Johann Heinrich Weisel

My personal Weisel homepage is dedicated to Johann Heinrich Weisel of Muschenheim. Johann Heinrich is the ancestor of the Weisels who immigrated to Green Lake County, Wisconsin in the middle 1800s.

Johann Heinrich Weisel was born on September 2, 1757 in Muschenheim, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Johann Heinrich was a Kirchenaltesten (church eldest), Drehermeister (wood turner), and a Gerichtsschoeffe (city council member). He died on November 15, 1841 in Muschenheim.

Johann Heinrich Weisel married Anna Elisabetha Becker on December 3, 1783 in Muschenheim. They had 13 children who reached adulthood. Most married and had children. Anna Elisabetha's father was Johann Heinrich Becker. Her Becker ancestry has been published to the following Rootsweb WorldConnect database. bdweisel-becker Database

Two younger sons, Conrad Weisel and Johann Georg Weisel, emigrated to Wisconsin in 1849 and 1854 with their families. Conrad's wife was Anna Margaretha Eller and his children were: Casper, Anna Margaretha, Anna Margaretha, and Maria Dorothea. Johann Georg's wife was Katharina Elisabetha Grieb and his children were: Johann Jacob, Tobias Wilhelm, Heinrich, Conrad, and Eliza (born WI).

Two additional grandchildren of Johann Heinrich are also known to have emigrated to Wisconsin. Magdalena Weisel, daughter of Johann Heinrich Weisel (son of Johann Heinrich) of Muschenheim, and Konrad Weisel, son of Wilhelm Weisel of Muenzenberg.

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