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Dust in the Wind


Dedicated to Shorty and Callie
~my best friends~
2/11/1985 - 11/6/2000


. . . A Few Notes . . .

This page is my attempt to give credit and thanks to my family and ancestors, for all their struggles and triumphs, for the part each played in shaping who we are today and who we will be tomorrow.

My special thanks goes to my great-great grandfather, J.M. Richardson, who aside from being an exemplary person, outstanding member of the community, and learned scholar, stepped in and served as a loving grandfather and role model to my father. My deepest appreciation also goes to my own parents who have taught me through their daily actions love, understanding, respect and tolerance for all people.

I was, perhaps, drawn to genealogy out of curiosity over family members I had never known, and had only heard whispered stories about. Some of the mysteries have been resolved. Others may never be. In the process, however, I learned that most were not that different from how we are today. People simply struggling to do the best they could in the short amount of time they had. Hence, this page ... for we are but dust in the wind...

. . . A Little Background . . .

Most of my ancestors settled in eastern Ohio; mainly in Tuscarawas, Columbiana, and Jefferson Counties, in places like Shanesville, Salineville and Bergholz. They came from various parts of the world, and from different parts of the country, with the main ethnic origins, thus far determined, being English, German, Scots-Irish, and French. Some of the surnames I am researching are: RICHARDSON, NEIGHBOR, MALCUIT, MOORE, WALTER, HUNTER, CAMPBELL, BUSBY, GOUDY and POTTS & many others -- obviously there are numerous affiliated families associated with each. Some I have a fair amount of information on: others next to nothing. I welcome information, corrections, and connections.

. . . Family Researchers . . .

I've met some of the world's most wonderful people since I started doing genealogy. There have been strangers, not connected to my family, who have kindly provided critical information. And there are those who are related, some of whom I consider family research Experts. They've shared their information and spent countless hours searching for additional materials that I've needed. I don't keep track of cousins-however-times-removed. To me they are simply family, and my heart-felt thanks goes out to each of them! They have contributed so much information that this page and database would not be possible without them!

If you connect to our family, think you might, or if you have questions, here are some great people you can contact for more information! You can also go to the Family Researcher page for more info.

Kathlena Funk-Anderson --Researching MILLER, HOCHSTETLER, BALTZEY, and many other Tuscarawas and Stark County Families. Check out her pages!
Seiberts of Stark & Tuscarawas Counties, Ohio
Family Register of the Fiat St. Peters Congregation 1849-1936

Gary Beatty --Researching Jack Maynard BEATTY & Mary MORGAN> Howard Dewey BEATTY & Gertrude RICHARDSON (daughter of J. M. and Lena (BRICK) RICHARDSON).


Paul Campbell --Researching Samuel CAMPBELL & Sara HUNTER > Joseph J. CAMPBELL & Maria MCGUINES.

Kay Craig -- Researching the family of William Henry BRICK b Damascus, OH in 1850; m Nancy Amanda HART b 27 Oct 1854. Children: Howard Lester BRICK  b. 6/2/1873, Mineral City, OH; William Ernest BRICK 6/6/1876, Mineral City, OH;  Jennie M. BRICK b. 1/14/1878-1956 m. Tom DAVIS (no children); Clark H. BRICK b. 4/2/1881, Mineral City, OH (2 daughters); Anna M. BRICK b. 8/28/1884, Mineral City, OH-1941;  Harris Walter BRICK b. 8/30/1886, Magnolia, OH;  Floyd Elmer BRICK (b. 6/23/1891-1971) m. Mabel May GAMBLE; Mable E. BRICK b. 6/24/1896, Mineral City, OH.

Keith Cunday --Researching the NACHBAR/NEIGHBOUR/NEIGHBOR family of Morris County, NJ, Tuscarawas Co., OH, and Iowa. Connects through David NEIGHBOR & Elizabeth TRIMMER> John NEIGHBOR & Margaret WISE.

Tiffany Dunn --Researching Marion DUNN & Harriet SHREVE> James William DUNN & Lucy L. BUSBY . Tiffany is also researching the following families included in the genealogy report: BUSBY, CAMPBELL, BROWN, GOUDY, POTTS, HARRIS, etal.

Cathy Erickson -- Researching Andrew Marion CRITES & Mary "Minnie" Elizabeth BRACKNEY<Their parents (whom I don't know for Minnie)>: William Benton CRITES & Eliza CORRELL <Their parents inc CORRELL line, i.e. MILLER, GIESELMAN, etc>: George CRITES & Eleanor "Ellen" BENNETT <Their parents inc the BENNETT, which I don't know further>: Andrew CREITZ & Cathren Arron Fritz EHRENFRIED <Their parents inc EHRENFRIED & Barbara, etc>: William CREITZ & Dorthea (BROEDER or CRADERIMEN?) <Their parents inc Dorthea's line>: Jacob CREITZ & Elizabeth (?). For the modern day "CRITES" line there are several prominent surnames: CARNAHAN, COCHRAN, DALY, ELLIS, GORDON, GRAVES, KINTNER, DRAPER, STOTTS, DOSSER, PURKEY, RANDALL, SHEEKS, SPAULDING, STONEROCK, WRIGHT & obviously lots of spellings of "CRITES".

Cindy Forney --Researching Thomas RICHARDSON & Malinda WINKLEPLECK> Jesse E RICHARDSON & Ella Amanda PUTT. Also researching UPPSTROM, TRACHSEL and other Tuscarawas County, Ohio families. NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!!


Sheila Fritts --Researching John HUNTER b 9 Mar 1790 in PA and d 15 Feb 1878 in Washington Twp Columbiana Co, OH. Esp his daughter Dorcas HUNTER b abt 1833 and d 6 Mar 1896 in Wellsville, OH. She married Benjamin Franklin RAMSEY in abt 1858.

Bob Fuller --Researching the Guernsey and Coshocton County, OH and Peoria County, IL FULLER family. Has over 3000 Fullers and related families in his database. Bob is off the net from about 4/15 to 10/15 - so you want to catch him while he's there!

Hollie Henke --Researching Charles MOORE & Jane JOHNSON > William Grant MOORE & Nancy Jane HALE and all affiliated families including HACKATHORN and PAISLEY.

Susie Holderfield --Descendant of Christian and Margaretha(KEISTER) WALTER of Wayne County OH. See her wonderful genealogy page Susie's Document Page

Linda Houyouse --Linda is wonderful! She knows what resources are available in Eastern Ohio, particularly concerning Carroll County. She's helped so much with our DUKE, and mysterious MOORE and JOHNSON family, that I'm forever in her debt.
Check out Linda's fantastic homepage
Linda Houyouse's family links

Elizabeth Hunter --Researching George HUNTER b. Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  Welcome any information on his ancestors and descendants. Has info on his brother, Samuel m. Jane Paul and  John m. Mary MADDEN.

Susie Husted --Researching BAYLESS, DIETELBACH, CORBIN, CORRELL, CRAWFORD, HUSTED,KOONTZ, KUHN, RICHARDSON, SMOTHERS, SOWERS & SULLENBERGER. If anyone else might be researching these names please contact Susie to share information!

Karen Jaeger --Researching Charles MOORE & Jane JOHNSON > Thomas MOORE & Elizabeth CAMERON. I wasn't sure just where to put Karen; she is researching almost every name on this page and has a wealth of information on them all. Also researching DOBBIE.

Jolene Kakascik --Researching William DUKE & Mary> William DUKE & Margaret SMITH.


Miriam Kroon --Researching BUCY, ROBINSON, LOHR, PRESTON, WISDOM, JOHNSON, HOSKINS, ROWAN, KROON, HUIDEKOPER and more. View her Homepage!

Margie Nay -- the ultimate CORBIT expert!

Steve Orr --Researching BIGLER, BOONE, KENDALL, & ORR. Steve is a wonderful, newly found cousin that connects through George Richardson, Sr's daughter Hannah that married William Orr. See Steve's Worldconnect Database

Jan Richardson --Researching RICHARDSON & JOHNSON. Jan descends from Allen and Elizabeth MILLER RICHARDSON> Orlando Garring and Racy WALTER RICHARDSON >Harland and Margaret JOHNSON RICHARDSON. She is especially interested in meeting anyone researching the family of Margaret JOHNSON: Margaret was born 01 Aug 1890 in Philadelphia, PA, and married Harland H. RICHARDSON on 02 April 1912.

Charles Severs --Researching SEVERS, PECK and all related families.Charles adds" If I could have an outline of the PECK line I would be appreciative.I have the PECKs back to Ulrich PECK (acutally BECK at that vintage).Anna POFFENMEYER and Gabriel KOHLER on the KOHLER (female) side. There are some Others like GLUCK, SCHAYRIN, WYSOR/WEISER, and SHALLl/SCHALL if any of your lines go back that far. Of course there is the matter of Wm SEVERS born l752 who seems to be the same person (to me, anyway) as Hessian Deserter Johannes Wilhelm SIEBERT born Feb 9 1751 Metzebach Germany, but I am unable to prove it. If I could find the DOB that Wm SEVERS "thought" was his I might be able to make a comparison. Unfortunately his tombstone failed to record it. He died in fall of l852 and it reads "age 100". Had he been the hessian he would have been l0l. I suspect the calender change of l752 may have confused someone or everyone but cannot prove it. I would dearly love to have his DOB."


Debi Young -- Researching the family of James PICKUP born November 12, 1824 Rochdale, England; died Feb. 18, 1904, Wilson Co., Kansas. Affiliated surnames include: CRABTREE, MOORE, WALLACE, WALTON, NEIGHBOR.   

For more information on the POTTS Family see Ruth's Page.

For more information on the NEIGHBOR Family see Lauri's Page.

See Bob Texter's fantastic website 1954 Waynesburg Ohio High School!
And his inspirational WORLD WAR II HONOR ROLL

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