The purpose of the Phoenix Genealogy Society is to:
  • Provide a forum for shared Genealogy Issues
  • Provide help and guides for members who request it
  • Do selected research for corresponding Genealogy Societies and individuals
  • Do peer review of member files when requested

Establish Roots With Genealogy

The Phoenix Genealogical Society is open to all persons with an ardent desire to learn more about where they, and their ancestors, came from and where they might be going. A search for a lost ancestor is a puzzle with no end. One branch of the family tree leads to another.

Genealogy is the number one hobby in the world today.

You can be an asset to this Society or to another genealogical society. Guests are always welcome to attend the regular meetings. If you are interested in membership, we urge you to come visit us. Our year is from January-December and the dues are $30/ind. and $35/family. Thank you.

September 10, 2019 - 1:00 - 3:00pm  (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FOR THIS MONTH ONLY)

Robert M. Wilbanks, IV - will be speaking this month on "Lesser Known Resources"

  NOTE: Please try and remember to check the website occasionally for special announcements and details of upcoming meetings.

This Society meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except on holidays. Meetings start at 1 p.m., Family History Center, 3102 North 18th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ.

The Society's membership consists of semi-professional and many beginning genealogists with a few qualifying in between.

If you are a professional genealogist, you can assist in helping others find their past and their ancestors within this Society.

If you are a beginning researcher and need assistance, a mentor can help to get you started.

Biographical Sketches

Our Society has encouraged everyone to start their genealogy research by recording what they know and moving back in time. All of us have first hand knowledge about ourselves and should start with a biographical sketch of our life. A personal history starts with our birth and includes when, where, those around us, happenings at the time and conditions surrounding us.

Our childhood history includes happenings, health, fun times, sad times, visitors in our home, playmates, siblings and their association. Expand it with school days, schools attended, teachers, best courses, activities, socials, and sports. What was your routine before and after school, what chores did you cover or did you work outside the home? How did you meet your spouse, what was considered an appropriate proposal, was it on bended knee, courtship and the marriage, where, when, and the ceremony. When did you first meet your in-laws, first impressions. Married life, your home, who was the cook (could you eat the food) or did you eat fast-food meals , finances, outside pleasures? Where did you work, salaries, associates, advancement, failures? Children, names, dates, places of birth, moving, illnesses, an idea of what life was like for them. Activities, recreation, politics, civic endeavors? Church/Synagogue activities. Achievements social, clubs, sports, travel, and leisure-time reading, favorite books, authors. Accomplishments, failures, plans for the future.

With this data recorded someone, someday will know you lived and breathed and a great-grandchild may feel they knew you. If you wait for a descendant to write your history you may not be pleased. If you answer each of the questions above with two paragraphs, you will have a 25 page history and leave a valuable gift to those that follow. Your gift will be a legacy and save them the arduous task of searching as you have searched. Reveal it to them now in a personal history.

September 2016
Award of Excellence
given in much appreciation to one of our charter members: Keith Nelson