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Genealogy and Historical Record links for the Cariboo & Chilcotin Regions

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BC Archives has a great collection of historical material for all areas of BC. A good collection of photos is available on line. (You can request BC Archives searches and photocopies for a fee from Dave's Photo Copy Service)
United Church Archives for BC

Books (Local History Accounts)
A TRIBUTE TO THE PAST, Quesnel & Area 1808-1928,   Shannah Griggs has offered to look-ups for this book.
Looking Back at the Cariboo-Chilcotin by Irene Stangoe, Wanda Story will do look-ups for this book.
Cariboo-Chilcotin Pioneer People and Places by Irene Stangoe, Wanda Story will do look-ups.
The Cariboo Gold Rush Story by Donald E. Waite comments

BC History
BC Genealogy Links
BC Archives list of History links

Canadian History
A great collection of  Canadian History and Genealogy links.

Cariboo History
Great site on Cariboo History by Industrial Art Internet Group
The Overlanders who came across Canada to the Cariboo.

A full list of Cariboo-Chilcotin Cemeteries, some of the records available on line.

Catholic Churches in the Cariboo
St. Joseph's Mission in Williams Lake
United Church Archives for BC

The Current Project is to transcribe Census !!
General Information about Canadian Census extracts for 1881, 1891, 1901

Alexandria 1901 Census (includes Bullion, Soda Creek, Quesnel Forks)
Barkerville 1901 Census 
In progress !!
Chilcotin 1901 Census (does not include the west coast, includes Hanceville, Alexis Creek, )
Clinton 1891 Census 
In progress !!
Keithley Creek 1891 Census

Quesnel 1901 Census (Dragon Lake, Cluskus Indian Settlement, Ilgatcho, Blackwater River, Johnny's Lake, Nasco River, Peter's Creek and Stanley)
Richfield 1891 Census
Williams Lake 1901 Census  (includes 100 Mile House to 150 Mile House)

Full 1881 Canadian Census (at FamilySearch)

BCTel's 411 Current Directory of Information, check and see if any of your surnames are still living in the area and check them out, you never know!!
1937 and 1945 BC Directories
Alan Sandercott has volunteered to do look-ups for anywhere in BC for those two years.  The books are NOT indexed so please give name and city you wished checked.

100 Mile to 144 Mile House Directory for 1887 (listed under Lac La Hache)
100 Mile House, 1919 Directory
105 Mile House, 1919 Directory
150 Mile House, 1887 Directory (includes some Williams Lake, and Chimney Creek)
150 Mile House in the Williams Lake Directory of 1887
150 Mile House, 1919 Directory
150 Mile House, 1895 Directory (includes Chimney Creek, 144 Mile House, Keithley Creek)
153 Mile House, 1919 Directory
Alexandria, in Williams Lake Directory of 1887
Alexandria, 1895 Directory
Alexandria, 1919 Directory
Alexis Creek, 1919 Directory
Alkali Lake, 1895 Directory
Barkerville, 1887 Directory (includes Antler Creek, Bear Lake, Conklin's Gulch, Germansen Creek, Grub Gulch, Hardscrabble, Manson River, Mosquito Creek, Richfield, Slate Creek, Stout's Gulch, Sugar Creek, Williams' Creek )
Bella Bella, 1895 Directory
Bella Bella, 1919 Directory
Bella Coola, 1895 Directory
Bella Coola, 1919 Directory
Big Creek, 1919 Directory
Cache Creek, Directory of 1893 (includes Hat Creek)
Chilcotin, Williams Lake Directory of 1887
Chilcoten Directory of 1893
Chimney Creek, in the Williams Lake Directory of 1887
Clinton, Directory of 1887, (includes Pavillion Mountain, Maiden Creek, 83 Mile House)
Clinton, 1919 Directory
Dog Creek, Directory of 1895, (includes the Gang Ranch)
Hanceville, 1895 Directory
Hanceville, 1919 Directory
Harper's Camp, 1898 Directory
Harper's Camp, 1919 Directory
Harvey & Keithley, 1887 Directory (includes, Snow Shoe Creek, Beaver Lake, Forks of Quesnelle)
Hat Creek, 1895 Directory
Horsefly (see also Harper's Camp)
Horsefly in the 1887 Directory of Williams Lake
Horsefly, 1898 Directory
Keithley & Harvey, 1887 Directory (includes, Snow Shoe Creek, Beaver Lake, Forks of Quesnelle)
Keithley Creek, 1959 Directory
Lac La Hache, 1887 Directory (includes from 100 Mile House to 144 Mile House)
Quesnelle, 1887 Directory (includes Hixon)
Quesnelle, 1893 Directory
Quesnelle, 1895 Directory
Quesnel, 1919 Directory
Quesnelle Forks, 1893 Directory
Quesnelle Forks, 1895 Directory
Quesnel Forks, 1919 Directory
Soda Creek in the Williams Lake Directory of 1887
Soda Creek, Directory of 1895
Williams Lake, Directory of 1887 (includes Chilcotin, 150-Mile, 144-Mile, Chimney Creek, Soda Creek, Alexandria, Sheep Creek, Deer Park, Oatlands, Lansdowne, Onwards Ranch, Horsefly)
Williams Lake, Directory of 1893
Williams Lake, Directory of 1895
Williams Lake, Directory of 1919

Looking for an obscure BC location, try here.

Land Records
Early Distict Pre-Emptions

Williams Lake Roll of Remembrance , the Fallen of WW I  (1914-1918) & WW II (1939-1945)
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The Canadian Archives, WW1 (Canadian Expeditionary Force)  records
The Chilcotin War

Barkerville Museum
Bella Coola Museum
Quesnel Museum
Williams Lake Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin

Native Ancestry
The Xatsull Native Village pronounced "hat-shul" (near Soda Creek)
Soda Creek First Nations
Williams Lake First Nations
BC Native History Timeline
Canoe Creek First Nations (Includes Dog Creek Reserve)
Natives during the Cariboo Gold Rush

The Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper covering Barkerville, both then and now !!
List of newspapers printed in the Cariboo
List of newspapers printed in the Chilcotin

In 1862, a group of 115 men and 1 woman left Ontario and were headed to the British Columbia Cariboo in search of gold.  In all 350 people took the over land route to the Gold Rush.
Cheadle and Miltons Passage
The Overlanders 
The Importance of the Overlanders

Pioneer Profiles
Boitano Family
of Williams Lake
Borland, Robert of Keithley Creek and Williams Lake
Cameron, John Angus "Cariboo" of Barkerville
Crosina Family of 150 Mile House
Felker Family of 118, 127, 144, 150 Mile House
Grinder, Grant of Quesnelle Forkes
Hance Family of Hanceville  
Isnardy, Amadee family of Chimney Creek
Keithley, William Ross "Doc" or Keithley Creek
McLeese Family of Soda Creek and McLeese Lake
Meldrum Family of Meldrum Creek
The Patenaude Family 
Pinchbeck Family of Williams Lake

Ranch Histories
Brink Ranch in Kleena Kleene
Clear Water Ranch in Kleena Kleene
Dane Ranch in Kleena Kleene
Gang Ranch History
Gang Ranch today
Hat Creek Ranch, 10 miles west of Clinton
Pioneer Ranch in Miocene, 18 miles east of 150 Mile House
Pollard's Cornish Ranch and Roadhouse

School Records
BC Government list of Cariboo/Chilcotin Teachers in 1823 & 1828
Hagensborg School Records 1895-1920
St. Joseph's Mission (Indian Residential School near Williams Lake)

The South Cariboo Genealogy Group serving 108 Mile, Lac La Hache, Lone Butte, Bridge Lake and Clinton.
The BC Cowboy Heritage Society

Vital Statistics
British Columbia Archives has BC Births (1872-1901), BC Marriages (1872-1926) and BC Deaths (1872-1981)on-line which include the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions. (You can request copies from BC Archives by e-mail through the Dave's Photo Copy Service or the BC Genealogy Copy Service)

Voters Lists
1875 Voters List for BC, includes Barkerville, Cache Creek, Canoe Creek, Clinton, Harvey and Keithley,Lightening Creek, Lillooet, Lytton,Quesnelle Mouth, and Williams Lake
1894 Voters List for the Williams Lake Polling Division in the Cariboo.  (includes: 8 Mile Creek, 141 Mile House, 150 Mile House, Alexandria, Big Lake Ranch, Carpenter's Mountain, Chilcotin, Chimmey Creek, Hanceville, Horsefly, Long Lake, Oatlands, Onward Ranch, St. Joseph's Mission, Sheep Creek, Soda Creek,  Springfield, Tatla Lake,  Williams Lake
1898 Voters list for all of BC

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