Christy Resource Page
Christy Resource Page

In the summer of 1998 I started to do some genealogy on the internet.  I placed some queries in the counties of Clark & Lewis Missouri asking for information about James Christy and Hannah Royce who are my 3rd great grandparents.  I had struggled for years with this family.  There seemed to be Christy's everywhere in Clark County and several seemed to have their names pop up over and over.  I couldn't tell anything from census work alone.  At Christmas time six months later I came home from a visit with family to an email saying that she, Evelyn Smith, was related to the sister of James Christy, Sr.  (I hadn't even know there was a Sr.)  Next she sent me a 60 page document with all the descendant information from Samuel on down.  Then she sent me the Ruth Turner Ziegel book.  Talk about genealogy heaven!

Since then my information has been added to immensely by Jim and Juanita Shelton who have spent countless hours in Kahoka with other researchers and tramping through cemeteries.  They have sent me stacks of information and tons of obituaries.  I can't tell you how helpful they've been. Now I feel like my own lines are untangled!

Several other researchers have sent Bible Records and their own family information.  Some have sent pictures.

I can not take credit for all the information provided on this site, because, as you see, there have been countless hours, and many people involved.  I have tried to identify those who have sent the information to me or other researchers in my notes and sources.  Unfortunately, neither gedpage, which creates the family group sheets under the Surnames button, or Word Perfect or Notepad, which helped me do the descendancy charts, will allow me to keep the Source notes. (Now you can look at the sources from the World Connect information which you can access by clicking here:  Baker/Helvy Database  It can show you pedigrees, descendancies & Register reports. I do want all of you who have sent me information to know how much I appreciate it!!

  Are you related to the Christy's or to the Shepperson family of Clark County Missouri?  Now that we finally have all the intermarriages untangled we thought we'd share what we finally know.  Click here to see the Christy-Shepperson Chart

Coming Soon!  Information from another source on the Lindsey/Christy connections.

The Christy Descendancy Charts were too old. Some information has been added or corrected.  They are difficult to reformat once I've made a Register Report, and I don't want to do it again.  Please see the new Register Report (located at the bottom of the screen) option from my World Connect information at  Baker/Helvy Database

choose any Christy and go to the bottom of the page and push pedigree.  That should take you to Julius Christy who married Agatha Barnett Christy.  Choose one of them.  Once there go down to the bottom of the screen again and choose Register Report.  If you choose to print this be aware that it is over 80 pages long and includes about 8 generations.

I'm so impressed with World Connect.  Is your information at World Connect?

Ruth Turner Ziegel's Book   (I call it  "The Descendants of Julius and Agatha Barnett Christy")

Message from the Compiler

Table of Contents
(Transcriber's Note:  I would recommend that you see the Table of Contents before deciding which chapter to see.  She has all surnames connected with the family, at least those that were listed in the chapter, listed under the chapter title.)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

 Chapter Nine

 Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

 Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

 Chapter Fourteen

 Chapter Fifteen

 Chapter Sixteen

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