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James MCVEY Sr./ James MCVAY Sr. was born about 1786 in NC, and died about 1856 in prob. Jackson Co., OH. He married Tacy DARBY / Tacit DARBY February 16, 1804 in Randolph County, NC, daughter of William DARBY and Signet RUSHTON. Tacy was born about 1789 in NC, and died after 1850. Scroll down on this page to see a more complete timeline for James McVEY / McVAY. Note for TACY/TACIT DARBY: I am assuming her original name was Tacit, but I have never seen it used in regard to her.

Children of JAMES MCVEY and TACY DARBY are:
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JANE / JENNY2 MCVEY, b. December 27, 1805, Randolph Co., NC; d. February 16, 1882, Vinton County, OH. She married JOSEPH GRAVES April 20, 1820 in Jackson Co., OH, son of Jonathan GRAVES and Ann HINSON. He was born June 14, 1789 in NC, and died February 16, 1870 in Vinton Co., OH.


REBECCA MCVEY, b. Abt. 1811; m. WILLIAM DUGAN, October 19, 1832, Jackson Co., OH.


JAMES MCVEY, b. 04 Apr 1817, OH-prob. Jackson Co.; d. 09 Feb 1896. He married ELIZABETH CORRICK 26 Nov 1835 in Hocking Co., OH, daughter of Frederick CORRICK and Permelia CHILCOTE. She was born January 21, 1816 in VA, and died April 22, 1895.


NANCY MCVEY, b. 1819, prob. Jackson County, OH; d. 1901. She married CHARLES HUTT January 12, 1837 in Jackson County, OH. He was born 1816.


WILLIAM MCVEY, b. 25 Dec 1821, OH, prob. Jackson Co.; d. 08 Feb 1887 probably in Schuyler Co., OH, where is is buried in Darby Cemetery. He married Nancy Norris LEACH 17 Dec 1841 in Jackson Co., OH, probably the daughter of Harrison B. LEACH and Margaret MCGINNIS. Nancy was born 04 Aug 1823 in OH, and died 11 Feb 1894. She is also buried in Darby Cemetery.


TACY ANN MCVEY, b. Abt. 1825, Jackson, OH; d. November 1867, Lancaster, Schuyler Co., MO. She married Teague RAY September 16, 1841 in Jackson County, OH, son of William RAY and Sarah BENCH. He was born October 03, 1824, and died April 05, 1909.


JOSEPH MCVEY, b. 1829, in OH; d. November 07, 1882, Harrison Co., MO. He married Emily (Emma) CORRICK 1849 in Hocking Co., OH, daughter of Frederick CORRICK and Permelia CHILCOTE. She was born 1831 in OH.



Brackets indicate a reference number. See references below this timeline.


BORN in NC [5] 1787 [15] 1789-90 [?] ~1789 [8]
in Randolph Co., NC [15] (formed in 1779)

1804/Feb 16

MARRIED Tacy Darby in Randolph Co, NC. Marriage confirmed by [6]

1804/early Sept

They traveled to Ross Co., OH by a wagon train that started in Chatham Co., NC, with about 40 men, women, & children. They most likely traveled to Charleston, VA, (now WV), where, the goods were transferred to a keel boat, the wagons beings taken apart and loaded on the boat with the women and children, while the animals were driven through overland.

At that time, there was no wagon road through the forest. Arriving at Gallipolis, OH, the goods were again transferred to the wagons and the journey resumed as before. (They traveled some 58 miles going through Jackson) and arriving at their destination of Richmond Dale (in the SE corner of Ross County). (Was it really the SE corner then???)

Nearly all of these families were Quakers or had Quaker backgrounds. They may have been drawn here because of the early work of Thomas Beals, the first Quaker preacher in the Northwest Territory. Beals died in 1801 at Richmond Dale, his coffin a hollowed tree, and buried on what is now the Presley Caldwell farm. [23]

Ohio Map in 1803


They encamped for about six weeks near the present site of Richmond Dale, where friends preceding them had already made a temporary settlement." [23]

1805/Dec 27

His daughter, Jane (Jenny) McVey was born. [8] 1805 [6]
in NC [6] in Randolph Co., NC [8] (the place is off!!!!
Is Jane really his daughter? [6] but the time is right!)


Rebecca was born Is Rebecca McVey his daughter?

1809/Feb 17

Father-in-law, William Darby, remarried in Ross Co., OH, to Hannah Andrew.


Jackson County, OH, was formed from Ross County,etc.

1817/Apr 4

Son, James, born - [6] - - - - - b. in 1817 [8]
in OH [5] - - - - - Jackson County [6][8]

1820/Apr 20

Daughter?, Jane McVey, married Joseph Greaves/Graves in Jackson Co., OH [18]


Living in Richland Twp, Jackson Co., OH, for US Census [2]

1821/Dec 25

Son, William, was born [6] in OH

1822/Jun 10

Section 9 Range 18 was originally surveyed. [14]

1826/Mar 6

James & Tacy McVey sold 70 acres for $50 from the north part of Section 16 of Township 9 Range 18 in Jackson Co., OH, to Paul Sruck. They were also listed as being from Jackson Co., OH. [14]


James paid a chattel tax in Jackson Co., OH.

1830/Jan 18

James & Tacy granted a quit claim to Solomon Waldren for 20 acres in Section No 16 Township No 9 Range No 18 [11]


Living in Richland Township, Jackson Co., OH [3]


James paid chattel tax for 1 horse and 1 cow/steer [13]

1836/Apr 30

Tacy's father , William Darby, died [7]


Living in Richland Township, Jackson Co., OH [4]


Paid chatel taxes in Jackson County [9]
1 horse - Value $40; 2 cattle - Value $16 (All horses were given the same value & all cattle were given the same value). James Jr. was also listed.

1841/Nov 17

Son, William McVey, married Nancy Norris Leach in Jackson County, OH.

1842/Apr 23

Son, William purchased land in Jackson County. SE ¼ of SW ¼ of Section 10, township 9 of Range containing 40 acres for $82.50 from Peter Miller.

1846/Nov 11

James bought 40 acres at the land office in Chillicothe, OH, via a land patent for the SE quarter of the NE quarter, Section: 10 Township: 9 N Range: 18 W [19] later referred to as the "third parcel of land".


Richland Township incorporated into the newly formed Vinton County, OH.

1850/Aug 29

Living in Richland Township, Vinton Co., OH, [5]
(V. Co. formed from Jackson Co.)


Paid property taxes on two pieces of property:
Range 18 - Township 9 - Section 10 - S 1/2 NW
¼ - NW¼ (20 acres)
Range 18 - Township 9 - Section 10 - Part W 1/2 - NW
¼ (33 acres)

His son, James Jr. had 120 acres that adjoined his property.


James Sr. paid taxes on his third parcel of land that he owned in the same Section 10 - SE ¼ of the NE ¼.


Festus Colton paid taxes on this third parcel of land.


James Fury paid taxes on this third parcel of land.


James' son, William McVey, paid taxes on this third parcel of land.


Estimated Death - - - - - - - - 1851 [15]
in Richland Township, Jackson Co., OH [15]

No cemetery stone listed for James in Vinton County.

1856/Aug 12

The land in R18-T9-S10 S ½ NW - NW (20 acres) & Part W ½ - NW (33 acres) was sold to Humphrey Clark.


William Wyatt paid taxes on all land previously owned by James Jr. & James Sr.


Humphrey Clark paid taxes on land previously held by William McVey.

REFERENCES for James McVay / McVey Sr.


1810 US CENSUS Ross County, OH


1820 US CENSUS Jackson Co., OH Richland Twnshp Pg.146
"James McVey" Completion of County Dated: 2-19-1821
1 female - less than 10, 1 female - 10 & under 16, 1 female - 26-44
1 male - less than 10 & 1 male - 26-44





James McVey


1 female (wife)





1 female



1 male

<age 10

1 female

<age 10


1830 US CENSUS Jackson Co., OH , Richland Twnshp

"James McVay" Dated: _____________ (Drawer 17/7, Roll 134)

James 40 & under 50 (1780-1790)


1840 US CENSUS Jackson Co., OH, Richland Twnshp
"James McVey Sen." Dated: ????? (Drawer 11/3 Roll 405) pg 41
Listed as male age 40 & under 50; 1 daughter & 2 sons at home.
He was living next to son, James McVey.
Also, living next to Chls Hutt, who was next to Wm Dougan.


1850 US CENSUS Vinton Co., OH, Richland Twnshp
Dated: 29 Aug 1850 Pg 273 (545) ED 148 (Drawer 16/5 Rol 736)
James & Tacy were living 3 houses away from son, James & Elizabeth McVey & family.
(Vinton Co. created in 1850 from Athens, Jackson, Galia, Ross, & Hocking Counties)
"James McVay sen " 63 NC farmer
Tacy 61 NC


Earle Brown


Correspondence with Robert D. Mankin, Jr.


Robert DeFore, Gedcom file, received 2/98


Assessors Book for 1841 - Original Book -searched 7/92
George M. Adams, Auditor of Jackson County
LOCATION: Basement Vault (door is kept open) of Jackson County Courthouse
Book is either smoke damaged or water damaged.
No other Assessment Books were found.


Court Motion found in Book D, pg 320, County Clerk's Office, Jackson County Courthouse (3rd flr)
"...having produced to the Court Deeds of release and quit claim from Samuel Darby, Tacy McVey and her husband James McVey..."


Jackson County Courthouse (OH), Deedbook B-17, page 17
This Indenture made this 18th day of January 1830 between James McVay and Tacy his wife of the County of Jackson and State of Ohio of the first part and Solomon Waldren of the County and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of $5 to them in hand paid by the said party of the second part The receipt whereoff [sic] is hereby acknowledged and quit claimed by these presents doth bargain sell
demise and quit claim unto the said party of the second part and to his heirs and assigns forever all that tract of Land lying and being in the County aforesaid and bounded as follows ?viz? being a part of section No 16 Township No 9 Range No 18 and in the south part of the second lot and to commence at the south west corner of said lot and thence thirty five poles east to a locus [sic] stake thence runing [sic] one hundred and four poles North to a maple tree thence running with the main branch west to an ash stump and thence south to the place of commensment [sic] containing twenty acres more or less togeather [sic] with all improvements ?terea?ditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or any wise apertaining and the reversions remainders rents issuess [sic] and profits thereoff [sic] and allso [sic] all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever of them the said party of the first part either in law or equity of in and to the above bargained premises and every part and parcel thereoff the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns to the sole and only propper use benefit and behoof of the said party of the second part.....(signed) James Mcvay Tacy (her mark) Mcvay
Witnesed by Wm Reed, Hannah Reed, & Martha Reed


Map of Richland Township, Vinton County
Book Title????
Pub. Titus, Simmons, & Titus; Philadelphia; 1876; reprint 1975; pg 21


PROBABLE TITLE: 1830 CHATTEL & LAND TAX DUPLICATE - Unlabeled book (cover is missing) 8 X 13 inches In Jackson County Courthouse Attic, Found in stack of other books of same size. Stack is next to aisle, on the left, close to stairway. Note: Attic is very dusty! (See Ohio Research File for Evidence of Year)

Xeroxed pg 15 - No 4 Richland township, Town. 9 Range 18

Land & Houses
Owners Name

Original Proprietors




¼ or


Value incl Houses

State & Canal Tax

County & school

Total Tax

Darby, Samuel





Nwof E ½






Xeroxed pg 17

Chattle property
Owners Names

# of Horses & Mules


# of Head Cattle



St & Canal Tax

Co. & School T

Total Tax

McVay, James pg 17










Jackson Co., OH, Courthouse, Recorder’s Office, Deedbook A, page 363-4


This Indenture made this 6th day of March in the year of our Lord 1826 between James McVey &Tacy McVey his wife of the County of Jackson &State of OH of the first part & Paul Sruck of the County &State aforesaid of the second part Witnesseth that the said party of the 1st part for &in consideration of the sum of $50 in hand paid by the said party of the second part the receipt whereof is hereby considered &quitclaimed &by these presents doth bargain sold remise &quitclaimed unto the said party of the said past &to his heirs & assigns forever all that Tract or parcel of land lying &being in the County aforesaid &bounding as follows &being a part of the 16th Section of Township 9 Range 18 &north half of the sun_? Lot & the main branch is to be the division line containing 70 acres the same more or less as by reference to a lease from Robert Brown Nathan Cox &Hezekiah W. Roberts trustees of the Original surveyed Township 9 Range 18 bearing date June the 10th day 1822 together with all &Singular ?hen?ditaments & appurtenances thereunto belonging as in any wise appertaining & the reversions remaind__ &remainders rents issues and proffits thereof & also all the Estate right_ title interest Claim or demand whosoever of them the said part of the first part either in law or equity of in & to the above bargained premises every part & parcel this of the said party of the second part his heirs &assigns to the Sole & only proper use benefit & behoof of the said party of the second part his heirs &assigns forever In witness whereof we the ___ party of the first part have hereunto set our hands & seals the day &date above mentioned. Signed Sealed in the presence of us. Philip Waldren Daniel Roberts
(signed) James McVey Tacy McVey
The State of Ohio Jackson County Personally appeared before me the subscriber an acting Justice of the peace for said County The within named Jamed McVey who did acknowledge the within deed to be his lawful deed &act for the express purposes within names. Also Tacy McVey his wife being examined separate &apart from her husband acknowledged the within deed to be her voluntary act &deed &she execute ___ same without the threats of her husbaNd &family relinquishes her right of dower to the premises within named &also that the same be admitted to record. Given under my hand & seal this 6th day of March 1826 Solomon Redfearn JP
Rec’d and Recorded Sept 1st, 1826


Info from Edie May (Ray) Parmeter


T.L.C. Genealogy
Orange County, North Carolina Taxpayers 1784-1793,
CR 1991 LOCATION: Orange Co. Public Library, NC 27278


Ratcliff, Clarence E. (compiler), North Carolina Taxpayers 1679 - 1790 Volume 2
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc
Checked BUT NEED to see if any McRae is listed at bottom of pg 143
NEED 1st page or 2 describing where he got these names.

McVay, Daniel



McVay, David



McVay, John



McVay, John



McVay, Patrick



McVey, Patrick




Hixon, Marriages in Jackson County, OH 1816-1866,
Greaves, Joseph to McVey, Jane 20 Apr 1820


Patentee: JAMES McVey, Land Office: CHILLICOTHE Document Number: 14024, Title Authority: CASH ENTRY SALE, Signature: Y Signature Date: 1846/11/01 Description Number: 1, Aliquot Parts: SENE, Section Number: 10 Township: 9 N Range: 18 W, Base Line: OHIO RIVER SURVEY, Total Acres: 40.0000 Fractional Section: N, Canceled Document: N, Multiple Patentee(s): N Multiple Warantee(s): N, Access Number: OH1350__.465 Image Name: 00021716, Image Type: P Volume ID: 051


Michelle Parada, The Darby Surname Message Board Message #82 Wednesday, February 09, 2000

[22] (LDS) 2/11/00 submitted by Lucille Gano
Husband: James Joseph MCVEY (AFN:VT2D-KD) Born: 1787 Place: Chatham Co, NC


Tacy (Arledge) Lewis, email, Sun 3/5/00 10:54 PM

[24] Southern Ohio taxpayers in the 1820s : Gallia and Jackson Counties
Adams, Marilyn :compiler. - Atlanta: Heritage Research, 1979. 53 p. ; 28 cm. Pub.: 1979
LOCAT: Columbus Metropolitan Libr. No : 929.309771 A215s 1 at Main BioHisTrav Ohio Collection Cannot check out
LOCATION: Denver Public Library---CALL #: G929.377185 A215so LOCN: GEA U
Pg _____ McVay, James 1828 chattel Richland Twp RI/17
Found notes on: Vol. 2 ????? McVey, William H. 1928-1957 - was that 1828-1857???? Ridgewood Milton Twp.


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