Table of Contents; Neuenhuntorf Wardenburgs

Wardenburg Families
in Neuenhuntorf, Bške and Tweelbške, Niedersachsen, Germany

Descendants of Hermann Wardenburg (N1)
Index of People
Index of Marriages by Bride
Index of Marriages by Groom
Immigrants to the United States

I am not related to any of these people, but I found information about them while looking for my direct ancestors in Germany. Most of the information about the Wardenburg families in Neuenhuntorf, Bške, and Tweelbške on this webpage comes from "Geschichte der Familie Wardenburg in Neuenhuntorf" by Wilhelm Warntjen. This is a wonderfully complete document, written in German. A copy is in the Oldenburg State Archive. There is no publication date on my copy. The latest date in the document is 1944. I translated the document, but my German is nicht so gut and there may be mistakes.

Mr. Warntjen says that these families must be related to the Wardenburgs who are mentioned in the City of Oldenburg records because the "Hausmarke" (family crests) have the same symbols: acorns and acorn branches. Someone wrote in the margin of the document - "falsch!" I don't have access to original documents so I don't know what is true.

Because I cannot connect these families to Johann Wardenburg #1, I am using reference numbers for Hermann Wardenburg and his descendants beginning with "N". Hermann is number N1; Herman's son, Harm, is number N11; Harm's children are numbers N111 and N112 and so on. I do not have birth dates for all persons so the children may not be numbered in the order in which they were born. "S" at the end of a number indicates a spouse. "Sx" indicates the relative of a spouse. Living persons are not listed here by name unless I have their permission. If you contact me about one of these people please include the reference number.

In addition to the information in "Geschichte der Familie Wardenburg in Neuenhuntorf", various persons have emailed me with information about these families. I am very grateful for their help.

"Geschichte der Familie Wardenburg in Neuenhuntorf", Wilhelm Warntjen, Direktor der HŲheren BŁrgerschule i.R. in Berne, Germany. Available from the Oldenburg State Archives, #2287 (26 pages typed).

Neuenhuntorfer Chronik, Heino Vette, Stedinger Verlag publisher, 2002. This book provides the names of successive owners of the farms in Neuenhuntorf and Bške as well as photos of the houses. This book can be ordered by contacting the company at:
You can write to them in English.

"A Record of Events Experienced During Our Journey From Germany to North America in 1854", by Henry Maas, written before 1914. On the Iowa Gen Web page. No Wardenburgs are mentioned in this document, but this is the time period when Wardenburgs emigrated from Germany and the description of the journey and the hardships faced in their new home is very interesting.

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