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The purpose of this page is to assist anyone researching the Weisel surname or seeking a Weisel ancestor or descendent in their family tree.

Information in this archive comes from a variety of sources and many generous collaborators and researchers. I, and other Weisel researchers, are always grateful for additional information and documents.

Coat of Arms Weisel Coat of Arms of Upper Hesse (Oberhessen).     *Updated 3/5/2001
Book stack
German Church Records Church birth, marriage, and death records.     Updated: 1/14/01
US Biographies    Updated: 2/15/2004
US Census Data    Updated: 8/17/2005
1880 US Federal Census Index    Updated: 8/17/2005
US Directories and Land Records    Updated: 9/17/2003
US Immigration Weisel Immigrants to the USA in the 19th century.    Updated: 12/10/2020
US Vital Records BMD records from church, county, and state registers.    Updated: 1/23/04

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