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Thank you for visiting this free genealogical site about the history of Arizona. We hope you find helpful clues for your research of Arizona ancestors.

State Coordinator: Gail Meyer Kilgore [email protected]
Assistant State Coordinator: Linda Simpson [email protected]
Assistant State Coordinator: Colleen Pustola [email protected]

Yuma County La Paz County Santa Cruz County Pima County Cochise County Graham County Greenlee County Gila County Pinal County Maricopa County Yavapai County Mohave County Coconino County Navajo County Apache County

Clicking on a county on the above map will send you to the county's GenWeb site.

Apache Dolly Patterson [email protected]
Cochise Jean Walker [email protected]
Coconino Colleen Pustola [email protected]
Gila Gail Meyer Kilgore [email protected]
Graham Colleen Pustola [email protected]
Greenlee Shannon Lanning
La Paz Norma Hass [email protected]
Maricopa Pat Wilson [email protected]
Mohave Colleen Pustola [email protected]
Navajo Linda Simpson [email protected]
Pima Norma Hass [email protected]
Pinal Gail Meyer Kilgore [email protected]
Santa Cruz Diana DeLugan [email protected]
Yavapai Diana DeLugan [email protected]
Yuma Norma Hass [email protected]
Volunteer Opportunities

HELP is NEEDED to make this AZGenWeb project bigger and better.

One thing AZGenWeb volunteers have in common is a desire share valuable genealogical and historical information with others. You can make one-time contribution(s), commit to short-term task(s), and/or take on a long-term role.

If you have the interest and time to help in any way, please volunteer. We need people to monitor and report any typos or broken links. We need people to donate family histories, document images, and/or photos for the Arizona county sites. We need people to locate and/or transcribe data. We need more people available to provide basic assistance to researchers. We need more county coordinators. We need you!

Become a Contributor. Contributors transcribe and submit information & data that can be published on one of the county websites. Contributions can be as simple as posting a surname you are researching or making a query. Contributors also share information by gathering information, such as tombstone readings, obituaries, sharing historic photographs and transcribing data that is then published on the county website by the county coordinator.

Become a Lookup Volunteer. Lookup volunteers offer to do lookups via e-mail in genealogical resources that they own or have access to. Every county coordinator is searching for volunteers to help researchers with simple lookup requests. If you have access to cemetery records, county and town histories, marriage information, or any other genealogically useful data, then contact the appropriate county coordinator and tell him or her you'd like to be a lookup volunteer for their county website.

Become a County Coordinator (CC). CCs manage & maintain the county web sites. CCs come from different backgrounds. They are men and women from young to older and can live anywhere there is access to the internet. The only prerequisites are having a sincere interest in the genealogy of the county they coordinate, and the ability to use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to maintain a website. Learning website maintainence is easier than it may appear to be. Current AZGenWeb volunteers who are willing to help new coordinators.

If you would like to volunteer to assist on an existing County project, please contact the County Coordinator listed for the specific county.

PLEASE, don't hesitate to participate. Every little bit you contribute will be appreciated.

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