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Errors Uncovered!

On Nathaniel Bliss & Samuel Bliss & Thomas Bliss:

" Nathaniel Bliss who married Catherine Chapin was the second son of Thomas Bliss of Hartford.  He was the eldest child by Thomas Bliss's second? wife, Margaret Hulins.  They married at Gloucester 18 Oct 1621 and Nat. was baptised at Rodborough Co, Gloucester in England 28 Dec 1622.  Margaret's parents lived at Rodborough and she is mentioned in her father's will made 1638 as 'my daughter Margaret Blisse'.  Nathaniel is the only child of Thomas Bliss whose baptism inn England has been discovered.

I have seen websites quoting Belstone in Devon as Thomas's hometown and ingenious genealogies for his supposed wife Margaret Lawrence. These stories are oft repeated in New England Pioneer genealogies.  Forget all of it!  It is unproven and clearly wrong.  Thomas almost certainly came from Gloucestershire which had a high Bliss population in the 16th century.  We don't yet know where he was baptised or who were his parents. Nor do we know when , where he married his first wife or her name.

Samuel Bliss , husband of Mary Leonard,  was the youngest child of Thomas and Margaret (Hulins) Bliss.  He was probably born about 1642 at Hartford.  He and Mary Leonard had 11 known children.

The genealogy of Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth is clearer.  He married his wife Dorothy Wheatley at Daventry and that is where all their children were baptised.  Ty Bliss quotes a genealogy for Dorothy which connects her to a gentry family in Dorset and Somerset. ....

If you want to check other parts of your Bliss pedigree, please feel free to ask.  I hope you contact Grace and join our happy band!

chairman Bliss FHS
website "

Ruth's note:  I'm related to the Samuel Bliss married to Mary Leonard and thus to Thomas Bliss and Margaret Hulins.  I am also related to the Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth who married Dorothy Wheatley.  They are all in the database, but the parents of Nathaniel are fixed and so is his birthplace.

Questions on the HALLS of New England

There were apparently two Samuel Halls born in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts just a few years apart from each other.  Quoting from an email by John Tinkham:   "..., and one of them moved with an Elizabeth to CT, and did marry #2 Sarah Rising; the other Samuel remained in Taunton/ Raynham MA.  One was born 1656; the other 1664.  One married Elizabeth Bourne; the other married Abigail Pratt. I come from the one who stayed in MA.  One was son of Edward, the other was son of Samuel Sr. [married to Elizabeth White]"

Some are saying that the father of the Samuel that married Elizabeth Bourne & Sarah Rising is Edward Hall, even though all the information that I have previously received says that it is Samuel Hall, Sr. who is son of George.  I am descended from Samuel married to Elizabeth Bourne and also through his second marriage to Sarah Rising:   John Hall, b. to Samuel Hall and Sarah Rising, who married Hannah Guild; and Nicholas Hall, b. to Samuel Hall and Elizabeth Bourne, who married Rachel Gary.  I have created the 2 Samuels and have disconnected my Samuel from Samuel Hall, Sr. married to Elizabeth White, for the time being.  Samuel, Sr. is still in the database but he is rather free-floating and not connected to the other Halls at present.  These Halls I have in my genealogy are the Connecticut Halls spoken of below.

They also say that my Samuel Hall, who is married to Elizabeth Bourne, was bornin 1656 rather than 1664.  I have changed this also.

Quoting again from John Tinkham, "I am descended from the Sam who remained in Taunton MA and his wife Abigail, and I am convinced that he was from George.  But those who research the CT Halls  and Risings are convinced that they are the ones who come from George.  They all seem to have inherited shares in the iron works in Taunton started by George Hall and his associates.

"So you are welcome to join the fray and maybe you can resolve it."

I am NOT going to do original research on this.  Two Contacts you can talk to about this:

John Tinkham -  email address is
Joseph Hall - a Historian of the Halls of Rehoboth - email is

The Robert Lindsey Question

I have been contacted by Jack MacDonald who was planning on writing a book on the Christy's.  He is convinced that there were two Robert Lindsey's.  Please see Chapter 6 of the book on Julius and Agatha Barnett Christy.  You can access it by going back to my homepage and clicking on the Christy page.  Then scroll down til you see the Lindsey Addendum, just under Robert's name.  I only have very preliminary information on this, and I'm swamped for the next couple of months.  This is the best I can do for now.

Oliver Case, b abt 1765 md to Ezabel or Isabell Rockwood

There seem to be some inconsistencies in the genealogy of Oliver Case who married Miss Rockwood.  I have always felt like he was a weak  link in the line.  We had no siblings for him and  as far as I could tell, we knew too little about his birth family.  In posting a query at Genforum I got the following response:  "I'm not sure you have the right parents for Oliver as Jonathan Case Jr. and Abigail Case both were born and died in Simsbury, Ct.  according to Ruth Cost Duncan's book. I only have two of their children - James and Esther. Jonathan m. Abigail 9/25/1746 in Simsbury."  This was posted by Todd Case who's email address you can get by asking me.

Also, before that and now after I have received email from a Mr. Williaam T. Ruddock:

"I really believe that your Oliver Case is the son of Jonathan and Joanna (Mosher) Case.  I make that conjecture in an article just out in the NYG&B Record.

"I just posted the following on the Case Forum:
'The ancestry of Jonathan Case of Hoosick, New York Who Died Before 5
March 1810" is an article presented in the July 2000 issue of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Records, pp.193 - 209.

'Yes, this is the Jonathan who married Joanna Mosher and Alche Cronkhite.

'He is the grandfather of J.I. Case, Jerome Increase Case who founded the Case Tractor company. Jonathan was the father of 17 or 18 children so there are a lot of people interested in his ancestry.

'The conclusion of this article is that Jonathan Case of Hoosick is the Jonathan Cass born 16 May 1748 in Smithfield, Rhode Island to Nathan and Hannah (--) Cass. Nathan was the son of John
who was the son of Samuel, who was the son of John Casse of Hampton, N. H.

'The reasons for this conclusion are many and take about 8 pages of this article.

'This issue of the Record just shipped and should be available at libraries soon.

'This problem of Jonathan's ancestry has stumped many researchers for along time. I hope that this article is well recieved, and I would be interested in hearing from anyone who agrees or who does
not agree with the conclusion.

"Grace and Peace,

William T. Ruddock "

I will post more about my Oliver when I get a chance to look up the article.  It will be posted NOT to this page but directly to my file.

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