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This home page focuses on the descendants of WILLIAM AND PRUDENCE BARRON found in early Wilkes, Greene, Hancock, Baldwin, Putnam, Jasper, Newton, Butts, Meriwether, Harris and Troup Counties in GA; in Tallapoosa, Coosa and Pike Counties, AL; and in Smith County, TX.  There are also links to articles and websites pertaining to William and Prudence Barron's ancestry and wider family connections, using analyses from the most recent paper research and DNA testing.

Here are important links to my research:

Descendants of William and Prudence Barron: Genealogy Report

Barron DNA Project is an ongoing study begun in 2003 with male descendants carrying the Barron surname to identify relationships between numerous Barron families, mostly in the U.S.  A number of participants are descendants of William and Prudence Barron; others are related to the William and Prudence Barron family, but their relationships have not yet been determined.  This group has been designated Clan 2 and the participants have a common ancestor sometime in the distant past, most perhaps in the early 1700s.  See the members of Clan 2 at Barron DNA Project - Results and an analysis of the relationships of the members of Clan 2 and their possible common ancestry at "Analysis of Clan 2 Y-DNA Evidence."

"The Tradition of Irish Heritage in the William and Prudence Barron family" studies the earliest known references to the Barron family's ties to Ireland and compares this tradition to recent research and DNA findings that connect the Barrons to a Barron family found in County Down, Northern Ireland, as early as 1713.

"Early Barron Research -- the writings of John Davis Garrard" John Davis Garrard was a great grandson of William and Prudence Barron and in the 1890s he corresponded with relatives regarding stories about Barron ancestors that he had heard as a young man.  Though some of his memories or the stories have been shown to be in error, there are many helpful pieces of information that enrich our arron history.

The SMITH/BARRON Connection: The James Smith family.  "James Smith (d. 1799) of Wilkes County, GA, and Allied Families of Barron, Foster, White, Thompson, Chaffin and Collum" was first posted in July 2001 by Donna Sarchet and Vicki Kruschwitz as a detailed investigation into the family of James Smith, which had significant ties to the Barron family.  The article was updated in March 2006 and currently being updated once again with information from new findings.

Who Were the Two Samuel and John Barrons in early Georgia?   "The Barrons of Greene, Hancock, Jackson, Jasper and Jones Counties, GA (1789 - 1820s)" is a detailed discussion sorting the identities of the two men named Samuel Barron and the two men named John Barron whom researchers have often confused.   

Barron and Davis Families of Early Craven County, NC.   "Craven County, NC, Barron and Davis families" is an analysis of records from the 1720s - 1770s mentioning individuals named William Barron and Prudence Davis to determine whether these could be the persons who married and whose family settled in Wilkes County, GA. 

The William and Martha Smith Barron Family of GA, AL and TX


Several other articles discuss the Barron family in Smith County, TX, in context with relatives and neighbors regarding church and employment:

History of Indian Creek Baptist Church, Smith County, TX tells of an early church started by Barron relatives in Smith County, TX.

"The Heyday of Mechanicsville: A Forgotten Community Remembered" relates the development of a sawmill and furniture factory in 1860s - 1870s Smith County, TX, which employed several Barrons and neighbors.


And I was fortunate to be given information, letters and rare photos from a distantly related Barron family, which are shared here:

Civil War letters: Greenberry Barron family, Chambers Co, AL

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