Frederick Weisel/Wiseley

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Searching for the marriage record for Frederick Weisel/Wiseley

I am searching for the marriage record of Frederick Weisel/Wysel/Wiseley (parents Michael Weisel and Susanna Keiffer of Bucks Co, PA) and Elisabeth Kebler/Kaler/Kohler/Koler (parents Michael Kebler and Civilla of Northhampton Co, VA). The marriage would have taken place about 1760-1762. Possible locations where the marriage could have occured are: Bucks Co, VA; Northampton Co. VA; Wythe Co, VA; Montgomery Co. VA; and Loudoun Co., VA.

Bucks Co, VA
  Frederick took the oath in Bucks Co. VA in 1762.
  Frederick's parents and family resided in Bucks Co.
  His wife's sister married in Bucks Co.
Northhampton Co. VA
  His wife's parents were known to have lived in Northhamton Co.
Wythe Co, VA and Montgomery Co. VA
  Frederick's children were born in Wythe Co.
Loudoun Co. VA
  Frederick is mentioned as being in Loudon Co. VA 1763-1765

I am the 4g grandaughter of Daniel WISELEY b. 1763 VA probably the s/o Fredrich WISELEY and Elizabeth KEBLER of Montgomery Co., VA. Several years ago I found a passenger list for the 1732 Ship John and William with a Michael WYSEL and a Fredrich WYSOL with Barbara, Abolonia and Susanne. I have always felt that this was the beginning of my WISELEY in the US but have never been able to prove it. There was also a 1728 passenger list with a Jacob WYSEL whom I thought to be a brother of Michael listed above.

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Frederick Weisel/Wiseley

Name:   Frederick WISELEY
Birth:  1716    GERMANY1
Death:  abt 2 Feb 1782  Montgomery Co., VA
Father: George Michael WEISEL (?-1770)
Mother: Susanna KEIFER
Spouse: Elizabeth KEBLER
Birth:  abt 1720
Father: Michael KEBLER (?-1764)
Mother: Civilla

1 M:    Daniel WISELEY Sr.
Birth:  5 Oct 1763  Wythe Co., VA
Death:  abt 23 Mar 1844 Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Elizabeth DAVIS
Marriage:   abt 1786    Wythe Co., VA
2 M:    Johanas WISELEY
Birth:  abt 1760
Spouse: Margaret WHITEZEL
Marriage:   abt Oct 1782    Montgomery Co., VA2
3 F:    Susanne WISELEY
Birth:  17 Nov 17663
Marriage:   17823
4 M:    Jacob WISELEY
5 M:    Peter WISELEY Sr.
Birth:  1773    NC
Death:  12 Feb 1855 Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Magdalena "Polly" PHILLIPI
Marriage:   bef 1793    Wythe Co., VA
6 M:    Michael WISELEY (WEISSLE)
Birth:  abt 1775    VA
Spouse: Margareth

Notes for Frederick WISELEY
May 1996--Smyth Co. Public Library, Marion, VA.  I found a ship's log for the 
Ship WILLIAM out of Rotterdam, 17 Oct 1732.  Two of the passengers listed are 
Michael WYSEL and Fridrich WYSEL.  Three women and children are also listed;  
Susanna WYSEL, Ablonia WYSEL, and Barbara WYSEL.   I can't help but wonder if 
this is the beginning of our lines in the US.  We have a record of an 
inventory for Frederick WISELEY who died in 1782 that mentions a wife, 
Elizabeth.  Daniel, Sr. named his children Elizabeth, Susan, and Barbara.  
The names would fit which could help determine Frederick to be the father of 
Daniel.  Michael could be the grandfather.  Four years earlier, on 24 Aug 
1728, the Ship MORTONHOUSE arrived in the US from Rotterdam with a passenger 
named Jacob WISSEL.  This could be the older brother of Michael and 
Frederick--he came first and then sent for his brothers to come.  One of the 
women named above could be a wife of Jacob.4
In 1732, Fridrich WISEL was in Philadelphia Co., PA, Philadelphia Twp.5
In 1732 Michael WEISSEL was in the same county, same twp.5
Feb 1998 - have received e-mail from regarding WEISEL line.  
I contacted him about the possibility that his line could be connected to the 
WISELEY line in Montgomery Co., VA.  It is thru Tom MYERS that I have learned 
that Fridrich was the s/o Michael who arrived 1732 from Germany.  Fridrich b. 
1716 Germany was the oldest s/o Michael and listed as adult.
In a will on file in Philadelphia, PA for a Michael WISEL signed 3 Oct 1757.  
It lists wife, Susanna, children;  Jacob, Michael, Abolonia, George, Barbara, 
grandchild, Magdalena Wildanger, son-in-law George WILDANGER, friend George 
FOENTZ, guardian Michael WEISEL for Magdalena WILDANGER.  Witnessed by 
Johanne WURMAN, John KIFFER,  Jacob WYSEL.  Proved 17 Jul 17706
Notice that Fridrich/Frederick is not mentioned as a child.  Now will have to 
try and prove that Frederick WISELEY d. 1782 Montgomery Co., VA is the same 
as Fridrich WYSEL s/o Michael (George Michael WISEL) who were on the 
immigrant ship in 1732.
Nov 98 - now think that the Fredrick and Michael who immigrated in 1732 were 
probably brothers and not father and son as shown above.  This would explain 
why Fredrick wasn't mentioned in the will of Michael.  Have found many 
baptismal and birth records for WISEL/WISSEL/WEISSEL children in Tohickon 
Reformed Church in Burks Co., PA.7
Dec 1998 - another researcher has sent documentation stating that Frederick 
was the s/o George Michael and Susanna who with their 7 children came to the 
US onboard the Ship JOHN and WILLIAM.  I can't yet prove that it is the same 
Frederick as the one I think to be father of Daniel.  "The WEISELS of 
Warrington, members of a large and influential German family, are decendants 
of Michael WEISEL, who immigrated from Alsace, then part of France, now 
belonging to Germany, and settled in this county about 1740.  He brought with 
him 3 sons, Michael, Jacob and Frederick, who were sold for a term of years 
from on shipboard, to pay the passage of the family, which was customary at 
that day.  In what township the father or sons settled we are not informed."8
Frederick was the oldest son of George Michael and naturalized 3 Apr 1764.9
Jun 1999 - I have been to National Archives looking for the naturalization 
papers for
Frederick.  Learned that they are on file in the specific county and state 
involved.  Upon looking in the record book for VA found that 
Augusta/Montgomery county do not have records going back as far as 1764.
Still no definitive proof that Frederick and Elizabeth the parents of Daniel 
however, I have found a record for a marriage between Susanna WISELEY d/o 
Frederick and Elizabeth so for now, placing them together as a family.  
Daniel did have a daughter named Susanna as well as Elizabeth.3
24 Oct 1999 - found a webpage for WEISEL and contacted the owner--she sent 
data on Frederick as the s/o Geroge Michael and documentation that the wife 
of Frederick was Elizabeth KALER/KEHLER and that in 1764, they lived in 
Loudoun Co., VA.10
In 1762, Frederick took an oath of Quaker in Buck's Co., PA11
In 1764, Frederick was the witness to the will of Thomas LONG.12
Frederick WEISELL was listed in the Loudoun Co., VA tithables for 1763-65, 
1768, and 1771 in Shelburne Parish which is west of Goose Creek.13
Appraisal of the estate of Frederick WISELEY recorded 2 Apr 1782, done by 
James FINLY, George McNUTT, John STEPHENS, and Joseph LOVE.14

Notes for Elizabeth KEBLER
10 Apr 1764 in a deed from Civilla KALER of Upper Milford, Northampton Co., 
VA relict of Michael KALER, late of the same place, deceased who died 
intestate, to
Jacob UPER and wife, Katherine of Upper Milford;  Frederick WEISEL of Loudoun 
Co., VA and his wife, Elizabeth;  Dewalt MAECHLIN of Macungie and wife, 
Civila, also Jacob KEHLER of Upper Milford - these 4 being children and heirs 
- only son and 3 daughters of Michale KELER, deceased for certain lands on 
the branch of Perktonen Creek.10

1. Data from Tom MYERS (
Kegley, Vol. 2, pg. 144.
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Daniel Wiseley

Name:   Daniel WISELEY Sr.
Birth:  5 Oct 1763  Wythe Co., VA
Death:  abt 23 Mar 1844 Wythe Co., VA
Occupation: farmer
Father: Frederick WISELEY (1716-~1782)
Mother: Elizabeth KEBLER (~1720-)
Marriage:   abt 1786    Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Elizabeth DAVIS
Death:  bef 10 Apr 1848 Wythe Co., VA
Birth:  abt 1770
Father: John DAVIS (1750-1797)
Mother: Anna Maria (Mary) HUTSELL (1760-)

1 F:    Sarah Savilla WISELEY
Birth:  22 Dec 1798 Wythe Co., VA
Death:  21 May 1856 Wythe Co., VA1
Spouse: Eleazer Leonard PHELPS
Marriage:   5 Apr 1821  Wythe Co., VA2
2 F:    Elizabeth WISELEY
Birth:  9 May 1788
Death:  abt 1820
Spouse: Peter AKER
3 F:    Barbara WISELEY
Birth:  26 Jul 1789 Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: David STRAW
Marriage:   1811    Wythe Co., VA
4 M:    John Jacob WISELEY
Birth:  29 Mar 1792 Wythe Co., VA3
Death:  27 Sep 1853 Wytheville, Wythe Co., VA4
Spouse: Mary (Polly) DARR
Marriage:   29 Jun 1815 Wythe Co., VA
5 F:    Polly WISELEY
Birth:  1793    Wythe Co., VA
Death:  bef 1842
6 F:    Anne (Polly) WISELEY
Birth:  27 Jan 1794 Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: William GRAY
Marriage:   8 Jan 1824  Wythe Co., VA5
7 M:    Daniel WISELEY Jr.
Birth:  29 Oct 1796 Wythe Co., VA
Death:  18 Jul 1868 Howard Co., MO
Spouse: Mary Magdaline "Polly" STRAW
Marriage:   16 Mar 1815 Wythe Co., VA
8 M:    William WISELEY
Birth:  1801    Wythe Co., VA
Death:  bef 20 Oct 1859 Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Elizabeth GRUBB
Common Law: abt 1839
9 M:    Joel Frederick WISELEY
Birth:  11 Dec 1802 Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Susannah TARTER
Marriage:   22 Jul 1824 Wythe Co., VA6
10 F:   Susan WISELEY
Birth:  27 Feb 1810 Wythe Co., VA
Death:  14 Nov 1871 Wytheville, VA
Spouse: Joseph CASSELL Col.
Marriage:   22 Dec 1825 Wythe Co., VA5

Notes for Daniel WISELEY Sr.
Daniel was one of the original members of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran 
Church in Wytheville in 1800.  In the baptism record of his son, Johan Jacob, 
the surname is spelled WEISSLE.3 
 I have a copy of Daniel's will and the land division at the time of 
Elizabeth's death.
1810 Wythe Co. census shows:  2 M 0-10, 1M 10-16, 1M 16-26, 1M over 45
    2 F 0-10, 2 F 10-16, 2 F 16-26, 1 F 26-45
1820 census:  1 M 16-18, 2 M 18-26, 1 M over 45, 2 F 10-16, 2 F 16-26, 1F 
over 45
1830 census:  1 M 10-15, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 60-70, 2 F 10-15, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 50-60
1840  census:  1 M 70-80, 1 F 60-70
1800 tax records show Daniel 1 M over 16  2 slaves  5 horses
In a Revolutionary War Pension application by the widow of James SAGE, Peter 
WISELEY stated that his brother, Daniel, served with James SAGE during the 
war.   This is the first time that we have any proof that Peter and Daniel 
were brothers!7

Notes for Elizabeth DAVIS
In Deed Book 17 at the Wythe Co. Court House, pg. 732, is the division of 
land after Elizabeths death sometime before 10 April 1848.  The land called a 
plantation in Daniel WISELEY's will, was divided as follows:
Lot 1     Elizabeth AKER's representatives    28 acres   $10/acre
Lot 2     William WISELEY                             25 acres   $12/acre
Lot 3     Joseph CAPELL & wife                    25 acres    $12/acre
Lot 4     Daniel WISELEY                               25 acres   $10/acre
Lot 5     Anne GRAY                                      20 acres   $13/acre
Lot 6     Barbara STRAW                                31 acres   $ 8/acre
Lot 7     John J. WISELEY                              35 acres   $10/acre
Lot 8     Joel WISELEY                                   26 acres    $12/acre
Lot 9, 10   Savilla PHELPS and dec'd Polly    5 1/2 acres and the buildings 
value $600

1. Wythe Co., VA Death Records, Bk.   pg.
2. Listed in the Wythe Co. Marriage Book--married by
George Flohr.  I have a copy.
Kegley, pg. 59.
4. WYTHE CO., VA Will Book 1, pg. 90.
5. Wythe County Marriage Records, Book 1
6. WYTHE COUNTY, VA Marriage Book 1, pg. 77.
compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1997, pg. 248.

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Birth:  17631
Father: Jacob KINTZER
Mother: Anna NUMANN
Marriage:   17821
Spouse: Susanne WISELEY
Birth:  17 Nov 17661
Father: Frederick WISELEY (1716-~1782)
Mother: Elizabeth KEBLER (~1720-)

Notes for Susanne WISELEY
A fraktur is in exhistance and belongs to a elderly decendant of this line.  
This fraktur is a historical document handpainted and scribed by artists 
listing important dates and information about the specific person.  This 
particular one lists Peter KINCER as being b. 1763, the son of Jacob KINTZER 
who married Susanne WISELEY b. 17 Nov 1766 and the daughter of Frederick 
WISELEY and Elizabeth KEBLER.  This is definite proof of the location and 
marriage union of this couple at this time.  Susanne would have been 3 years 
younger than Daniel b. 1763.1

1. WYTHE COUNTY HISTORICAL REVIEW, Number 56, July 1999 by the Wythe County 
Historical Society, pg. 11-20 written by Beverly Repass Hoch.

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Name:   Peter WISELEY Sr.
Birth:  1773    NC
Death:  12 Feb 1855 Wythe Co., VA
Occupation: farmer
Father: Frederick WISELEY (1716-~1782)
Mother: Elizabeth KEBLER (~1720-)
Marriage:   bef 1793    Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Magdalena "Polly" PHILLIPI
Birth:  1773    Lancaster Co., PA1
Death:  aft 1850    Wythe Co., VA
Father: John (Johannes) PHILLIPI Sr. (1736-1800)
Mother: Maria Eva Barbara EICHELBERGER (1743-1823)

1 M:    Frederick WISELEY
Birth:  11 Jan 1794 Wythe Co., VA2
Death:  Apr 1869    Monroe, IN
Spouse: Elizabeth WOODARD
Marriage:   18 Aug 1831 Monroe, IN3
2 M:    Peter WISELEY
Birth:  abt 1799    Wythe Co., VA
Death:  bef 1855
Spouse: Martha WOODARD
Marriage:   1830    Monroe Co., IN
3 F:    Elizabeth WISELEY
Birth:  26 May 1799 Wythe Co., VA2
Death:  abt 1875
Spouse: Henry HUFFMAN
Marriage:   13 May 1830 Wythe Co., VA4
4 M:    Michael WISELEY
Birth:  1801    Wythe Co., VA
Death:  6 Jul 1881  Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Barbara Anne HUFFMAN
Marriage:   23 Jun 1825 Wythe Co., VA
5 M:    Joel WISELEY
Birth:  3 Jan 1802  Wythe Co., VA
Death:  13 Nov 1865 Bates, MO
Spouse: Susannah POFF
Marriage:   22 Jul 1825 Wythe Co., VA
6 F:    Barbara WISELEY
Birth:  28 Aug 1803 Wythe Co., VA2
Spouse: Joseph VAUGHT
Marriage:   7 Aug 1832  Wythe Co., VA5
7 F:    Mary "Polly" WISELEY
Birth:  1805    Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Calvin HURT
Marriage:   1 Oct 1835  Wythe Co., VA4
8 F:    Rosina WISELEY
Birth:  10 Oct 1808 Wythe Co., VA2
Death:  abt 10 Mar 1881
Spouse: Wiley DEAVOR (DAVAR)
Marriage:   21 May 1836 Monroe, IN
9 F:    Magdalena WISELEY
Birth:  5 Feb 1812  Wythe Co., VA
Spouse: Calvin HURT
Marriage:   1 Oct 1835  Wythe Co., VA4
10 F:   Anna Maria WISELEY
Birth:  15 Oct 1814 Wythe Co., VA2

Notes for Peter WISELEY Sr.
First appeared in 1830 Wythe Co. Census 1M 30-40, 1F 10-15, 1F 15-20, 2 F 
1 M 50-60, 1 F 50-60
1840 census shows 1 M 60-70, 1 F 20-30, 1 F 30-40, 1 F 60-70
1850 census shows   Peter age 77, farmer b. NC, Polly age 77 b. PA, Mary age 
30 b. VA, Andrew age 6, George W. Hurst 13, Elizabeth HUFFMAN 50, Joseph 14, 
Martha 19, Ephraim 12, George 8.3
Peter deeded land in Wythe Co. to his son, Michael, Sr. in 1852.6
In the 1800 Wythe Co., VA Tax List there is a Peter WISELEY, 1 M over 16, 4 
horses.  Not certain if this is the same Peter.
In the baptismal record for daughter, Rosina, named as Peter WEISSLE and 
In a Rev War Pension application for James SAGE of Grayson Co., VA, Peter 
WISELEY of Wythe Co. stated that his brother, Daniel, served with the soldier 
James SAGE in the Revolutionary War.7
Peter's will is on file in Wythe Co., VA written May 1850 and proven 1855.8

1. DIANE S. KEETON, a decendant of thes line, states in her family record 
that the place of birth was Lancaster Co., PA and that the family could have 
been en route to VA at the time.
Kegley, pg. 59.
3. From files of Joyce and Ed Wisley, 8750 Eldon St., LaMesa
CA  91942-3211
4. Wythe County Marriage Records, Book 1
6. From Barb Flynn/Curt Wisely,  3037 178th Ave.,
Calambus, Iowa  52729
compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1997, pg. 248.
8. WYTHE CO., VA Will Book 8, pg. 404.

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Name:   Michael WISELEY (WEISSLE)
Birth:  abt 1775    VA
Occupation: farmer
Father: Frederick WISELEY (1716-~1782)
Mother: Elizabeth KEBLER (~1720-)
Spouse: Margareth
Birth:  abt 1780    PA

1 M:    Daniel Ephrim WISELY
Birth:  5 Jun 1809  Wythe Co., VA
Death:  26 Jan 1885 Paris, Lamar Co., TX
Spouse: Sarah A. "Sally" PHILLIPI
Marriage:   10 Jul 1828 Wythe Co., VA1
2 F:    Margaret WISELEY (WEISSLE)
Birth:  27 Apr 1812 Wythe Co., VA
3 F:    Elizabeth WISELEY (WEISSLE)
Birth:  1796    Wythe Co., VA
Death:  19 Feb 1879 7 Mile Ford, Smyth Co., VA2
Spouse: Peter NAVE (NEFF)
Marriage:   28 May 1818 Wythe Co., VA3
4 F:    Mary Magdalena WISELEY
Birth:  Oct 1804    Wythe Co., VA4
Spouse: John PHILLIPI
Marriage:   1827    Wythe Co., VA

Notes for Margareth
1840 Wythe Co. census lists a Margaret Wiseley head of household:
1  M  60-70      1  F  60-70
Is this the wife of Michael?  Was he incompetent at this time?
This would place their births between 1770-1780.  Is Michael a brother of
Peter b. 1773 NC ?  If he were a brother of Daniel b. 1763 Wythe why isn't
he listed in the 1810 census for Wythe Co.?  He didn't show up until 1820.

2. Sent to me by Joyce Wisley, 8750 Elden St., LaMesa, CA 91942  619-469-7375 
 from research of Peggy Bell, deceased.
3. Wythe County Marriage Records, Book 1
Kegley, pg. 59.

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More Information

Here is what I know and have documentation for:

1)  from records of Tohicken Church in Buck's Co., PA birth and marriage 
records for some members of the George Michael WEISEL family
2)  a will written 3 Oct 1757 on file in Philadelphia City, PA and proved 17 
Jul 1770 for Michael WEISEL lists wife, Susanna, children Jacob, Michael, 
Abolonia, George, Barbara and son-in-law George WILDANGER plus several 
grandchildren.  No mention of a son named Fredrich.
3)  Fredrick WISELEY d. 1782 in Montgomery Co., VA leaving no will but 
inventory is on file in that county.  In the inventory, his wife, Elizabeth 
is mentioned as well as a Jacob WISELEY but no relationship given.
4)  In Nov 1782, a Johann WISELEY m. Margaret WHITESEL in Montgomery Co., VA
5)  In 1782, a Susanne WISELEY m. Peter KINCER.  She was shown as the d/o 
Frederick WISELEY and Elizabeth KEBLER and was b. 17 Nov 1766 Montgomery Co., 
6)  In the Montgomery Co., VA Militia records of 1777, Daniel WISELEY shown 
as under 16 yrs of age
7)  In a swore statement for a RevWar pension application for another 
individual, a Peter WISELEY stated that his brother, Daniel, had fought in 
the Revolution.
8)  Upon searching the tax rolls for many VA counties during the 1750-1782 
period, Frederick WISELEY is the only person with this surname or one spelled 
in a similar manner--WEISEL, WYSOL, WYSEL, etc.
9)  In Wythe Co., VA (once a part of Montgomery Co,) Michael WEISSEL appears 
on the German Church records for baptism of at least 3 children--Elizabeth, 
Margaret, and a Daniel b. 1806.  We have a fairly complete lists of 
decendants for this Daniel.
The surname appears in the 1810 Wythe Co. census records as WISELEY
10)  Daniel WISELEY b. 1763 from whom I decend had children named Elizabeth, 
Jacob, John, Joel Fredrick, Peter, Daniel Jr. and others.  Daniel Sr. m. 
Elizabeth DAVIS and stayed in the Wythe Co. area, raised their family there 
and are buried there.  My mothers family all come from Wythe Co. and I have 
spent many years in the town of Wytheville, the county seat.
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