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All The Forest Where My Trees Link   - From at least four original convicts and free settlers over 8 generations to Tasmania my family lines have spread an joined to hundreds of other lines within Tasmania and from there across the globe. Many families still in Tasmania will find their links on these pages, as will their overseas connections.

The ANDREWS / PRITCHETT Family   - Three lines of our family have settled in Victoria after a period of time in Tasmania. Brothers John & James Andrews were transported to Hobart in 1828. James Hayhoe, his wife Susan Whatley and young family were assisted immigrants to the Launceston area in about 1837. Capt Henry Miller, accompanied by wife Jane and family was posted to Hobart in the 1820's and later retired there.

BAILEY Family Tree - The family of James Alexander and Jane Bailey who emigrated to Tasmania in 1834 in the 'Mansfield'.

BAREFOOT/BARFOOT John - (c1778-1846) and wife Elizabeth ms CHURCH (c1788-1843), both ex-convicts, arrived Port Dalrymple (Launceston) VDL on the schooner Little Mary which left Sydney 22 May 1820. Their children married BIRD, CASSIDY, CLOVER, CRONIN, GRAVESS, HOCKEY, McNALLY, SODEN, WILCOX.

William BARLOW following the trail from Lancashire to Tasmania - Great info on a Tasmanian early settler family

The Story of Eli BEGENT - Story of Eli Begent transported to Tasmania on "Indefatigable" in 1812 and links to his descendants including Clarence Begent pilot on the Tamar, Walter Begent lost overboard from the Tilikum and Jennie Begent who sailed around the World.

The Family Tree of the BELLENGER & DILLEY Families - This site includes the Descendants of William Dynan, of Limerick Ireland and the Descendants of William Bellinger, of Doncaster,Yorkshire. Both families, in the 1800's, eventually settled in the northern regions of Tasmania.

Ancestors of Naomi June BENSON - Includes the descendants of 1825 convict Edward TILLEY, 1826 convict John Robert BARBER, 1838 convict Andrew McKenzie GALLOWAY and early settlers James & Martha HALL and Henry & Emma WILLIAMS.

BESWICK Family History - The family of Thomas Beswick (1805-1877, transported in 1823 from London) and Mary (Mackenzie) Peck (1813-1886, b. Sydney to Alexander Mackenzie, c1770-1819, and Ann Clarke c1792-1840 who was transported 1810 from Liverpool), their descendants and related families, mainly of North and North East Tasmania.

BLYTH / COOLEY families - My web page is devoted to compiling stories of my ancestors from the Scotland, ireladn & England. BLYTH / BARLOW/ COOPER / COOLEY /CORKERY /EWART & TOWNS. I am particularly interested in gathering stories, letters, diaries and photos to display here.

The History of the BOULTBEE Family - Edwin Boultbee was the founder of the Tasmanian Boultbee's emigrating there in 1823. Some of his descendants still live there whilst others live on the mainland and at least one is now living and working back in England. His brother John who was also in Tasmania for a while was one of the first white men to visit New Zealand working as a sealer and wrote a contempory account of his adventures.

The Andrew BROWNELL Family Home Page   - Family tree for the BROWNELL & ALLFORD families In Tasmania including: Aisbitt, Allpike, Asprey, Burrows, Burt, Butler, Davidson, Drake, Finlayson, Freeman, Greenslade, Groom, Hawley, Hite, Hurst, Lord, Miller, Minnett, Neal, Newman, Paine, Pendrell, Philpott, Preston, Propsting, Roday, Rowell, Salier, Sharman, Sloper, Stevenson, Temple & in Britain: Bispham, Breeze, Cooper, Doel, Ellington, Hawkins, Hayatt, Hodson, Mueller, Rhodes, Royer, Seddon, Von Probstein, Wesson, Whyte.

BURBURY Family Home Page - A website devoted to the history of the BURBURY family of Tasmania. It includes an on-line family database, plus transcriptions of several publications relating to the family, including Thomas Burbury - A Pioneer of Van Diemen's Land (1979), written by Wynifred Sinclair. The site also includes information on the BURBURY surname and variants worldwide.

CHUNG-GON, James - Early China Australian Connection.
As a young lad James came out to Australia from China, and settled in Launceston Tasmania where he became prominent citizen. Some artifacts made by his wife Mary, are found in the Queen Victoria Museum of Launceston. Site includes history, genealogy and much more!'

COME AND MEET THE RELLIES - Most of the people in this database are from the north east of Tasmania. There are 2224 individuals and 727 families representing 537 surnames in this database. The most common surnames in this database (in no particular order) are : Wright (135), Haas (108), Kerkham (99), Britton (42), Down (38), Lehner (42), Story (132), Newman (45),Fletcher (78),Corney (65).


COX of Dorset - The story of Cox family of Wimborne Dorset, the birthplace of William Cox who built the road across the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and whose son James Cox built Clarendon in Evandale Tasmania in 1838. Story of all his issue included.

CROOKS / REID Family Tree   - This site contains information about members of the following families: Crooks, Reid, Tolson, Bedford, Hutcheson, Badcock, Jackson, Turnbull, Briggs, Pearce and Hepburn among others.

Lisa's Genealogy Pages - This WebSite is dedicated to the memory of my GG-Grandfather, Charles Davis 1824-1914. Charles Davis was the founder of Hobart's "Charles Davis Limited", "one of Australia's oldest and most successful companies". He will always be remembered by his proud family for his personal achievements and contribution to the people and charities of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Included are: four Family Trees with 100s of surnames; the History of Charles Davis Ltd.; the Davis Family of Middlesex, England; Records; Photo's; Genealogy Links; an 'Unsolved Mystery' and lots more!

John DEVEREAUX b.c.1777 and Harriet McCARTHY 1789-1860 and Family - This website by Hartley Budd traces some of the history of the Devereux family of Bridgewater in the Derwent Valley with links to First Fleeters, John McCARTHY and Ann BEASRDSLEY, parents of Harriet McCARTHY.

Genealogy of the DUMARESQ or DUMARESQUE Family - Genealogy of the family of Edward Dumaresq (1802-1906), Surveyor-general to van Diemans Land who took up a grant of land at Mount Ireh, Tasmania in 1835.

The FLACK Genealogy website   - Includes Tasmanian Flacks, with searchable database and a site messageboard/forum to post your questions.

FOSTER of Launceston - George FOSTER (b 1803) was the longest serving Pilot on the Tamar River, Senior Pilot at Low Head Station, and resident at William St Launceston Tasmania. George's occupation and where he lived are put into historical context and details of his family are given.

The FRASERS of Tasmania - Please visit my wonderful page on Tasmania, my family tree names include - Fraser, Weavell, Floyd, Taylor, Jordan, Grace, Webb, Pugh, Cox, Quinn, Wright, Allen, O'Brien, Harman, Palmer, McCarty and Davies. My History as a Priest in the Anglican Church, and a hobby Page. I am doing all descendants of John Weavell.

The FYSH family of King's Lynn - Several of the children of John Fysh of Islington, London, emigrated to Australia, two of them to Tasmania: Philip Oakley Fysh and Frederick Lewis Fysh. They have left many descendants living in Australia today.

GARDINER & COOPER Family - Journey through Time   - My research/family tree includes names Gardiner, Cooper,Gough, Hall, Bird, Guest, Bateman and many others

The Global Family Project   - The Global Family Project is the work of a number of researchers who have found that their family histories are linked in some way. A large number of these researchers are Australian and the site contains information on some of the major immigrant/convict families of Tasmania and Norfolk Island. Surnames include JORDAN, BUTLER, SALTMARSH, LUNSON, DALTON, WISE, COX, HODGETTS and RUSSELL.

Jonathan GRIFFITHS Australian Heritage - Lists 8,000 plus descendants of Jonathan Griffiths (ex convict) who arrived in Launceston 1820 - went on to build the first bridge across the North Esk river in Launceston. Many descendants still live in Tasmania

The Ancestors of DJ GRIFFITHS - Including "Mr. Archibald James Manning, died at his country home near Launceston 8 Jul 1960. Mr. Manning, was born in Ireland in 1901 and came to Tasmania in 1923 after several years in New Zealand. He worked for a city produce merchant for some time, then joined Nettlefolds Pty. Ltd in Launceston. He leaves a widow,a son, and a daughter."

Tony HARRISON'S Family & Other History Pages   - My site has information on Capt Samuel Wright Second Commandant of Sarah Island convict station. His grand nephew James Edward Wright, school teacher, and their families. Also James Harrison, convict and his wife Catherine McCarthy and their families. Main family names - Wright, Jessen, Madsen : Harrison, McCarthy, Skinner, Munnings, Patmore, Seaton.

Marc HILLMAN'S Homepage   - Results of my family history research efforts, including details on 3 ancestors who arrived in Tasmania as convicts (Charles Blake SKERRETT, Edward WOODHART & Louisa HODGES). Lookups from 'Notorious Strumpets & Dangerous Girls'

The HINGSTON Web Page   - contains information about Hingstons worldwide, including Tree HD which includes the ancestors and descendants of James Hingston (#33), who emigrated from Devon to Tasmania in 1842 with his 5 sons and 1 daughter. It is believed that most of the Tasmanian Hingstons are descended from James.

James and Samuel HOCKEY - brothers from Somerset, arrived VDL 1830 as convicts on the Sir Charles Forbes (3). They married BAREFOOT/BARFOOT sisters and left VDL in 1847 for Victoria.

HODGETTS family - FINALLY pieces of our KEATING / HODGETT / LUCAS / GASGOINE puzzle are coming together (and making sense). If you have any formation re my family could you please contact me as soon as possible (my email address is at the bottom of each webpage). Cheers from Di Cummings of Melbourne

HOLMES - My Tasmanian Families and Links   - Holmes with links to; Thorne, Bell, Morrisby, Oldaker, Higgs, Adams, Hughes, Darcy, Kelly. Capt William Nassau Holmes Rtd from 60th Kings Royal Rifles and settled at Dilkhoosa, West Scottsdale in 1880 after service in Indian Wars and Taku Forts war.


JACOBS Family Home Page   - A genealogy of the following primary family names and key locations: JACOBS (South Australia & Isle of Wight, ENG), SHIELDS (South Australia), LEAR (Tasmania, Victoria and Gloucester, ENG), REHN (South Aust, Germany), KOOK/KOCK/KOCH (South Aust & Denmark).

Jens Tree From UK To Tasmania & Beyond - The site includes DAVISON, COFFEY/GILLINGHAN, THORP AND HOUSE families that settled in the Circular Head area mostly in the 1840s. Also MARSHALL, THORNBURY, GILLIES & BEDGGOOD families that settled on the East Coast around Bicheno and Seymour. Some moved to Queenstown in the 1890s.

Journeys to Van Diemen's Land   - The Tasmanian surnames that I have been researching include Davey, Hall, Heslop, Jordan, McCormack, McKay, Morse, Quinn, Riley, Sach, Shepherd, Taylor.

Judie's Aussie Genealogy - This page is dedicated to all my ancestors, The ones that I have found and the ones that I am still searching for!

Karen's Family Web Page   - This page lists the descendants of Richard WISE and Elizabeth DALTON who arrived in Australia in 1813 and 1815, and the descendants of Mary ROLLINGS, who had two husbands, Robert SIZER and Edward MURFET(T). Nearly all of her children by each husband, migrated to Tasmania at various times in the 1840's and 50's.

Genealogy of Stephen and Karen Karner - A portion of this website is devoted to the descendants of William PATERSON who arrived at Hobart-town on board the Calcutta/Ocean in 1804. Included are descendants of children born to his wife, Elizabeth (nee FIDLER), and also descendants of William's daughter by an earlier "relationship", Janet PATERSON (married Samuel GUNN) who arrived in TAS with William and his family.

James William KEATING - FINALLY pieces of our KEATING / HODGETT / LUCAS / GASGOINE puzzle are coming together (and making sense). If you have any formation re my family could you please contact me as soon as possible (my email address is at the bottom of each webpage). Cheers from Di Cummings of Melbourne

KINGSWELL family and descendants - Arrived Australia 1838, raised a family in Launceston, later emigrated to New Zealand around 1863. Some Kingswell descendants remained in Australia (and we'd love to hear you!). This site,, contains photo's and some narrative information on Kingswell members of the family.

LAIRD Family Roots   - The descendants of George & Rachel Laird from Fermanagh, Ireland. Their eldest son Henry Laird with his wife Elizabeth (nee Walsh) and family settled in Tasmania. This site has documents and photographs pertaining to Tasmania and Canada

Catherine LANGDON'S Family History Site - Includes research on Langdon, Salter, Fisher, Jackson, Orme, Butler, Kiddle, Hatfield, Langley & Guiver. So far I know that we had convicts in the Langdon, Fisher & Jackson families and am in the process of learning more about all these families - gradually. They covered areas of Tasmania such as Huon Valley, Derwent Valley (especially Hamilton), Hobart & Launceston among others.

LEE Genealogy Page   - Lee History contains information family tree and some written histories of Australian families that have been traced back as far as the first fleet. It includes a number of Tasmanian families such as Hodgetts, Lucas, Wheeler, etc.

LINTON Family Tree of Tas, Vic - Beams/Brelsford, Beams/Linton, Linton/Sheehan, Linton/Smith, Linton/Prisan, Smith/Morgan, Morgan/Jefferies, Jefferies/Willis, and other branches from lines.

Donald MACLEOD (VI of Talisker) - The Talisker MacLeods, now represented in Tasmania and Australia.

Mainly Tasmanian - Meryl Yost's home page - includes Ashman, Barker, Barrett, Berwick, Bonner, Chamberlain, Clifford, Edwards, Fisher, Heath, Parker, Rundle, Ryan, Treloggen, Viney and Wheldon families.

The James and Thomas MALLETT Family Tree Website! - The focus of the site is on our direct Tasmanian genealogy but includes some more detail on some branches.

MANNALARGENNA Resource Page   - Our family has some very interesting Aboriginal Heritage going back to Mannalargenna - An aboriginal chief in Tasmania who died in 1835, and Dolly Dalrymple, a Tasmanian icon who fought off marauding natives and for six hours. Her fighting spirit never flagged, not even when they tried to burn her out of her shack.

The MARSHALL Family Tree Database   - The Marshall Family Tree site started out as a hobby one or two days per year. As I became interested I found the Marshall family, on Enoch's side, arrived in Launceston and gradually spread out along the Northwest coast. I have tried to develop some lines into those families who have married into the Marshall family. I realise there may be one or two errors with some of these families, so any assistance would be appreciated.

Paul MATTHEWS Homepage - This site is about me and my family, but also contains listings of the following Tasmanian families: MATTHEWS, RILEY, BRAMICH, JACKSON, MOLLROSS, LOVETT, HEARD, TRINDER.

MIDGLEY - A Yorkshire One-Name Study - A study of the branch of the Midgley families in Tasmania who originated in England

The World of M*CH*M*RE   - M*CH*M*RE One Name Study. Contains the story of ELKANAH MITCHELMORE who left Plymouth 31 March 1833 with his wife and family bound for Hobart where he prospered. The Study also gives details of other variants of the "M*CH*M*RE" type, all of whom originated in the Devon area around Dartmoor.

Gavin and Helen (nee Kimberley) MOORE genealogy page - Welcome to the Gavin and Helen (nee Kimberley) Moore genealogy page. While members of this family are often the subjects of interesting and unusual stories, the intention here is to present a direct genealogy, rather than a composed family history. In time the more interesting and flavoursome portions will be selected out for inclusion in this , or a related site. Meanwhile we hope others sharing our ancestry might stumble upon the loose threads of these pages and help to darn the missing patches of the fabric of our lives into a fuller quilt of patchwork.

My Family History   - The following pages are the result of my research and many others on the following families in Tasmania and beyond: SMITH, LEVETT, ELLIS, BOMFORD and de BOMFORD, HARDMAN, RICHARDSON, DENNIS, DEASON, KERRISON, MCIVER/McIVOR and others such as CHRISTIE and TOBIN.

The NAISH/NASH Families of County Limerick, Ireland   - Michael Naish, convicted 7 years. Last convict ship to Tasmania. Dies a rich man in Melbourne, Australia. Owning 3 stone houses. Web page with related genealogy linked to Ireland, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Story of a convict and his brothers, gold miner, brick mason, farmer and lumber baron. Shanagolden and Grand Rapids, Wisconsin. Greenfield, Massachusetts. Family genealogy, pictures.

John NEWPORT - (c1772-1849) convict from Wiltshire arrived VDL 1820 on the Dromedary probably accompanied by his wife Fanny (ms SHAILER) and daughters Susannah (WIGGINS), Elizabeth (HOWELL), Sarah (WOODS, SMITH, CARTER, ROBERTS) and Mary (WELLS).

NIBBS Family Tree   - descendant tree of William David NIBBS, Swing Rioter, born about 1809 in Little Marlow, England. William married Mary Anne TIMONEY on September 22, 1845 in Church of England, Westbury and fathered 12 children. William was charged and convicted of having taken part in machine breaking with other Swing Rioters and sentenced to 7 years transportation.

The life of Ann ORCHARD (1827 - 1882) - Ann DINHAM (nee ORCHARD) was transported to Tasmania in 1852, leaving two young children with relatives in England, while her husband fled to America. In Hobart, Ann soon married another convict, Charles RIDDIFORD, and later John FOSTER, businessman and Member of the Legislative Council, with whom she had six children. In 1859, Ann's sister Maria THORNBURY and her husband William, came to Tasmania as free settlers, sponsored by John FOSTER.

PRENDERGAST Genealogy Page   - Includes seven Tasmanian convict ancestors - William O'NEIL, Jane COLLINS, William HURD, Thomas SAVAGE, James GUNYON, Sophia ROBINSON and Samuel BARRETT.

Presnell Families of Australia - This website currently has information on descendants of 3 different Presnell families, as well as some families connected to them by marriage. Many of these people resided in Tasmania. While only brief details are included at the moment, my aim is to expand on this and to also include photos. I am also aiming to add details of other Presnell families in the future.

PYCROFT GENEALOGY - My Mum's Folk were Convicts - A brief outline with lots of references about William HAYNES & Jane THOMPSON. William was a young shoemaker of Wolverhampton when he was transported in the "Equestrian(2)" in 1845. Jane, a 16-year-old thief from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne was transported in "Tory(2)" & eventually bore William 12 children.

Henry James RICHMOND (1854-1936)   - Henry owned and ran the "North West Post" newspaper in Tasmania.

William ROBERTS - convict from Bedford arrived VDL 1824 on Asia (1), married Sarah NEWPORT at Sorell in 1832. Left for Creswick, Victoria in 1852. Photo of Sarah ROBERTS taken in London in the 1870s.

William and Jane ROBINS - (ms ACKERLY) m 1807 Mabe, Cornwall, arrived as free settlers with children. Son Henry George ROBINS born At Sea 21 Dec 1833 on route to VDL. More chn b Hobart to 1838.

The SANDERS Family Tree   - This page provides a list of every surname in Ivan Sanders' database. Each one is linked to a family page and from there you can browse the whole tree.

SARGENT Family History - The brief history and genealogy of one Sargent family in Tasmania.

The SAYER Family - One branch of the Sayer family emigrated to Tasmania and Southern Australia from England. Another emigrated to "up-state" New York. The Australia group became prominent shippers.

Thomas SEVILLE & Ann LEWIS/LAWS - Thomas Seville & Ann Laws (widow) married 18 Mar 1811 Launceston, Thomas was with the 73rd Regiment and came on the "Dromedary" or "Hindostan" 1809, ?two children

SHEPHERD, PARTRIDGE & MURRELL Research - Traces John PARTRIDGE who served as constable, later becoming Superintendent at Launceston. The web site includes the SHEPHERD family who participated in north-east Tasmanian railway constructions. Related families include MURRELL, HENNING and SCOTT

SMITH/FELLOWS family   - Descendants of Thomas FELLOWS / SMITH and Sarah Ann FORD who were transported from Portsmouth, Hampshire, and Dursley, Gloucestershire to Hobart in 1838 and 1837 respectively. Surnames include BOWER, BYNON, SMITH, WILLIS.

Descendants of Captain John SPOTSWOOD   - This site contains information about one of the early families of Tasmania. In 1828, Capt John Spotswood, then stationed in Ireland exchanged his commission in the British Army for a grant of land in Van Diemen's Land. He arrived in Hobart Town in 1828 with his wife Elizabeth Waddington and seven children. He settled first in Tea Tree Brush and then in the East Bay Neck area. Many of descendants can be found in Tasmania. Descendants can also be found in Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland.


SULZBERGER Family Reunion   - The Sulzberger Family Reunion celebrating the arrival of the family in Tasmania in 1855 was held in Launceston in June 2005. This celebration culminated in a large gathering of families from Tasmania, Australia and New Zealand.

Robert TANNER'S Home Page - The Tasmanian families on this web site are mainly TANNERs, ALLANBYs and SPAULDINGS, and connected families. The Tanners came from Stroud, GLS, ENG, the Allanbys came from Flimby, CUL, ENG, and the Spauldings came from Birmingham, WAR, ENG.

Anne's TEVELEINs   - Teveleins from England to Tasmania.

The "Scattered Leaves" of THORNTON, HUMPHRIES, AVERY & STEIN - John TURNER (c.1793-1867), a coloured convict, was married thrice and had 10 children so far identified - three children in Sydney and the rest in Tasmania. John died eventually in Hobart, and his occupation was either Anchorsmith and/or Blacksmith. His Tasmanian descendants are not listed in this website, so please contact me for further details.

THURLEY Family   - The family data that this page links to represents the Great Hallingbury, Essex, UK THURLEYs and their descendants. Six convicts and one free settler were responsible for all listed Tasmanian THURLEYS.

The TILYARD Family - Tilyard family website for the descendants of Daniel Tilyard (c.1706) of Epping, Essex and Jane Graham (c.1714) of Radwinter, Essex. Today we are spread throughout Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, the UK and USA. Family History database Includes hundreds of descendants of Thomas Tilyard (1803 -1894) of Glenorchy, Tasmania, transported to Tasmania in 1823.

The people of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England) - To date I know of several folk from Tingewick in Buckinghamshire, England who wound up in Tasmania. John Cross - mason & bricklayer - emigrated in 1831/2 with wife Fanny [nee Terry] & 4 surviving children (4 more born in Tasmania). Fanny's brother Richard Terry and their nephews, Richard & Joseph, were transported in 1844 , arriving on the Agincourt with William Adams (also see Mabel Ruth ADAMS & her convict forebears, above), John Hale (who may have died on the voyage) and Thomas Spratley. William Adams then sponsored the emigration of his brother Thomas Adams in 1857.

Graham TONGS Family Tree - Traces the Tongs family from Hampshire to Tasmania via the Machine Breaker - John Tongs (transported in 1831) and his descendants. Also Machine Breaker information, pictures of North Motton and some WW1 diaries.

TRIFFITT - WELLARD - I am looking to list as many family members as I can, because it appears all us Aussie Triffitt/Triffetts are descended from the same James Triffitt. This also enables me to share info with other not so close relatives whom I come across in my searches.

TROTT family history - Outlining the history of one branch of the Trott family from Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, England and their migration to other parts of England, New South Wales and the New Norfolk district of Tasmania.

A Convict Ancestor - Bill & Rita Trowbridge - The fate of my GGG-Grandfather George Trowbridge has for many years been a mystery. After many years of research he was 'found' in Tasmania. This 'link' summarises the rich body of information obtained from the CRO, PRO and from Archives in Australia which has allowed us to piece together most of George’s story.

Walkers at Flack Genealogy   - Ancestors of James Alfred Flack - Trace your Tasmanian "Walker's" back to John Bessant in Bristol, England in 1688. Other Tasmanian names include Steers, Pinner and Pointon. The website has a fully searchable database and a message board to assist your searches. All names have at least one FLACK connection.

WATSON Family History   - This particular line of WATSONS arrived free to Van Diemen's Land in 1826. Brereton R. R. P.P. Watson married Cahterine Wade, whose father, JOHN WADE, arrived as a convict with David Collins in 1804. John Wade, in turn, married Catherine Morgan, daughter of RICHARD MORGAN, first fleeter, who settled at Clarence Plains, Tasmania.

Descendants of John WEBB and Eliza Carter ALOMES - John Webb was born on 27 May 1798 in Little Tew, Oxfordshire, UK. He died on 27 Nov 1873 in Sorell, Tasmania. They married on 10 Mar 1829 in Sorell and had 8 children. Over the generations this has resulted in about 250 Tasmanian surnames being included in the site.

WIDDOWSON Family History - The website has details about the descendents of Alfred Shepherd Widdowson (1856 - 1909) who settled in Georgetown, Tasmania, and many Widdowsons who later settled in Launceston. Other surnames include Wimble, Milbourne and Best.

WILLIAMSON Family History   - Joseph WILLIAMSON came out to Tasmania from Elham Kent with his brother Matthew and Matthew's wife Sarah on the "Britomart" on 4th February 1822 with a letter of recommendation from the under-secretary of state for the colonies of England, Henry Goulburn and appears to have been granted 800 acres of land which he located in Broadmarsh. Joseph and Matthew's parents were William WILLIAMSON & Margaret ELMSTONE.

The WILLS family at Devon & English Genealogy - Wills family members who came to Tasmania are Charles, married Elizabeth Ollis Dyer; Thomas, married Annie Elizabeth Howard; Sarah, married William Williams.

Thomas WILLS - Thomas Wills of Bovey Tracey, Devon had three children Charles, Thomas and Sarah who each migrated to Tasmania separately between 1857 and 1859. The majority of their descendants have continued to live in Tasmania with only a few migrating to Victoria. This page links to their parents, ancestors and descendants.

Woodings & Others of Yardley Hastings,Northamptonshire,England - Includes information on William Downing, Joseph Bedford & George (known as James) Underwood who were transported to Tasmania in 1842 on the Tortoise.

Chris WOODS family history - Tasmanian family names including SNARE, BARKER, BLACKSTOCK, McTYE, HILL, ELLIS, STEVENS, DOYLE, GOLDSMITH, AVERY. The site also includes a list of female convicts on the "Duchess of Northumberland" in 1853.

My WRAY Family - Lauren Thomson - George Wray was the assistant harbour master at Hobart between 1843-1852. He arrived in Tasmania in 1829 and purchased land at Jerusalem. After 1852 he moved to Melbourne where he was the Yarra River pilot. Associated names: Toddhunter, Worseley, Sherrott, Shasby.

The WYLLIE family tree:   - This website contains the Ancestors & Descendants of James Wyllie, & Euphemia Smith, Charles Dedrick Coleman & Ellen Robertson, Joseph Richard Stokes & Celia Elizabeth Ann Wells, William Blake & Frances Blizzard, William Jones & Sarah McCulloch, Thomas Johnson & Sophia Munday who are all ancestors of my husband.

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