Surname Resources
Surname Resources

You can find added resources for all these surnames at the Surname Resources at Rootsweb and Genforum.  See my favorite links.  I could add the Genforum and Rootsweb sites for any of the following surnames .

AUSTIN:     This is the Austin Family Association of America website.  They were critical to linking my Austin's into their vast information.

BAKER:   This is a great site for tons of Baker information.  I haven't seen my information on there yet, but maybe I can submit it in the near future.

BLISS: This is the home of the Bliss Family History Society.  Check out their pioneers and colonists section.  That is where my Bliss family got straightened out!!

CASSADY/CASSADY/CASSADAY:    This is the Cassity/Cassidy Family Association Website.  Lots of good info here!

I have the 100 page booklet compiled by Ruth Turner Ziegel.  The genealogy information from the book is in the surname index. It is on-line now at It has mostly deeds, documents and wills on the Christy families in the Surname Index.  Specifically, it has information on the descendants of Julius Christy and Agatha Barnett Christy.     Resource page to search engines and GenConnect boards.

This is the Cummings Family Association Website.  Our Isaac Cummings who is the father of Anne Cummings who married a Pease. .

The best resource I know for these surnames is the Helvey Research Group.  These researchers have been working at gathering information on this surname for years.  Contact me and I'll put you in touch with them or you can try the following:

There is a mail list and message board you can post to.  If you post to these boards your message will automatically go to the mail list.

If you aren't related to the above Helvy's, this is another more remote possiblity:
"My husband's name is HEVLY.  That family was from Opdal Norway and is sometimes spelled HEVLE or HEFLE.  His ggf came over in the late 1860s.  I can't tell you how many times when I say his name people misspell it as HELVY. Linda Cooper   ("

This is a wonderful site for untangling those first few generations of Robert & John Pease!

The Pease Family From Great Baddow England by Richard Bart, pub. 1999 ISBN 0-9671415-0-8    (I have his contact information.  It is 1000 pages long.  Concentrates on male lines.  Females drop out when they get married.  He says another book is in the works, with more info and will include more female lines.)

YADON - PENNYBAKER Family History , Compiled by Betty Jo Weaver Windel, 1990 (Printed by HP Publishing )  She only has a few left and will not republish.  Contact me if you would like her email address.

"STANFORD. Generally considered to be an English place name of Anglo-Saxon origin which evolved from the  residence of an individual or family near a stone(y) stream crossing, or in a village near such a crossing. For many centuries men were known primarily by one name only and identified further perhaps by their occupation, residence or other such distinguishing characteristics.
   Stanford is a common name in several areas in England. No less than seven coats of arms are described in Burkes General Armory for various Stanford families. But since it has not been possible to trace this family's origin to any specific English family or area, there is no proof that this family was ever an armigerous family. (one who bore a coats of arm.)  The name is also common in the United States. The First Census which was taken in 1790, shows 55 families of the name under the variant spellings: Stanford, Standerford, Standford, Standiford, Staniford and Stanniford. The ensus analysis also shows 235 families under another category of five variant spellings of the name without a "t". Records for the same family or individual are sometimes found under spellings from both categories and ours is no exception, though the family itself has rather consistently maintained the
spelling as we know it for the past 200 years."

REF: Smith, Lois Remington, compiler, MOSES STANFORD, MINUTEMAN, A Stanford Family History.

This is a great website for anyone researching the Whitacre Surname.  Check it out.

YADON - PENNYBAKER Family History, Compiled by Betty Jo Weaver Windel, 1990 (Printed by HP Publishing )  She only has a few left and will not republish.  Contact me if you would like her email address.

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