Michael Weisel (Abt. 1693- Bef. 1770)

Michael Weisel along with his wife and children, emigrated from Germany to America in 1732. The family had settled in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvannia by 1743. All three of his sons, Michael, Jacob and George, are known to have descendents. In the 1800s there were many descendents of immigrant Michael living in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the northeastern states.

It is believed Michael was born in the Rhine Valley of Germany in an area then called the Palatinate, now called the Rheinland-Pfalz. Michael's birth/baptism record, his marriage record with Susanna, and the the birth records of his children have not been found.

Three male descendants of immigrant Michael have Y-DNA tested with the familytreedna.com "Weisel" group project. All three test results were a match, verifying their descent from Michael. Also, the three Weisel test results were a match with a Moyer and Myers, early immigrants to the US East Coast. At this point in time, it can't be determined if the German ancestor of immigrant Michael Weisel was a Weisel or a Meyer.

Michael Weisel Sr. (Between 1685 & 1695 - Before July 1770)
  + Susanna Unknown (Abt. 1695 - after Oct 1757) 

  1. Frederick Weisel (1716 or before - ?)
  2. Apollonia Weisel (?-?)
       + Anthony Heinz
  3. Michael Weisel Jr. (Abt. 1720-Buried 6/24/1796 age 76 yr)
       + Maria Magdalena Drach
  4. Jacob Weisel (Abt. 1725 - Buried 4/29/1797 age 72 yr)
       + Anna Margaret 
  5. Anna Barbara Weisel (Est. 1726 - ?)
       + Frederick Solliday
  6. Christina Weisel (Est. 1728 - Before Oct 1757)
       +George Wildanger  
  7. George Weisel (Abt. 1730 - Buried Aug 10, 1802)
       + Anna Maria Cressman
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