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WAR  DEPT --------------JUNE 1946

						OF DEATH

Acton, William J.	19106292	SGT	KIA
Alvarez, Gregorio R.	38071490	PFC	KIA
Amberson, James P.	0-675901	2 LT	DNB
Araiza, Felipe M.	39850968	PVT	DNB
Arriola, Vincente M.	39853326	CPL	KIA
Bates, Raymond		39728937	PFC	KIA
Boltarez, Inocente R.	19106625	S SGT	FOD
Boyer, Elmer E.		38002071	PVT	DOW
Burbank, Frederick C.	0-431115	CAPT	KIA
Burns, Robert T.	38002614	PVT	DNB
Camarena, Frank C.	39858724	PVT	DOW
Campbell, Frank A.	38002061	TEC5	KIA
Carlton, Wilson		39847644	CPL	DNB
Carpenter, Joseph L.	38002945	T SGT	KIA
Castro, Silvestre P.	39858720	PVT	DOW
Cecil, Robert L.	0-737727	1 LT	FOD
Clark, Vernon F.	39856338	S SGT	KIA
Cole, Lowell R.		39866487	PFC	KIA
Conway, William F.	0-020512	LT C	DNB
Cordova, Manuel A.	39858723	PFC	KIA
Craddock, Kenneth S.	39856341	SGT	FOD
Craig, Calvin R.	39582393	PFC	KIA
Davies, Warren A.	39866475	PVT	KIA
Davis, Richard C.	0-854415	CAPT	FOD
Dennis, James G.	0-816707	2 LT	KIA
Deshazo, Jack T.	39867890	PFC	DNB
Diaz, Antonio E.	39860503	PFC	KIA
Dona, David A.		39850521	PVT	DNB
Duarte, Albert C.	39856875	PVT	KIA
Eades, Floyd J.		19020228	CPL	FOD
Eaves, Harold E.	39850515	PFC	KIA
Ellis, Henry J.		39862573	PVT	DNB
Farley, Talmage E.	38000070	SGT	DOW
Ferguson, Robert E.	38012673	S SGT	DNB
George, Raymond G.	38072859	CPL	DOW
Gonzales, Alfred C.	38000634	PFC	KIA
Guerrero, Jesus O.	39859583	S SGT	FOD
Gunter, Manning		0-464823	CAPT	KIA
Guzman, Triso R.	39865885	PFC	DOW
Harney, Adam J.		18097342	PVT	KIA
Hemovich, Steve		0-577880	CAPT	DNB
Hernandez, Manuel H.	38000077	SGT	DOW
Johnson, Donald W.	38002651	PFC	KIA
Johnson, James H., Jr.	18186534	S SGT	KIA
Kellam, Harry M.	0-225583	MAJ	DNB
Kidde, Alton		38002761	PFC	KIA
Loera, Orlando		0-663632	1 LT	KIA
Lopez, Guillermo R.	39847646	PVT	KIA
Lyles, Dudley N.	39864802	PVT	KIA
Martinez, Jesus A.	39863008	PVT	KIA
Martinez, Norberto C.	39582451	PVT	KIA
McElhaney, Luther G.	 6529331	CPL	KIA
McMillan W. F., Jr.	39847395	T SGT	KIA
Mejia, Felipe G.	39850893	PVT	KIA
Moore, Dwaine I.	18000555	SGT	DNB
Morales, Manuel R.	38001734	PFC	DNB
Morgan, Coy L.		01287743	CAPT	KIA
Osborne, Floyd E.	38003677	PVT	KIA
Painter, Lonnie V.	38100558	PFC	KIA
Peace, William A.	39849769	SGT	DOW
Portillo, Albert S.	39579697	PVT	KIA
Rabago, Fernando H.	18017299	CPL	DOW
Redman, Robert S.	42165886	TECH5	DWB
Reed, Frank D.		38000453	PFC	KIA
Reyes, Edward G., Jr.	38070852	PVT	KIA
Reyes, Mike P.		38070942	PVT	KIA
Rodriquez, Eulocio	38003659	PVT	DWB
Romero, Albert		39849090	PVT	DOW
Rose, Billy L.		 6955075	PFC	DNB
Ruff, Glen A.		39866488	PFC	KIA
Russell, Lawrence J.	T-008968	FL O	DNB
Salas, Jesus M.		39854386	SGT	KIA
Saucedo, Fred C.	19105960	SGT	KIA
Shivley, Jack E.	0-387622	1 LT	DOW
Smothers, W.T.		39849549	TECH5	DOW
Steinke, William W.	0-749552	2 LT	FOD
Troglia, John		38000472	PVT	KIA
Vasquez, John G.	39579717	PVT	KIA
Vuletich, Robert	39847727	SGT	KIA
Wanslee, Thomas, Jr.	0-763799	2 LT	DNB
Watts, Thomas E.	T-190458	FL O	DNB
Williams, Tommy L.	02018262	2 LT	DNB
Young, Arch B., Jr.	39856673	CPL	KIA
Yurko, George		38803915	PVT	DNB
Zavala, Alfonso H.	39866283	PFC	KIA
KIA = Killed in Action
DNB = Died Non Battle 
DOW = Died of Wounds 
FOD = Finding of Death Individuals 
who were determined to be dead under 
Public Law 480 are designated "FOD"

Submitted by Constance Diamond
Transcribed by Gail Meyer Kilgore


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