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Arizona Births and Deaths

Oral Histories

These oral histories were compiled by members of the San Pedro Valley Arts and Historical Society. They spent countless hours interviewing, recording, and transcribing these oral histories.

Currently we have just the index to all the histories on line. In time we hope to begin adding the histories themselves. If you see a name that interests you and you would like a copy of the history, Contact Us to request a copy.

These files may not be copied in their entirety. Individual entries may be copied only by individuals for their private, non-profit, non-commercial use. Any other use, including publication, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission by electronic,mechanical, or other means requires the written approval of the file's author, San Pedro Valley Arts and Historical Society.

Acuna, Ignacio
Aquirre, Mary Belle Barnard
Apache Powder History
Baker, Sammy & Bingham, Audrey
Barney, Eldon & Shirley
Barrera, Frances
Barrow, Mabel
Bearse, Loring
Benson, James Richard
Benson Reminiscences by Bechetti, Fred
Benson Story
Benson & Cochise County Adventure
Bernal, Hilbert Jr.
Bernal, Hilbert Sr.
Best, Benson “Shorty”
Bingham, Audrey & Baker, Sammy re: Museum
Black, Baxter, Cowboy Poet
Brown, Albert 1/15/94 Grandson of Dr. Schwabb
Early Benson - Dr. & Grandmother was Benson School Principal
Brown, Clea
Browning, Betsy
Bundy, Winfred
Burton, Ruth Choate
Bulter, Carolina C.
Butterfield Trail Days
Buzzards Roost
Castaneda, Jose Miguel
Cemetery 7th St. - Bingham Audrey
Cemtery, Old Benson
Comstock, Clifton & Mildred
Coons, Clifford (Shorty)
Crawford, Elizabeth (Betty)
Darnell, Katherine
Dunbar, John & Thomas Edward
Dunbar, Marcia (Smith)
Eavenson, Wallace
Ellsworth, Edward
Ellsworth, Edward - Original Owers on 5th Street
Ellsworth, William
Fenn, Vay 1987
Fenn, Vay 1999
Fenn, Vay - Ohnesorgen, Dora - Phelps, Gloria - Sunderland, Nedra
Frick, Susan Adair DeRosier
Gamez, Beatrice F.
Gamez, Beatriz Castelum
Gamez, Bernardo
Garrison, Jim Lecture
Getzwiller, Donaleta
Guerra, William
Hales, Harvey
Hamilton, Dick
Haupt, Carl 2/21/1996
Haupt, Cart 9/14/2004
Haverty, Virgil
Herrmann, Ann 9/22/1898 – Born
Herrmann, Ann  Neighborhood Remembrances
Hi Wo
Holcomb, Rosa
Husband, Liz
Ivey, J. A. Jr.
Jarvis, Mary Elizabeth
Jennings, Marguerite
Jones, Chauncey T.
Kartchner Caverns, Info.
Kartchner, Lois Martnel
Keith, Ada
Kennedy, John F.
Kenworthy, Ray
Kline, Jack
Land, Rose
Larson, Louise Fenn
Lee, Jerry & Judy
Lee, Matt 8/25/93
Lee, Matt 9/3/93
Lee, Page – Jerry – Edward
Lopez, Mary Quihuiz with Gradillas, Maria Teresa
Lopez, Pancho
Lowery, Amy
McGoffin, Geraldine (Jerry)
McMinimy, George
McMinimy, Wanda
McRae, Jack
Manzingo, Peg
Martin, Armida Calderon Romero
Mejia, Katherine
Moncada, Lolly
Montgomery, John
Murray, Jerry Ashton
Naegle, Carl
Naegle, Lynn
Nichols, Marie Jackson
Ohnesorgen, Dora – Getzwiller, Donaleta – Bingham, Audrey
Ohnesorgen, Dora 11/20/1990
Ohnesorgen, Dora 8/22/2002
Oldfather, Betty Garber 3/27/1996
Oldfather, Miles
Pages Palace Fight
Pennington, Ida Lee Lancaster
Phinney, Chad
Pomerene History
Presidents of S.P.V.A.H.S.- First Three
Quinn, Irene Lineau
Richards, Christina
San Pedro Valley Arts & Historical Society Founding
Schmazel, Lucille, & Herrmann, Ann
Searle, Geneva Lewis
Shanefelt, Sunny Beverly
Sherman, Bruce & Geneva
Shilling, Arthur T.
Sierakawsky, Joe – Cypress Johnson Mine
Smith, Betty Lou Durham
Smith, James – Cowboy
Southern Pacific RR Roundhouse at Fresno CA
Southern Pacific RR Old Depot Building
Stephans, Kitty & Baker, Sammy
Stephans, Catherine E. – Memorial
Stevenson, Petra Figueroa - My Ancestors
Talley, Mabel Kelly
Thomas, Odell
Traywick, Gena – Tombstone Wild Bunch
Tres Alamos Rio San Pedro
Tres Alamos, Bill of Sale
Tres Alamos - Land Claims - Jay J. Wagner
Venable, Genevieve
Wagner, Ida Williams
Wattles, Jeanne
Webb, Paul & Oda May
Webb, Paul & Oda May – SPV Museum
Whaley, Lorene
Wilharm, Peter & Patricia
Williams, Bill & Effie
Williams, Jane
Wo, Hi
Woolsey, Ed
Zupic, Emma Marshall

Early Benson AZ Surnames

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