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Exulanten is the name given to the Protestants that were forced out Austria (estimated as many as 100,000) during 16th to 18th century. The largest wave of about 22,000 left the Salzburg area in 1731/32. Most went to East Prussia (Germany - Poland, Lithuania and Latvia) but some went to Siebenbürgen and Banat (today's Romania), Hungary and to parts of today's Slovakia.

This mailing list covers all these geographical areas and its purpose is to help genealogists exchange information and to trace the families that were displaced.

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Some useful background information, posted by Roland Barth:

First a little perspective from my own research. As already indicated, Exulanten were forced from what today is Austria since as far back as the 16th century. According to Georg Kuhr, an authority on the subject, about 90 percent of what today is Austria was evangelical (Lutheran) after 1555. The Counter-Reformation had differt periods of expulsion in different parts of what today is Austria. The word Exulanten, stems from EXUL CHRISTI (in German: verbannt um Christi willen). Kaernten and Tirol had some very early protestant refugees, many went initially to other parts of today's Austria. There were many Exulanten from the Muehlviertel, Waldviertel, and Laendle ob der Enns during the early 17th Century. Many of these settled in Frankonia (Franken). They helped to re-populate parts of Franken which had been severely depopulated during the 30 years war (1618-1648). First the minor nobility, ministers and teachers were expelled, later the common people: farmers, weavers, etc. The last big push in the Counter-Reformation came during the 18th Century (1730s). Most of these refugees passed through what is now Bavaria and wound up in Prussia. These were also called "Salzburgers" because most came from the Salzburger Land. There are many books listed on this subject. The Gesellschaft fuer Familienforschung in Franken, located in the basement of the Staatsarchiv in Nuernberg, has published several books about Exulanten which left parts of Austria in the 17th century and settled in Franken (Frankonia). They have an extensive library of Exulanten works and surnames. So if anyone is doing research in the Lutheran part of Franken, you are almost sure to have Exulanten as ancestors. I have more than 10 Exulanten surnames myself. For the Salzburgers, there is the Salzburger Verein e.V. in Bielefeld, Germany. They have an extensive library and surname list for the 18th Century Exulanten.
Well, I tried to give a little background on the topic of Exulanten for the benefit of the people on this new list.
Good luck,
Roland Barth
Bellevue, Nebraska

See also: The EXULANTEN from Austria by Felix Gundacker, IHFF

Die Emigration von Protestanten ( Exulanten) im Zuge der Gegenreformation.
Ihre Zahl soll mehr als 100.000 betragen haben. Noch 1731erfolgte die Ausweisung von etwa 22.000 Protestanten aus dem Pongau und Pinzgau (meist nach Ostpreußen). Rund 1200 Protestanten aus Oberösterreich (Salzkammergut) wurden unter Maria Theresia nach Siebenbürgen und ins Banat verschickt ("Landler").

Exulanten, aus den österreichischen Ländern ausgewiesene Protestanten des 16.-18. Jh., die in Deutschland aufgenommen wurden. Die bedeutendste Gruppe waren die Salzburger Exulaten von 1731/32, die in Ostpreußen eine neue Heimat fanden. 1684 wurden die Deferegger Exulanten aus Ost-Tirol vertrieben, 1685/86 lutherische Knappen vom Dürrnberg ( Bad Dürrnberg). Es gab aber auch viele Exulaten aus Österreich unter und ob der Enns.

Siehe auch: Die EXULANTEN aus Österreich von Felix Gundacker, IHFF


Gollub, Hermann, Stammbuch der ostpreußischen Salzburger, Salzburger Verein e.V.

Gundacker, Felix (IHFF), Records of "Exulanten", Protestants persecuted for their religious beliefs, deposited in Preßburg (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

Lehnert, Walter, Die oberösterreichischen Exulanten im ehemaligen Brandenburg-Ansbachischen Oberamt Stauf-Landeck: Versuch einer volkskundlich-historischen Eingliederungsforschung, Verzeichnis der oberösterreichischen Exulanten im Bezirk des ev.-luth. Dekanats Thalmhassing im 17. Jahrhundert, Neustadt/Aisch: Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken, Kommissionsverlag Degener, 1962. 224 p., iv p. of plates : ill. ; 21 cm. (Freie Schriftenfolge der Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken ; Bd. 14)

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