Hello, and welcome to Apache County, Arizona.  My name is Dolly Patterson and I am your volunteer coordinator for this site.  Feel free to contact me if you have information, family stories, vital records, photographs, or anything you think others would like to read or see and that help preserve the history of Apache County.

Apache County is located in the northeast corner of Arizona, and was created from Yavapai County on 24 February 1879. It is 7,151,360 acres in size.

Apache county has an interesting and varied history, and runs the gamut geographically; from the beautiful canyons and rock formations located on the Navajo Reservation in the north part of the county, to the cool mountains and streams in the southern portion of the county.

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(Excerpts from John J. Dreyfuss' "A History of Arizona's Counties and Courthouses")

Online Historical
Apache County Newspapers
St. Johns Herald: 1885-1903 
St. Johns Herald: 1905-1917 
St. Johns Herald: 1917-1938 
Snips & the St. Johns Herald: 1903-1905 
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