Barkerville 1887 Directory

1887 Directory

 This Directory was transcribed by Wanda Story. The original source for this information was the 1887 Williams Directory of BC.

The town of Barkerville is situated at the terminus of the Cariboo wagon road.   Old John Barker, from whom it was named, still flourishes and was this April in Victoria. 

***(NOTE: It should be noted that local history usually states that Barkerville was named for William (Billy) Barker not for John King Barker)

Allan, Jas. - miner, Grouse Creek
Allan, Thomas - miner, Antler Creek
Allers, Deldricher - miner, Conklin's Gulch
Allers, John - miner, Conklin's Gulch
Bauden, Nicholas - miner, Williams' Creek
Bauden, Thomas - miner, Williams' Creek
Bendixen, Madame - saloon-keeper, Barkerville
Berry, Rich. - carpenter, Barkerville
Biddy, John - merchant, Williams' Creek
Biddy, Jas. - miner, Grouse Creek
Blair, Robt. - miner, Barkerville
Blair, John - miner, Barkerville
Bowron, John - govt. agent and gold commissioner
Boyoigout, Thoilile - miner, Barkerville
Boyce, Jas. - miner, Richfield
Brodie, Robt. - miner, Barkerville
Brown, Robt. - miner, Barkerville
Brown, Nicholas Henry - tavern keeper, Richfield
Buchanan, Robt. - miner, Sugar Creek
Butts, John - miner, Mosquito Creek
Campbell, Alex. - miner, Barkerville
Campbell, Neill - miner, Richfield
Cameron, Arch'd - miner, Germansen Creek
Champetier, E. - miner, Hardscrabble
Clark, Michael - miner, Germansen Creek
Collins, Thomas - miner, Germansen Creek
Conway, Benj. Morrison - miner, Barkerville
Couth, Alex. - miner, Barkerville
Coote, Phillip - miner, Germansen Creek
Cowan, George - M.P.P. and miner, Conklin Gulch
Craib, Wm. - mining engineer, Barkerville
Craig, Jas. - butcher, Barkerville
Creswell, Robert - miner, Williams' Creek
Denny, Joseph - saloon keeper
Deslorier, Edward - teamster, Barkerville
Dods, Archibald - school teacher, Barkerville
D'Orpentigny, Oliver - teamster, Barkerville
Doscher, Henry - miner, Conklin Gulch
Dow, G.A. - miner, Grouse Creek
Driscoll, Michael- miner, Grouse Creek
Ellis, Wm. - miner, Barkerville
Eude, Aime- miner, Barkerville
Ferguson, Geo. - miner, Conklin Gulch
Fitchie, W. - miner, Antler Creek
Flynn, H.E. - miner, Mosquito Creek
Flynn, T.H. - miner, Mosquito Creek
Forest, William - saloon keeper, Barkerville
Frigon, Edward - miner, Germansen Creek
Frowis, W.H. - miner, Manson River
Gad, Geo. - miner, Grouse Creek
Gayet, L. - miner, Grouse Creek
Giscombe, John R. - miner, Manson River
Glynn, Michael S. - miner, Grub Gulch
Goodson, John G. - restaurant, Barkerville
Goldstadt, Henry - miner, Barkerville
Harkins, Jas. - miner, Barkerville
Harris, Greenbury - charcoal burner, Barkerville
Harte, Fred'k Wm. - miner, Barkerville
Heath, Robt. - miner, Barkerville
Hendrich, Chas. - miner, Barkerville
Hodgkinson, Wm. - laborer, Barkerville
Hoffsmer, Chas. - miner, Barkerville
Hough, Richard - eng'r, Richfield
House, Chas. - hotel keeper, Barkerville
Houser, John - hotel keeper, Barkerville
Howley, Patrick - miner, Mosquito Creek
Innis, Jas. - miner, Williams' Creek
Isaacs, George - miner, Williams' Creek
James, John - miner, Williams' Creek
Jarvis, W.T. - miner, Grouse Gulch
Johnston, Arthur - miner, Sugar Creek
Jones, Elias T. - miner, Richfield
Jones, W. Levellyn - miner, Williams' Creek
Johns, Gomer - clerk, Barkerville
Kelly, Andrew - hotel keeper, Barkerville
Kenny, George - miner, Germansen Creek
Knott, John - hotel keeper, Barkerville
Lanyon, John - hotel keeper, Barkerville
Lindsay, James - registrar county court, Richfield
Mackintosh, John Douglas - miner, Richfield
Mackintosh, J. - miner, Richfield
Marsden, J. D. - accountant, Barkerville
Mason, J.B. - lumber merchant, Barkerville
Mason, Jospeh - M.P.P. and merchant, Barkerville
Mattice, S.B. - miner, Barkerville
Meyer, Frank - miner, Hardscrabble
Metcalf, J. - miner, Germansen Creek
Molcar, H. - miner, Mosquito Creek
Morgan, Lewis - miner, William's Creek
Morrison, C.A.D. - miner, Germansen Creek
Moses, W.D. - barber and trader, Barkerville
Murray, John - carpenter, Barkerville
McAlinden - grocer, Grouse Creek
McCormick, W.G. - miner, Antler Creek
McDermid, Duncan - miner, Manson River
McDermot, henry - miner, Conklin Gulch
McDonald, Alex. - miner, Conklin gulch
McDonald, Ronald - miner, Germansen Creek
McFarlane, Donald - miner, Grouse Creek
McGuire, Alex - miner, Richfield
McIntosh, Angus - miner, Manson River
McKay, David - miner, Richfield
McKay, Daniel - miner, Barkerville
McKen, Jas. - miner, Barkerville
McKenny, Francis - miner, Barkerville
McKinnon, Chas. - miner, Slate Creek
McLane, John L.B. - miner, Richfield
Newton, L. - miner, Stout's Gulch
Nutt, Jonathan - J.P. and merchant and miner, Barkerville
Ogden, Edward - miner, Williams' Creek
O'Neill, Cornelius - miner, Barkerville
O'Neill Chas. Pat. - blacksmith, Barkerville
Patterson, Jas. E. - miner, Lightening Creek
Paulsen, Chas. J. - miner, Barkerville
Pinkerton, John - miner, Barkerville
Pinkerton, Matthew - miner, Barkerville
Pope, Jas. - miner, Germansen Creek
Price, Watkin C. - miner, Barkerville
Robertson, John - miner, Germansen Creek
Robinson, W.G. - miner, Richfield
Rogers, Samuel A. - sheriff and merchant, Barkerville
Ross, John - miner, Barkerville
Saunders, Wm. - miner, Mosquito Creek
Shepherd, Guy L. - shoemaker, Barkerville
Shaw, Joseph - miner, Hardscrabble
Shaw, John - miner, Canadian Creek
Sharp, Alex - miner, Cunningham Creek
Sims, G.W. - miner, Grouse Creek
Sincock, Samuel J. - miner, Barkerville
Smith, Wm. Piper - miner, Stout's Gulch
Stevenson, John - miner, Williams' Creek
Stevens, Peter - miner, Germansen Creek
Stevens, E.C. - miner, Germansen Creek
Stewart, Jas. - miner, Conklin Gulch
Stone, Jas. - post., teleg. and express, Barkerville
Taylor, Geo. A. - miner, Williams' Creek
Thomas, Robt. - miner, Manson River
Tillie, Wm. - butcher, Barkerville
Trelease, Edward - miner, Mosquito Creek
Urquahart, W.J. - miner, Barkerville
Watt, Hugh - physician and hospital surgeon, Barkerville
Walker, Samuel - miner, Barkerville
Willey, Wm. - miner, Barkerville
Williams, William P. - miner, Mosquito Creek
Wilson, Arnold - miner, Barkerville
Wilson, Willis - hunter, Bear Lake
Wintrip, Edward - miner, Richfield
Wintrip, John C. - miner, Stout's Gulch
Wintrip, Lewis - miner, Williams' Creek
Wintrip, Robt. - miner, Stout's Gulch
Woolcock, Henry - miner, Grouse Creek
Wyllie, Robert - miner, Sugar Creek

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Posted 13 April 1999