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    We hope that you enjoy our website and find your long lost relatives.  A couple of family links below may be of help.  You can also navigate about the site with the buttons on the left. 

    To search for a specific individual or run a genealogy report, you can click the "Larry & Diane's Family Tree" link below for immediate access to our Family Tree database. . 

    Find pictures of your ancestors at the "Family Photo's" link below which takes you to my group room, YOUR ANCESTORS, at After clicking the link, just log into Snapfish and if you don't have an account you can generate a free account by providing your name, email address and a password. You can view all our albums and right-click the picture to print to your printer or order prints from Snapfish. We encourage you to create your own old ancestor family album and upload pictures to YOUR ANCESTORS for others to share.  

    For a password protected group room, you can also click the JOHN MILLER Reunion link to take you to Snapfish as above but you must be a family member and enter the proper password code to view the reunion photos..  

    If you have family information to include in our family tree database, use the family form at the bottom of the page. To email us, click on the email button at the bottom.

Hopefully, you will have fun searching for your family ancestors.


Larry & Diane's Family Tree (
Kit Ritter's Homepage (   more info on Himes and Millers
Ed Baughman's Homepage (   more info on Baughman ancestry

Family Photo's (   View, print or order old ancestor pictures from snapfish. Upload your album to YOUR ANCESTORS group room to share your pictures.

JOHN MILLER Reunion Photo's (   View, print or order photos from snapfish. Upload your album to the JOHN MILLER REUNION group room to share your pictures.

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