My hobby is genealogy (family history). In researching my Wardenburg family in the United States I have collected information about Wardenburgs from The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Estonia. Much of the information is not from primary sources, but I hope it enables you to locate your ancestor. There may be errors and I hope you will contact me about them.

I will not list any living persons on these pages except with permission.

I am particularly interested in finding German ancestors for all of the U. S. immigrants. If you can help please let me know.

WARDENBURG immigrants to the United States

States where WARDENBURG immigrants settled.

WARDENBURG families - an overview
Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Estonia

Other surnames on these pages.

WARDENBURG families from Neuenhuntorf, Bške, and Tweelbške with an index of people in this section and Bride and Groom indexes



WARDENBURG Immigrants to the United States

from The Netherlands:

from Germany:

Immigrants to the U. S. with female WARDENBURG ancestors

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These pages will never be finished. I thought this would be a simple task when I started because I assumed that there would be very little material on Wardenburgs in Europe. Wrong!

Please contact me, Barbara Wardenburg , barbward@pacbell.net if you have corrections or any information to share about these families.

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