Early Benson Surnames
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Arizona Births and Deaths

Early Benson Surnames

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Heads of Households in Benson, AZ 1900

Names are taken from the 1900 census. Not all names were easy to read. We did our best.

Ashburn, James R
Baker, John
Bandelio, H
Blacklidge, Laura
Burr, George
Callahan, May/Mary E
Carter, M E
Castenad, Miguel
Chisholm, Alexander
Clark, Frank
Cline, Andrew
Collins, Arthur J
Cooley, Lewis
Cosby, James M
Dunbar, John
Eckert, Daniel
Etz, Henry W
Fisk, Charles
Frank, Sarah
Frew, John
Friedman, Lena
Friedman, Samuel
Gerwein, Herman
Gibson, William F
Guapo, Locio
Halloway, Bert
Harris, Charles
Harz, Zak
Henry, John
Hull, Ralph
Land, William
Lipp, Fred
Lujan, Cresencia
Lutley, Charles
Macer, Bernard
Majors, George W
Marques, Margurita
Marshall, William
Martines, Lorette
McBride, William
Mejia, Manual
Meyer, Hanz
Ohnesorgan, William
Oman, Joseph
Ortes, Francisco
Pillays/Pillaga, Peter
Redfield, Melinda
Riser, Thomas A
Roberts, James
Robles, Francisco
Romaro, J
Rupert, H
Salazar, Fransisco
Sanders, Chas
Saranville, Z
Schmitt, John B
Shilliam, William
Sin, Ah
Skinner, William
Southerland, Louis B
Squival, Ramolo
Trujillo, Carmen
Trujillo, Juan
Walker, Henry
Watkins, Isaac
Webster, Frederick
Wimberly, Harry
Wo, Hi
Yunetz, Jac
Zeek, William

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