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Yavapai County CEMETERIES

Given in the following table are the known Yavapai County cemeteries, their locations, and their descriptions where known. Specific burials can be researched at the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott.




Allred Cemetery Located in Prescott, it was used in the 1900s.
Andries, Pete Gravesite This Gravesite is located in the Poland Junction area.  Buried on private property off Highway 69, 1.2 miles south of Poland Junction Road, on west side. (1897)
Apache Nation Cemetery See Middle Verde Indian Cemetery.
Arizona Pioneers' Home Cemetery The Pioneer Cemetery is located in the city of Prescott and has been in use since 1911.  The plaque at the cemetery reads: Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery in grateful memory of Arizona Pioneers who lie sleeping on this mountainside.  By act of the seventeenth legislature 1945 Sidney Osborn, Governor John F. Sills Superintendent.
Ash Fork Cemetery

Ash Fork is a small northern Arizona community located on old Highway 66, just north of Interstate 40 in Township 21N 2W, Section 3 of Ash Fork Quad.  It was a railroad town and center for the cattle business and is famous for its flagstone quarries.  The cemetery, in use since 1887, is situated north of the railroad tracks outside of town.

Grant and Margie Brown surveyed this well kept cemetery in March 1992.  There are many unmarked graves and several markers are difficult to read.

Sources other than grave markers include obituaries from Prescott, Arizona newspapers; mortuary, church and death records Social Security Death Index; and files and records in Sharlot Hall Museum Archives.  Because various sources were utilized there may be discrepancies in name spellings, dates and places.

Aultman Cemetery The exact location of this cemetery is not known, however the town of Aultman is in the Middle Verde Quad.  It is possible this could actually be the Middle Verde Cemetery.
Azteca Cemetery No information.
Beck's Quiet Place Cemetery This family cemetery is located at the home of Ronald and Vicki Beck in Paulden and had vurials in 1965 and 1966.  Paulden is a growing community on Highway 89 south of Ash Fork and north of Chino Valley.  In its early history it was a station on the Prescott to Ash Fork railroad.  In 1926, the town name was changed from Midway Grocery to Paulden at the request of O. T. Pownall, whose son Paul was accidentally killed here.
Bilyk, Drew S. Gravesite Located at Cordes Lakes, the burial took place in 1984.
Black Canyon Cemetery The Black Canyon Cemetery is located in the southern part of Yavapai County in the Bradshaw Mountains and has been in use since 1965.
Boblett/Boblitt Cemetery Located in Prescott, it was used in 1895
Bradshaw City Cemetery No further information.
Bumblebee Cemetery Bumblebee, Arizona
Camp Date Creek Cemetery This was a military cemetery in which the burials were disinterred and moved to San Francisco.
Camp Hualapai Cemetery Also know as Camp Wood Cemetery
Casner Cemetery 

The Casner Cemetery is located on East Beaver Creek Road in Sedona and is on the former Casner Ranch (private property). A plaque located in the cemetery lists 4 burials as follows:

     Salatia Casner, b. 24 Apr 1880, d. 15 Jun 1880

     Katy Casner, b. 11 Apr 1901, d. 12 May 1901

     Jency Casner, b. 1786, d. 1890

     George Clark, b. 1881?, d. 1905

Cedar Glade Cemetery Also known and the Puntenney Cemetery, North of Paulden, no other information.
Cherry Cemetery Located in Cherry, Arizona, burials have taken place since 1898..
Chino Valley Cemetery Located in Chino Valley South, burials began in the 1920s.
Christopherson Cemetery No other information.
Citizens Cemetery

Citizens Cemetery, located at  815 East Sheldon Street ,  Prescott,  Arizona, began in early June 1864 with the burial, on public land, of Colorado Legislator Joel Woods.   His obituary, in the Arizona Miner on June 22, 1864, stated that the Hon. Mr. Woods was buried “on a beautiful ground just east of the town which will be reserved for a public cemetery.”  At various times since, it was known as Town Cemetery, Prescott Cemetery,  City Cemetery,  County Cemetery and Citizens Burying Ground.  The United States deeded the land to Virginia Koch in 1876.  After later changes in ownership, Citizens Cemetery was sold to Yavapai County in 1884.  This entity has retained ownership since that time.

The cemetery has more than 2,700 known (and many unknown) pioneers interred on 6.5 acres.  Burials continued on a regular basis from 1864 to 1933.  Following 1933, burials were held only for persons or family members who had already reserved a plot.  In August 1994,  Citizens Cemetery was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and later included in the Prescott Armory Historic Preservation District.  In order to protect the historic integrity of the cemetery, the Board of Supervisors has now closed the cemetery to all burials.

Citizens Cemetery is populated with a wide spectrum of individuals—miners, ranchers, merchants, soldiers, and pioneer wives and children--who settled and developed central and northern  Arizona during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The very young share their final rest with the very old, the wealthy with the poor and the bad with the good.

One of the most notable people buried in the cemetery is Crawley P. Dake, seventh United States Marshal in the Arizona Territory, serving during the time of the Earp brothers.  Much less notable, but very infamous, was James Fleming Parker, known locally as a train robber, horse thief and for killing the assistant district attorney at the courthouse.  He was interred in the potter’s field following his public hanging for the latter crime.  Each person interred at the cemetery contributed to the founding and growth of this area.  Their stories provide the history of Yavapai County .

The Yavapai Cemetery Association, a group of volunteers, has been in a working partnership with the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors since February 1995.  It is the association’s goal to restore the cemetery in order to reflect its significance as a historical landmark.  Repair, maintenance, landscaping and historical documentation are among the many projects involved in the on-going restoration of  Citizens Cemetery

Clanton Gravesite The Clanton Gravesite is located in Cordes Junction, dated 1883.
Clear Creek Cemetery The cemetery is located about 3 miles east of Camp Verde and a quarter of a mile south of Verde Park Rd, on the east side of the road. The cemetery has been in use since 1899.
Congress Cemetery Located in Congress, Arizona, the cemetery has been in use since 1910.
Congress Pioneer Cemetery Located near Congress, burials took place between 1887 and 1954.
Cook's cedar glade cemetery

Located on Airport Drive in Sedona on the former Cook Ranch, it was recently deeded over to the Sedona Historical Society by Gene Cook, grandson of the founder Henry Elmer Cook. There are about 118 known burials there. Many members of Sedona pioneer families are buried there including the city's namesake, Sedona Schnebly


Cooper Ranch Located in Wagoner, Arizona, burials took place from 1890 to 1925. See also Wagoner Cemetery.
Cordes Junctions Gravesites The gravesites are located near Highway 69 between Prescott and Cordes Junction, Cordes Lakes, AZ. Burials took place from 1883 to 1984.
Cornville Cemetery No information.
Cottonwood Cemetery Located in Cottonwood, Arizona and still in use, the earliest burial was in 1879.
Cremations Prescott
Crookton Cemetery No information.
Crown King Cemetery Located in Crown King, Arizona in the Bradshaw mountains.
Dead Horse Cemetery The Dead Horse Cemetery is located within the Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona. Burials were from 1920 to  the 1930s.
Del Rio Cemetery Del Rio Springs, north of what is now Chino Valley, was chosen as the site of  Fort Whipple in December 1863.  Here the fort’s first cemetery was located.  In May 1864, the fort and the burials from the cemetery were relocated some 22 miles south to Prescott .  Settlers in the area continued to use the old military cemetery for burials. Burials date from 1871 through 1930.
Dewey Cemetery No information.
Death in Yavapai County, Buried Elsewhere People who died in Yavapai County but whose remains were shipped outside the county are also listed in the Sharlot Hall Cemetery Database.
Drake Cemetery No information.
Dugas Cemetery Located in Dugas, Arizona.
Elliot, James W., Gravesite Prescott Valley, buried 1946
Ferguson Cemetery Aka Morrell Cemetery, Prescott, 1898 to 1994.
Fort Verde Cemetery Burials disinterred and moved to San Francisco.
Fort Whipple Cemetery Also known as Prescott National Cemetery and the Veterans Cemetery located in Prescott.
Genung Cemetery Also known as Peeple's Valley Cemetery. The Genung Memorial Park Cemetery is located in Peeples Valley about 25 miles southwest of Prescott on the east side of Highway 89 in Township 11N, Range 4W, Section 19.  The land adjoining the old Peeples Valley Pioneer Cemetery was donated by Ed Genung of the Genung pioneer family to the Wranglerettes, a woman’s civic organization of Yarnell in 1956.  It is a neat, well cared for cemetery with American flags flying on most of the veterans’ graves. Burials began in 1957.
Gleed Cemetery No information.
Granite Mountain Cemetery Also known as the Las Vegas Cemetery, the Pierce Cemetery, and the Williamson Valley Cemetery.
Granite View Cemetery See Rolling Hills Cemetery.
Guttry, Mary W. Gravesite Camp Verde, 1905
Hamblin, Joseph Le Roy Gravesite Prescott, 1916
Henderson Cemetery The Henderson family cemetery is located in Township 13N, Range 1E, Section 2 of Humboldt Quad on the Henderson Ranch in Dewey, AZ. It has been in use since 1930.
Heritage Memorial Cemetery See Redwood Memorial Gardens.
Hillside Cemetery No information.
Hoagland Gravesite Black Canyon Highway, 1889
Humboldt Cemetery The community of Humboldt is located on Highway 69 in Township 13N, Range 1E, Section 11 of Humboldt Quad.  The cemetery, in use since 1907, is on the east side of Highway 69 about ¾ mile northwest of town.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Also known as the Odd Fellows Cemetery, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery is located at 400 N. Virginia St., Prescott, Arizona and has been in use since 1876.  The cemetery was owned and operated by the Prescott I.O.O.F. Lodge until 1972 at which time it’s operation and maintenance was turned over to Mountain View Cemetery of Prescott.
Jerome Cemetery Jerome, Arizona, burials between 1897 and 1942
Jerome Valley (Lower Jerome) Cemetery Clarkdale, Arizona, in use from1909 to 1948.
Kentucks Grave The Kentucks Grave is located in the Crown King Quad.
Kirtland Cemetery No information.
Las Vegas Cemetery Also known as the Granite Mountain Cemetery, the Pierce Cemetery, and the Williamson Valley Cemetery.
Masonic Cemetery The Masonic Cemetery is located in the city limits of Prescott on Carondolet Street in Township 14N, Range 2W, Section 33 of Prescott Quad. The first burial was in 1865 and it is still in use today.
Mass Burial Prescott, 1912-1928
Masse Ranch Family Cemetery Poland Junction, 1964-1988
Mausoleum – Mt. View Prescott, no information
Mayer Cemetery West of Mayer, 1907 to present.
McCabe Cemetery McCabe, Arizona
Memorial Park Cemetery Prescott, Arizona, no further information
Middle Verde Cemetery The Middle Verde Cemetery is located about 2 miles west of I-17 off the Middle Verde Rd. on Reservation Loop Road.
Middle Verde Indian Cemetery Also know as the Yavapai Nation Cemetery and the Apache Nation Cemetery, the Middle Verde Indian Cemetery is located about 2 miles west of I-17 off the Middle Verde Rd. on Reservation Loop Road.
Miller Valley Cemetery Also known as the Ritter Cemetery and the Simmons Cemetery, the Miller Valley Cemetery is in Prescott. The first burials were in 1877 and it is still in use today.
Morrell Cemetery See Ferguson Cemetery.
Mountain View Cemetery Mountain View Cemetery is located at 1051 Willow Creek Rd. Prescott.  An article in the Prescott Journal Miner Sunday Morning March 6, 1910 page 8 col 4 gives a little history on the cemetery: The Mountain View Cemetery association yesterday began work on their project, digging post holes and stringing woven wire on the northern lines, which measure about eleven hundred feet across.  A force is also employed in laying out roads and paths in the enclosure and a well is being dug to irrigate the tract.  A pumping plant will be placed on the ground for this purpose.  A car load of cement will arrive Monday for the walks and gullies and the entire eighteen acres placed in order for the purposes intended.
Nelson Cemetery Nelson, Arizona
Oak Creek Cemetery No information.
Octave Cemetery Octave, Arizona
Odd Fellows Cemetery See Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery.
Old Skull Valley Cemetery John Hamilton Dickson founded the cemetery in 1864 on his land in Skull Valley.  This site was adjacent to a dugout in which he lived.  Today (1993) the remains of this old pioneer cemetery are on the Bochat Ranch on Iron Springs Rd in Township 14N, Range 4W, Section 33 of Skull Valley Quad.  On November 17, 1864, John Dickson and Mary Jane Ehle were the first couple married in Prescott; the ceremony being performed by Governor John Goodwin.
Palace Station Cemetery Alfred Barnum Spence and his wife Matilda arrived in the Prescott, AZ Territory area in 1875, and sometime later founded a ranch in Crook Canyon in the Bradshaw Mountains.   In 1878, Spence established the Palace Station stage stop there.  It is located in Township 12N, Range 1W, Section 18 of Groom Creek Quad.
Peeple's Valley Cemetery See Genung Cemetery
Peeple's Valley Pioneer Cemetery Peeple's Valley, Arizona
Perkinsville Cemetery & Gravesite Perkinsville was a small community on the Drake and Clarkdale branch of the A. T. & S. F. Railroad with a railroad siding and post office.   In 1900 Marion Alexander Perkins brought cattle, horses and mules to the valley in a two-year drive from Ft. Davis, TX.  The small town became known as Perkinsville in 1912, named for the Perkins family.  A post office was established in 1925 with Annie Perkins the postmistress.  Today it is the end of the line for the sightseeing train that leaves Clarkdale and winds its way along the Verde River. The cemetery was established in 1902 and is still in use.
Peterson, Ole Gravesite Ole Peterson owned 140 acres of land known as Point of the Rocks and the Lime Kiln Ranch.  It is located in Township 15N, Range 2W, Section 36 of Prescott Quad.  He is buried with on his ranch with only a piece of wagon axel sticking out of the ground to mark his resting place.
Pica Cemetery No information.
Pierce Cemetery Also known as the Granite Mountain Cemetery, the Las Vegas Cemetery, and the Williamson Valley Cemetery.
Pioneers' Home Cemetery See Arizona Pioneers' Home Cemetery
Prescott National Cemetery See Forth Whipple Cemetery.
Prescott National Forest Gravesites No information.
Puntenney Cemetery See Cedar Glade Cemetery
Red Rock Cemetery Also known as the Schuerman Cemetery, it is located in Sedona, Arizona
Redwood Memorial Gardens Also known as Heritage Memorial Cemetery, it is located at Dewey, Arizona.
Ritter Cemetery See Miller Valley Cemetery.
Rolling Hills Cemetery

The  Rolling Hills Cemetery is located in the city of  Prescott in Township 15N, Range 2W Section 26 of Chino Valley South Quad.  The cemetery is a product of the Great Depression.  In 1933 Lester Lee Ruffner saw the need for inexpensive burial plots and made land available to residents who could not afford burial plots elsewhere.  Thus Rolling Hills was established and burial sites were sold for between $5.00 and $10.00.  According to sources found, most burials occurred between 1933 and 1950.  In Ruffner’s records burial #1 is that of Andre Kavacs with a burial date of  16 June 1933, and the cemetery was called Granite View.  Shortly thereafter the name was changed to “Rolling Hills”.  It appears the burials were segregated according to their race.

In about 1956, Lester Ward “Budge” Ruffner deeded the cemetery land to the city of  Prescott with the provision that there be no more burials unless in already purchased plots.  An April 2, 1958 motion in the minutes of the city council prohibited further burials.  At the present time (1993) a portion of the cemetery is on private ranch land owned by the James family.  The cemetery was never surveyed or platted, so no one can be sure how many people are buried there.

Rynearson Family Cemetery Kirkland, Arizona, no further information.
Santa Maria Pioneer Cemetery Northwest of Wickneburg, no further information.
Schuerman Cemetery See Red Rock Cemetery.
Seligman Cemetery Seligman is a small northern Arizona community located on old Highway 66, just north of Interstate 40 in Township 22N, Range 6W, Section 1 of Seligman Quad.  At one time it was a booming railroad town.  The cemetery is situated south of town and can be seen from the freeway near the western exit of Seligman.
Simmons Cemetery See Miller Valley Cemetery.
Skull Valley Cemetery The cemetery is located about 15 miles, west/southwest of Prescott on Iron Springs Road. The cemetery was started in 1899 and is presently in use.
Skull Valley Cemetery - Old The single unmarked grave of Earl Strowbridge is located on the ranch of Howard and Hulda V. Christopherson about 17 miles from Prescott on Iron Springs in Township 14N, Range 4W, Section 33 of Skull Valley Quad.  In 1900, Mrs. Christopherson’s grandparents owned the land.  In notes by Hulda’s mother, Pearl (Roberts) Coughran Ahlefeldt, the grave is that of Earl Strowbridge.  He was not related to the family and it is unknown why he was buried here.
Squaw Peak Cemetery Salt Mine Road
Stanton Cemetery No further information.
Thompson, Myrtle Irene Gravesite The gravesite is in Chino Valley on the northwest corner of Highway 89 and Center Street behind the Log Cabin Inn. The burial was in 1977.
Valley View Cemetery The Valley View Cemetery is located in Clarkdale AZ in Township 16N, Range 3E, Section 29.  The cemetery is old with graves dating back to the very early 1800’s
Veterans Cemetery See Fort Whipple Cemetery.
Wagoner Cemetery

The Cooper Ranch is located about 18 miles east of Highway 89 on the Wagoner Rd. in Township 10N, Range 3W, Section 20.  The town of Wagoner was named for early settler Ed Waggoner and the post office was established June 6, 1893 with Minerva A. Waggoner the postmistress.  Today nothing is left of the town but an old building or two.  The cemetery is on a hill east of Cooper Ranch house and north of the road to Crown King.  There are rock indicating a number of graves but only one headstone survives.

Walker Cemetery No further information.
Walnut Creek Cemetery Camp Wood, Arizona
Walnut Grove Cemetery Walnut Grove, Arizona
Weaver Cemetery Weaver, Arizona
Wilkinson Family Cemetery The Wilkinson Family Cemetery is located on the Granite Dells Ranch owned by Jay Wilkinson in Township 14N, Range 2W, Section 1 of Prescott Quad.  This dedicated and recorded cemetery is situated on a hill on the south side of Highway 89A.  At present there are three graves enclosed in a chain link fence.
Williamson Valley Cemetery Also known as the Granite Mountain Cemetery, the Las Vegas Cemetery, and the Pierce Cemetery.
Wood Spur No further information.
Yavapai County Cemetery Located in Prescott, it has been in use since 1959.
Yavapai Nation Cemetery See Middle Verde Indian Cemetery.


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