he lived on a farm on what today is Bel-Fauntain Road - at one time was 
a beautiful thourafare [sic]" 

"Grandfather was Born in Germany but Grandmother's family didn't like 
him so after waiting for forgiveness some 10 years they come to America. 
  I think settled at Waterloo Illinois a farming community they had 1 
child 10 years old at this time.  Then to them was born another daughter 
and 3 sons All fine looking and healthy I dont know when they Bought the 
farm on the Missouri side of the Missippie [sic] But I judge Mother 
[Barbara Weasel] was 10 when Grandfather died they must have been a very 
happy family" 

"their oldest daughter had married and lived in St. Louis City proper so 
some of children were sent to her but 1 Boy John took small Pox and was 
terrible marked..." 

The Second Generation 

The Children of Johann Wiesel: 


1)  JOSEPH WEASEL was born Abt. 1864 in St. Clair Co., IL.  He married 
FRANCIS MINERVA JANE NICKENS August 15, 1886 in Tamaroa Twp., Perry Co., 
IL.  She was born Abt. 1867 in Maury Co., TN.  His name is also spelled 
Wesel and Weisel. 

Children with MARGRET BOEDEL: 

2) BARBARA ALICE2 WEASEL was born August 18, 1859 in St. Clair Co., IL, 
and died August 18, 1902 in Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL.  She married 
WILLIAM MATTHEW REDFERN April 06, 1878 in Perry Co., IL.  Last name also 
written Wesel or Wiesel.  Family histories had her middle name listed as 

3) GEORGE WEASEL, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. 

4) JOHN WEASEL, JR., b. May 1860. 

The Third Generation 


CLARENCE W. WEISEL, b. May 14, 1887; d. October 05, 1967. 
IRA ELMER WEISEL, b. February 11, 1889, Tamaroa Twp., Perry Co., IL; d. 
August 31, 1988; m. MARY DELILAH REBECCA BROWN, February 27, 1909; b. 
April 08, 1893; d. May 30, 1970. 

NETTIE B. WEISEL, b. November 10, 1892; d. June 29, 1964. 

HARRY R. WEISEL, b. 1895; d. 1975. 

CLARISSA D. WEISEL, b. February 22, 1896; d. May 08, 1975. 

LELON E. WEISEL, b. January 02, 1902; d. November 18, 1907. 

LELIA WEISEL, b. July 05, 1908; d. February 07, 1970; m. ? FERGUSON. 

JESSE J. WEISEL, b. June 30, 1915; d. June 30, 1915. 

PAULINE M. WEISEL, b. 1916; d. 1986. 


LAURA JERUSO REDFERN, b. July 27, 1878, Pinkneyville, Perry Co., IL; d. 
January 23, 1947, Alhambra, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. WILLIAM THOMAS 
ROBERTS, December 24, 1895, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL. 

IDELLA OLIVE REDFERN, b. October 18, 1883, Murphysboro, Jackson Co., IL; 
d. January 04, 1967, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; m. JOSEPH PATRICK 
DONOHUE, September 22, 1913; b. December 24, 1885, San Francisco, San 
Francisco Co., CA; d. January 20, 1970, Concord, Contra Costa Co., CA. 
Update -- September 8, 2002

Interestingly enough, after sending you that text, my curiousity was up 
so I did some intensive census searching.  After quite some time, I 
found my John Wiesel in Monroe County, IL (where I expected him) in 
1860, under the name John Wissel.  He was born in 1822 or 23.  He is 
listed as being from Bavaria (for what that is worth). 

It also turns out that he was only married to one woman, Margaretha 
Geissler.  They must have married once in Germany in about 1848, then 
gotten married again in 1858 in Illinois.  Either that, or they lived 
for 10 years with an illigitimate child -- which seems very unlikely 
given the information passed down in my g-grandmother's letter. 
Margaretha remarried after John's death in (about) 1869.  That was the 
source of the confusion. 

John and Margaretha had five children, which I knew from the letter I 
have.  Now I know the oldest was a daughter named Monika, born 1849 in 
IL.  So John must have arrived before 1850. 
Submitted by Douglas Scott September 2002.    
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