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Your Family Group Sheet or Descendents Chart of a Greenlee county ancestor could be posted here with a link to your email address. Please be sure to remove references to any person still living, then email your contribution with your family report embedded in the email body or attached as a txt, doc, rtf, or pdf file.

Family Group Sheets
Catherine &
Joseph Leslie Crabtree in Duncan AZ 1960August 1960 Joseph and Ethel Crabtree.
This photo was probably taken sometime in 1927 of baby William Ellis Hill, first child of Wycliffe (Crabtree) and James William Hill.

Descendants Charts

Photo contributed 22 Jul 2015 by Gloria Torres. "This picture of the Agustin Guerrero family was taken in 1917. The family lived in Morenci 1909 to 1920. Agustin died in 1909. My Grandmother Sara (nee) Ramirez remarried and moved to Miami, Arizona and then to Fullerton, California where she died in 1927. The children from left to right are Isabel born 1912, baby Carmen born 1917 and Francisco born 1910. I would appreciate any information about my family."

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