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Küstenland -- the former Austrian Littoral -- is a historic region and is not part of today's Austria. The region saddles the borders of the following countries:

The former territory of Austria at the rim of the Adriatic, defined by the border with Italy established along the Iudrio River on the west and the province of Carniola on the east, including some areas of eastern Friuli that were incorporated into Italy after WWI but were made part of Slovenia after WWII. The Austrian Littoral extended to Carinthia on the north and included Trieste and the Istria Peninsula to the south.

Major cities and towns include: Pola, Trieste, Duino, Grado, Monfalcone, Cervignano, Gradisca, Cormons, Sagrado, and Gorizia. A list of former Küstenland towns with current names is now available on the FEEFHS site.



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